Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Birthday "Weekend"

Hey everyone! How's it going?
I had a super fun week this week, you wanna' know why? Because it was my birthday! Obviously not for the whole week but you get my meaning. It was the first time in a while that I actually had a "party" because for the past few years I've either been abroad or my friends were working etc, so I was really looking forward to just hanging out and having fun on my birthday.

My "pre-birthday" event was a barbecue at my house, and oh my gosh it was such a fun evening! I only had a few close friends and my boyfriend, so it was really cosy. I had so much food that I felt like I was having a food baby! I'm drooling at the thought of the delicious barbecued piri chicken... Yum.
I couldn't decide whether to do agejo or himekaji so for my "pre-birthday" event I went for a really soft himekaji look, and for my birthday I wore agejo. I'm falling in love with Liz Lisa even more everyday (it still can't beat MA*RS, but it's getting there). This dress was, once again, sponsored by the wonderful Kawaii Gyaru Shop who I would totally recommend 100%. I noticed that they had some gorgeous My Melody bags as well to all those who are interested in sweet styles such as hime! Enter the code LIZBEE to get a discount!

 Dress: Kawaii Gyaru Shop (Liz Lisa) coupon code: LIZBEE / Shoes: Sweet Soul Shop / 
Accessories: Claire's Accessories & Primark

After we were all filled to the brim with delicious food my mum brought out the cake and everyone sang happy birthday! It was such a pretty cake that I almost didn't want to eat it, but cake is cake after all and I couldn't resist.

My family and friends took the opportune moment to bombard me with those party poppers, so this was my hairstyle over the next few eyes. Sexy, right?

My Actual Birthday...

I actually relaxed a lot more on my actual birthday-day but nevertheless I dressed up in my favourite MA*RS set. I couldn't decide whether to have my hair up or down but in the evening when I went out for a meal I had it down.

Set, necklace & belt: MA*RS /  Shoes: Topshop / Accessories: Primark & eBay

Now I'm not usually the type to display all of my presents because I don't really see the big deal of it, but I can't help but show off this little beauty that my boyfriend bought for me! I tried not to take too many pictures with it because the film is super expensive. 

So in the evening I went out for a meal with my friends to this new Chinese restaurant which was quite local, and I took advantage of my Chinese-speaking skills and spoke Chinese to the waiters. You should've seen their faces! They were so surprised! It took them a while to get used to it haha. I ordered some beef noodle soup and oh my gosh it was amazing!

All of these photos were taken by one of my friends~

Blowing out the candles of my 2nd birthday cake, tehehe

I don't know what my boyfriend was doing but... He was funny :P

And that was it for my "birthday" celebrations! I really enjoyed spending time with my family and friends and I felt so girly wearing himekaji & sweet agejo. Hopefully I can do more of these two styles before it gets too cold!

Hope you have a good week! 

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  1. woow so cute :3 and happy birthday <3

  2. Happy Birthday Lizzie~ ^ u ^
    You look so beautiful in these coords! ^ v ^

  3. Awh thank you so so much! :D <3

  4. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a wonderful day with your friends!
    And also i can't get over how GORGEOUS you look! Your makeup and everything looks amazing :)


  5. Thanks so much! And yeah, I had a really good time :D
    Awh you're making me blush! Thank you :D xxx

  6. Happy Birthday!
    It looks like you had such an amazing time~ (LOVING YOUR OUTFIT TOO)!
    I'm so jealous that your birthday is in the summer! >u< My birthday is in the winter, so I never get to wear dresses T^T

  7. Amazing cake, amazing outfit!
    Happy belated Birthday!!! ^__^

  8. Looks like you had an a amazing day!!

    Happy birthday!! And good luck for the whole year :)

    Belle xox

  9. Aww, what a beautiful birthday girl ^__^ Glad you had fun! <3

  10. you're too kind >///< Thank you! :D <3

  11. Thanks very much, sugar! Means a lot :D xxx

  12. Awh thank you so much >/////<

  13. Love your outfits! And what a cute cake ^^
    Looks like you had a lot of fun for your birthday celebrations!
    I don't know if I'm late in saying this but if I am! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY <3

  14. I know right? Got to be one of my favourite birthday cakes ever! *_*
    Thanks so much cutie <3 Means a lot :D <3


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