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Hey cuties! How are you today?
This week is yet another review, I hope you don't mind! <3 This time I'm going to be reviewing some makeup and seeing as makeup is extremely important in gyaru, I'm going to do this in more detail so that you guys could add another eyeshadow palette and mascara to your collection.

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aka "Magic Long Thick Mascara for Long Thick Eyelash Eye Cat Shaped

I only really use mascara on my days off or to let my natural lashes blend in with my false lashes, so I'm going to show two shots - one with just mascara and another with lashes - just so you can see what it would look like with your gyaru makeup! I have to admit that I chose it solely for its super cute packaging... So let's see if it's good as a mascara too! 

I've got really short Asian lashes where they point downwards instead of upwards, so if you got lashes like me then this review would be great for you. If you have long, beautiful lashes... Well, I'm incredibly jealous but I hope that this review would be useful too!

When I put the first layer on I noticed just how thin the mixture - liquid, gloop, thing? - was, which was great for me because I tend to put layers of mascara on and pray that they won't clump. Due to the thin liquid-gloop-thing it didn't make my lashes clump at all! It lengthened my lashes, but I wouldn't say that it gave them much volume.

Here's a photo of before & after putting on the mascara:

See what I mean?
I think this mascara is great for those who just want length to their lashes or to blend them with their falsies. I wouldn't recommend it to those who want volume! 

My ratings:
aka Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette for Smoky Eye Makeup 8 Colors

Next up is this natural eye shadow palette. I chose this because I'm in dire need of some neutral shades because my current palette is getting a bit old. Here are some photos to show how these colours appear on my arm.

 top photo: colours on first row / bottom photo: colours on second row

I had to admit that I was a bit disappointed with the colours and how they appeared on my skin, but I wanted to give it a go to see how well it looks on my eye lids (because you never know, it might make a difference). The black looked really good though, as it didn't take much to come out really dark.

I chose the colours on the bottom row because I wanted to see if it'll be good for natural looks.

Holy crap wow, yeah I was totally surprised! The colours came out super well on my eyelids. Guess you can't totally rely on the arm-swatch. I only needed a small dab of eyeshadow of each colour as it spread easily and showed up on my skin really well. The black colour really didn't let me down - I underestimated exactly how much to put on and had to dab some of the colour off with a tissue before it went everything.

The glitter eyeshadow didn't turn out quite so well so I think it'll be better for just a little dab in the centre of the eyelid rather than having it as a main eyeshadow colour. The silver, on the other hand... Damn that looks good!

My ratings:
Matte Colours
Glitter Colours ♡ 

But the real question is... Do they work well with gyaru makeup?

HELL YES! :D The mascara blended really well with my lashes which was great and the eyeshadow... I'm sold! I love it!

Let's see the full face, shall we? ;D

Okay so I guess that's it for today! Hope you liked the review(s) and found it useful. I'll talk to you next time!

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  1. the packaging for that mascara is the cutest thing ive ever seen! i'd love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Kuro The Whovian24 August 2014 at 12:19

    Love the eye shadow palette, the colours are great <3

  3. The mascara is so cute! How many layers do you apply on? o; and the eye shadow palette colours look really pigmented! o; o; o;

  4. It is isn't it? It's absolutely adorable!
    Hmmm I applied about two-three layers this time ^^ I only needed a dab of the eyeshadow though... So I'm really impressed with it!

  5. Me too! Great for "neutral" shades :D <3

  6. I know right? I'm in love! *_* I want to see if they do any other makeup stuff...

  7. Wow, the eyeshadow palette look super great! If you like cute packaging you should try tony moly!

  8. Ooh thanks very much! I'll look into it ^^


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