Sunday, 5 October 2014

Arrr Me Hearties~ Shopping with Pixie!

Hey everyone! How're you today?
On Wednesday I met up with my bby Pixie! It has been so long since I last saw her - like, May? - and I've missed her so much!

We decided to meet up early but I woke up to my eye being as swollen as ever! ;_; I knew I shouldn't have rubbed it when I was tired the previous night... Luckily I bought a medical eye patch to cover it because there was no way that I wasn't going to wear makeup.
I wish I realised just how big the eye patch was before I was doing my makeup... Because when I had finished and unwrapped it from its packaging I was starting to panic. It was huge! Like it covered all of my face! I had to sew it in half and work my magic so that I could actually see out of the other eye. But it was okay in the end and I started to feel better about it ^^

I went for a preppy d.i.a look and wore this shirt that I've had for ages but never really wore it. I need to wear it more often because it's super pretty! 

Booo this sucks ;_;

While I was getting ready I took advantage of my situation and snapped a make/no-make face shot! Isn't gyaru makeup so amazing? What a difference it makes! *3*

I was in a rush so I wasn't able to take a decent outfit picture, so a mirror shot would have to do!

Top: d.i.a / Belt: Yumetenbo / Shorts: Reveal / Socks: Primark / Shoes: New Look / Acc: Muse

Pixie took me to a nice Japanese restaurant down in . I was adventurous and tried out new dishes! I wasn't too keen on the onigiri though... At least I now know what it tastes like, and can avoid it in future. The teriyaki beef was delicious though but I forgot to take a photo of it! ;_; 

 Selfies at the restaurant tehehe~ Pixie is so cute! 

 After our meal Pixie presented me with a little surprise: a seifuku set from her store Pixie Bunny! Oh my gosh I fell in love with it, the colour is absolutely beautiful! I've always wanted to do kogal again and the colour is so beautiful! Thank you so much cutie <3

Then we did some shopping! I was silently weeping because I found a really pretty coat in Miss Selfridge but it was £84 and my student discount expired the previous day. D'oh! But I did manage to buy some posh lipstick from Illamasqua. It's not a shade that I'm used to but I liked it!

After that we headed home~ We've already arranged our next meet and I can't wait to see her again!

Oh and before I go... Pixie has brought out the love for himekaji in me again >///< I really want to have another go at it but I haven't got the autumn wardrobe for it apart from the brown floral dress from Kawaii Gyaru Shop. It's so sad ;_; So I've made a little himekaji wishlist of the things that would go with what I already have, as I need to save money at the same time. Most of these items were relatively cheap!

To also help me build my himekaji wardrobe slowly I'm going back by a few years and going to start the "points system" so that I'm working to gain points/goodies! I wrote about it in a post here.

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  1. danniella josephine5 October 2014 at 18:07

    You're so beautiful! I hope your eye has healed quickly. I love your outfit in this :)

    Danniella x

  2. Awwhhh....two of my favorite sweeties together. <3

  3. B'aww you're so adorable tehehehe <3

  4. Awh thanks very much sweetie! I hope so too !

  5. Your contouring is beautiful <3 Looks like yo had a really nice day out and I love your outfit !

  6. Your eye makeup look so amazing :)
    Hope your eye is less swollen now!! And that lipstick colour is a really gorgeous colour :O


  7. Awh thank you very much!
    It comes and goes ><" On Wednesday it was terrible though... All red and puffy D: It's really annoying!

    I know right? I need to start wearing different shades more often!

  8. now i'm curious how big that eye patch was originally!! you look so cute with the patch and your outfit btw. love everything about it.

    xoxo Sarah (Xlicious Girl)
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  9. Oh my gosh it was HUGE, I'm not even kidding! I'm so glad I was able to work my magic otherwise it would've looked as if I was covering half of my face hahaha.

    Awh thank you so much sweetie <3

  10. Emi Doll (恵美)7 October 2014 at 20:03

    I hope your swollen eye heals quick ^^

    Very cute outfit!!!!!

    恵美より ♥

  11. Thanks sweetie! I hope so too ;_;
    Thanks so much :D

  12. I really love your eye patch somehow. xD However, I don't love the reason why you were wearing it and I hope your eye gets better soon. :/
    You didn't like the onigiri so much? Tuna mayo onigiri is like one of my favourite things to eat. XD And thanks. <3 I always imagined making sushi more difficult and time consuming, too. But actually it isn't that hard and kinda quickly made. You should try making it, too, one day. ^^

  13. Oh you do? I thought it was horrible! I felt so embarrassed walking around in it, but I'm glad you think it looked alright <3 I hope so too! It's slowly healing ;_;

    Nope I'm not really a fan of seafood and seaweed ^^" Hmm yeah think I might try it out one day when I have the time!


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