Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pixie Bunny Newsletter: Light Intro

Hey everyone! How's your weekend been so far?

As you might already know, I'm the official vlogger for Pixie Bunny but my other and newer role is that I am now blogging for it! Once every month I'll showcase our new stock and say what works best with which item, and shall show examples of some outfits. 
But what is Pixie Bunny?

Pixie Bunny is an online store run by one of my close friends Pixie_Late, and is aimed at anyone who's interested in Japanese "kawaii" fashion. Lucky for us there are some items that are perfect for the Gyaru wardrobe (woohoo!). Pixie has also produced her own line "Pixie Couture" where she hand-produces clothes and accessories.

Pixie Couture - Pixie Bunny's Fashion Line

Here are some examples of the best-selling items from her fashion line. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Meetup!

purikura, gyaru, gaijin gyaru

Hey everyone! How's your Easter been so far? I'm absolutely loving mine; I'm currently stuffing my face with my Malteaser Easter egg and it's so divine. I can actually eat as much chocolate as I want without feeling overly guilty about it because everyone else is doing the same not that I don't stuff myself with chocolate on other days

Speaking of Easter... I was off to London again last weekend to meet a few of my friends for the Easter gyaru meet! There were only four of us but I still had lots of fun nonetheless. It was actually really well-timed as I've been under a lot of stress because of uni work so I really needed an excuse to get dolled up and go out. 

I went for a more himekaji look this time which was really refreshing and brought back memories of when I first got interested in gal. Himekaji was what made me get into the fashion and I used to always want to look like the models of Liz Lisa... But then I changed and tried out all of the other styles so now I'm back to the very beginning.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Successful Shopping Spree

With spring finally approaching I've been itching to buy some new clothes. I know, I know, I'm very naughty for even thinking about it but I've been drooling over the whole cream and white combination. I want to escape from the black and pink that I've been wearing so much over winter!

So I wore it for what might well be the last time on a shopping trip to London with my girl Pixie! It's been ages since I last saw her and as I might not see her that much anymore I was dying to have at least one final shopping spree and catch up with her. We spent the whole day eating, chatting and shopping and it was amazing.

This was my original look & outfit for the day but I changed right at the last minute because I wasn't really feeling very agejo-fabulous so instead I opted for a more casual version. I was dying to try on this bow that my friend Amy made me, and it went really well with my lovely MA*RS replica skirt (because replicas aren't always that bad) with this white fluffy sweater that I, surprisingly, got from Primark! Oh the things you can find there... Even though it's dirt cheap you'd think it'll be a really crap quality but I was pleasantly surprised.

Sweater: Primark / Belt: GOLDS Infinity / Skirt: MA*RS Replica
Tights: Primark / Shoes: Dorothy Perkins / Acc: Muse


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Dollar, Dollar, Bill

casual gaijin gyaru

Is it just me or has the whole clock-going-forward thing really set you in a good mood? It has for me, as it's a reminder that spring is creeping closer. I am so happy that I no longer have to wear long boring coats and 10000000x sweaters.

I've been really digging statement t-shirts this spring which is really weird because I used to think that they were ever so boring and unoriginal, but this dollar t-shirt really got me into them. I've got about three of such t-shirts now and I keep flicking between them but today I'm wearing this dollar one with my gorgeous high-waisted shorts that only Miss Selfridge can do.

Oh and have you noticed that I have a new hairdo? I've been waiting to cut mine for ages and dye it and... Oh I can't lie to you. Fine. It's a wig. I couldn't bare to chop off my own hair so I just bought one from Yesstyle and it arrived a few weeks ago! I wore it for the first time at uni and was so happy that I could wear it for more than an hour and people seemed to like it! Yay!

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