Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kogal at MCM!

Wow, what a week! I finally finished uni and I feel so free and now I feel like doing some cartwheels and leaping through the air. If only I wasn't so lazy; I'll just eat some ice cream instead.

I thought it was time to actually get out the house for a bit and went with my boyfriend to MCM Expo! I really wanted to make an effort and even though I didn't have a cosplay outfit I did manage to purchase this gorgeous dolly pink seifuku from Pixie Bunny. I cannot express how much I love this set! It made me feel all girly and cute. 

This was my first time wearing a seifuku so I just had to go with the kogal theme. I spent ages thinking about what hairstyle to do and I didn't actually decide on everything (makeup, hair etc) until the day. I am so unorganised! I'll do better next time.


I decided to go with a mixture of sweet/dramatic and thought that my new My Melody bag went so well with it! I really like doing the "sweet" stuff but keeping my eye makeup really dramatic... Maybe I should do it more often?

Once I was finally ready I hopped off to London to Expo with my boyfriend! I was actually bursting with excitement because I was able to meet my friends who I haven't seen in ages. I hadn't been wearing gal makeup that much so I guess being able to fully doll up made me feel good too.

Was getting way too excited...

Me & my honey <3333333

Unfortunately I didn't recognise a lot of the cosplayers there but they were still amazing and I managed to take snaps of my favourite ones! Warning: took quite a fair amount of photos.

Jasmine & Aladdin

Belle - Superdebz Cosplay

Cersei Lannister

Think this might be Harley Quinn?


Iron Man - Wheels of Steel

By far one of the best cosplays I've ever seen, hands down. Just look at how much attention has been paid to the wheelchair! 



Sauron! The shoes kind of ruined it though, but he was still pretty cool

Wasn't too sure who they were cosplaying but they were adorable!
And the girl on the left looked like Pixie tehehehe


Yay another person in a seifuku!

After my round of stalking taking photos of amazing cosplays I went off to hunt down my friends and attack them with hugs (tehehe). Uni had taken over my social life so I was so happy to see them all <3

Charli, me & Marie

Charli, Yamii & I

Me & Charli bby! Love this girly <3

Rosanna & Wai-yi of Dreamy Bows!

Laurenn~ I loved her hair accessories


Paulina! She was adorable!

Jojo! This was my first time meeting her, she is so cute

Jessica looking as fabulous as ever. Wish I could pull off "dark" looks ;_;


I actually got really drowsy after a while so I didn't really do much at expo apart from chatting to my friends and then buying some cute stuff (whilst stuffing my face with Japanese sweets). However we did out for dinner after Expo closed with my bby Pixie & her friends and ate gorgeous Korean food! Unfortunately me & my honey had to head home shortly afterwards to catch our train but I still enjoyed myself <3 I miss her so much!

I guess that's all for now! Sorry I didn't write much, I'm a bit of a zombie at the moment haha. Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend! :D

Lizzie Bee xx / facebook / tumblr / twitter / bloglovin'

P.S. If anyone knows the people behind the cosplays & of their Facebook page, website etc, please let me know!

P.P.S I noticed that disqus is being a douche so if it doesn't load, just refresh the page and it should work!


  1. You look so cute in Kogal! ^^
    I love the iron man cosplay and the one with the girl holding the hammer XD

  2. Awh thank you so much! ^3^
    Yes me too! I couldn't figure out who the girl was cosplaying, but I think it was Harley Quinn? It was awesome nevertheless :D

  3. Just google'd it ^^;; I think she's combining all the different Harley Quinn looks ^^

  4. Do Pixie or Rosanne have a blog or sth like this? :)

  5. So many cool outfits! You look great, of course. ^^

  6. Nope, not that I know of! Pixie has a FB page though~

  7. You look so cute aw ; w ;
    Love from France ♥

  8. OMG! The girl in the yellow wig that you thought kinda looked like Pixie (they're Danish cosplayers, cosplaying from Pre'Cure) is a very good friend of mine!

  9. your photo with Paulina, you both look so cute x

  10. Everyone looks AMAZING!
    I can't get over that kids wheelchair, so cool :D


  11. They do, don't they? It makes me want to cosplay!
    I know right?! It was one of the best cosplays I've ever seen!

  12. Oh really? Well tell her that she's a very good cosplayer and that she's adorable! :D


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