Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pixie Bunny Newsletter: Light Intro

Hey everyone! How's your weekend been so far?

As you might already know, I'm the official vlogger for Pixie Bunny but my other and newer role is that I am now blogging for it! Once every month I'll showcase our new stock and say what works best with which item, and shall show examples of some outfits. 
But what is Pixie Bunny?

Pixie Bunny is an online store run by one of my close friends Pixie_Late, and is aimed at anyone who's interested in Japanese "kawaii" fashion. Lucky for us there are some items that are perfect for the Gyaru wardrobe (woohoo!). Pixie has also produced her own line "Pixie Couture" where she hand-produces clothes and accessories.

Pixie Couture - Pixie Bunny's Fashion Line

Here are some examples of the best-selling items from her fashion line. 
Lace Kitty in Pink

Lace Kitty in Red

Rosey Rabbit in Brown

These Seifuku Sets have been recently released in these gorgeous Dolly Pink and Violetta versions. I've actually bought the Dolly Pink item which you can see on my FB page! :D 

Can't you see why I'm currently drooling over these items? They are so adorable, and it really brings out my girly side. I'll upload a picture when I have the chance to wear my set.

N.B Due to popular demand, some of the above items are out of stock but they get restocked on a regular basis! So don't worry if it's out atm.. It'll be back on the market soon :D


Here are my vlogs if you haven't already seen them! I've done two so far and there's more to come.

I guess that's all for today! Next time on Pixie Bunny Newsletter:

New Items
What To Wear

Facebook Page

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! xx

Lizzie Bee xx / facebook / tumblr / twitter / bloglovin'


  1. What a cute store, what cute items!!! ^____^

  2. Some of them are sold out but they will be re-stocked at some point!

  3. I love their designs so much!
    Looking forward to the vlogs :3

  4. Me too! I've got my fingers crossed that they'll have some more to their clothing line soon :D
    Thanks so much!

  5. Okay! I've included that in the post :D Thanks!

  6. That powder pink dress *0* so much WANT!!

  7. That seifuku set in violet is so pretty. *__* Wanna have!

  8. I know right? I was so stuck on deciding between that and the Dolly Pink one... But I got the pink one in the end. You should totally get the violet one and take pictures! >3<

  9. Me too! Next pay day maybe? ;D


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