Sunday, 20 July 2014

Gal at Work

I used to do gal everyday, rain or shine. I never went out the house until I had at least my upper lashes on... But then uni happened. I reduced the amount of my gal make; first it was the lower lashes, then the nose stripe contour, whittling down until I finally ended up only wearing foundation. I chose sleep over makeup, because there wasn't any point to wearing gal make anymore if it was only to uni or work.

But after wearing these gorgeous upper lashes from Born Pretty Store I decided to give gal another try, and chose the day where I didn't have to go in super early to work so that I had time to do my makeup. I only had time to do a really light gal look and these lashes were absolutely perfect for that! They looked natural but not too natural, and I used my eyelash curlers to give them a bit of extra oomph.

If you want to get these lashes (I would definitely recommend them for the more girlier gal look) then click here! And then while you're doing that, grab yourself a discount with my code "HORNH10" ;D 

So this whole look took me just over an hour to do... It seems to take me even longer to do gal makeup now because I haven't really done it in so long! This wasn't including any intricate contouring nor dramatic hair... Looks like I won't be able to do it for work just yet as I only have an hour to get ready including eating breakfast etc. D'oh! Oh wells! 

 Top: Long Tall Sally / Shorts: Primark / Accessories: Primark 

I can definitely wear these lashes for everyday use because they could be easily worn without lower lashes. What makes things 100x better is that they are only $4.64 a pack. That's $4.64 for 5 pairs of lashes! How awesome is that? You can even get a 10% discount with my code "HORNH10" so... Even cheaper! Great for those budget gals out there <3 Here's the link if you want to get your hands on these babies: link.

Guess that's all for now! Do you gals wear gal makeup everyday, or just for the weekends? Please leave a comment below! I'd love to know your makeup routines :D

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  1. Love the look! Yeah, I don't bother dressing gal these days, since work, and getting up early... And recently, I've been going jogging before work, so I had to prioritise: health or make-up... Sigh... And I also would like some sleep! However, I rediscovered falsies again, and how they make a huge difference, even with just some eye-liner. ^__^

    Also, my clothes for work have to be appropriate. I can certainly incorporate gyaru elements, but if I went full gal... I don't think that would go down too well lol.

    I've started making an effort on the weekends again though! XD

  2. hehe
    I often also took sleep over makeup, but then I also loved going full out with makeup so my determination got the better over sleep :P
    For work I usually do everything except lashes though^^
    Those lashes look really great though!

  3. I usually don't have time to do it everyday.. since I try to sleep in everyday T__T;; I've also gotten really bad at putting on bottom lashes! >.<
    Love your look <3 The lashes look amazing on you! Are they comfortable to wear all day long? o;

  4. lol reading your slow transition from being a daily gal make up wearer to hardly wearing even your falsies cracked me up since I've gone down a very similar path with it as well. Those peaks and valleys are always qutie a fun journey aren't they? Isn't it funny how a new pair of awesome lashes makes you want to start all up again though? My friend bought me these Toeyopin lashes and I couldn't stop wearing my gal make up for at least a full couple weeks. Crazy. We are just mad.

  5. The lashes look so cute! For me, I haven't had time to doll up because I don't really try at work huhu and I haven't really gone out however, whenever I get a chance to be gal, I do~ I miss getting dolled up on a regular basis :/

  6. I know right? They are so fluffy! I used an eyelash curler to curl them upwards a little more... They are perfect for everyday wear <3

    Yep that's the same with me at the moment D: It's really sad because I haven't had the chance to go out in ages ;_;

  7. Awh well I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought sleep was more important ;D

    Ooh you have to send me a picture of what they look like! <3 I'm so tempted to wear my lashes tomorrow... But I wonder if I'll just want to have more sleep again hahaha.

  8. Yep same here :/ Sleep has become more precious to me since going to uni... I feel so old ;_;
    They really are! I don't even feel them there because the lashband is very flexible and quite soft :3

  9. Aah you're so lucky! You should keep at it! I wish I could do that now ;_;

    Thanks so much :D

  10. Thank you so much! :D
    Oooh I bet that gives you a healthy glow in the morning! I really should do some exercise... But I'm way too lazy.

    Falsies are just amazing <3 I might try and make more of an effort wearing them!

  11. love how the lashes look on you! would be convenient to see a photo of the lash in the box within the post though /cause I'm so lazy i cbf clicking the link lol..

  12. This natural look is just soooooo pretty!

    Can't wait to be able to do make-up like you :)

    I've ordered some lashes so I'm excited to learn how to put them on nicely - adventures of becoming gyaru!!

    Love Belle xox

  13. Ooh okay, I'll update this post as soon as possible (or might just post it on my FB page :D)

  14. Thanks sugar! :D Awh you're too kind <3 Hope you have fun with your lashes!

  15. I'm really lucky that I get to do about 80% gal every day for work. I have to skip any contouring (which I really don't do much of when I go full-out because I have such a high, tiny nose, contouring tends to make me look weird). I wear less dramatic lashes, and skip lowers but I always have full eye-make otherwise. And of course, I get to wear my beloved hime-kaji coords. I thin my full routine, including hair, make and getting dressed is about an hour and 15 minutes. I too cherish my sleep, but I have to dress up for work every day, and I can't imagine not being gal if I have to dress up. Just not happening.

  16. Gah, you really are lucky! I only have an hour to get up and ready before I have to dash to work, and that's including brushing my teeth, having brekkie, putting my makeup on etc. So in reality I only get half an hour to get dressed and slap on some makeup ;_;

    I try my best to wear pretty clothes though :3

  17. Yeah. From the time I get up until the time I walk out the door its 1 and 1/2 hour. So, about 30 minutes more than your time. There are days though, I wish I didn't have to dress up for work at'd be nice to just wear jeans or something. :-p


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