Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wishlist: Spring Favourites

It's that time of year again: wishlist making! I love love love making wishlists, and what makes this one extra special is that it's finally spring. Well, it's as spring as England can get at the moment.

First off is this pretty awesome top. I know that my currency isn't in dollars but recently me and one of my friends have gotten in the habit of saying, "getting 'dem dollars!" This top is absolutely perfect for that. I especially love the chain that hangs around the neckline and I don't really have any white tops so it makes a nice change. The acid-washed skirt would go really well with the Dollar top (either that, or a plain black skirt or shorts). If I do go with black shorts I could always wear some pink heels just to add a splash of colour. I really need some colourful shoes...

On the other side of the spectrum I really, really want a statement handbag, but I just can't decide whether or not to go for a light blue or a deep pink! Pink would go well with my MA*RS stuff but the blue is just so pretty... At least the iPhone case wasn't too difficult to choose. I need to get some more accessories in general and I really like getting some pearls or silver necklaces, so I think that this necklace would be perfect!

So I guess that's all that I've been eyeing up for this spring! I really like getting lighter colours (as I have tons of blackxpink) and cool t-shirts. Can't wait for it to be a little bit warmer so I could wear all of these things! *fingers crossed* What have you got your eye on this spring? Pastels? Florals? Let me know in the comments! :D

Have a lovely rest of the weekend xx

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  1. You've got to get the iphone case - it's awesome!

  2. Wow that T-shirt is so cool, I love the chain
    and you really do need that phone case, it's perfect for you!


  3. I think it is pretty awesome! It's completely different to what I usually buy but I would love to have it in my wardrobe.
    Yes Ikr? *_* I think I'll wait a while as I just bought a phone case haha ;D

  4. I know right? It's so sparkly!

  5. Hmm.... I vote for the pink bag! The blue one is really pricey and although it's pretty, I think the pink one makes a bigger statement & would look good with lots of floral pieces! I have my eye on lace and pastels!

    OhCindyrella~ Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  6. Yes I think so too! It would go great with my wardrobe which is mostly black/pink as well~
    I think lace and pastels are the signature aspects for Spring! I'm so happy that I can finally wear lighter colours without looking weird.


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