Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Gyaru Wardrobe, Take Two!

Hey everyone! How are you? ♡ 
I was going through my gyaru wardrobe one day when I realised just how much it has expanded over the past year or two. It's crazy! It made me think about all of the money I spent and I sincerely apologise, Bank, for breaking you repeatedly. I promise I won't spend as much over the next week year or so! This brought me back to my gyaru wardrobe post that I wrote back in 2012 linkso I think it's time that I update it and see where my style has taken me!

Back then I didn't really know where I was going with my style but now I think I have a clearer idea. My main style is agejo because I love it so much I'm still going to be a "chameleon-gyaru" and try out lots of different styles though!

Let's start with my favourite, Agejo

Top: MA*RS Replica & MA*RS
Bottom: MA*RS


Top: MA*RS
Bottom: MA*RS, random shop in China, MA*RS replica

Top: GOLDS Infinity & MA*RS Replica
Bottom: Primark & DreamV 

 MA*RS, MA*RS Replicas & Princess Melody


MA*RS, MA*RS Replicas & eBay

Top: MA*RS & eBay
Bottom: MA*RS
My most recent style interest, Hime Kaji!

Top: Spreepicky, Dorothy Perkins, random shop in China & New Look
Bottom: Primark, Kawaii Gyaru Shop & New Look

Top: Kawaii Gyaru Shop (Liz Lisa) coupon code: LIZBEE
Bottom: Kawaii Gyaru Shop, eBay, Miss Selfridge & West One 

Top: Select, Forever21 & Yumetenbo (DreamV)
Bottom: New Look, Persunmall & Miss Selfridge


Top: & Ruby Rocks (Long Tall Sally)
Bottom: Select, Repubilc,, Primark & Missguided


Top: West One, Listen Flavour, Persunmall & random shop
Bottom: Primark, Yumetenbo, Republic & New Look

D.I.A & Select

Bags & Accessories

  Pixie Bunny, MA*RS, Di Depux, Muse & Primark

Primark, Dreamy Bows/My Melody, eBay. Anna Smith & MA*RS

Taking a look at all of my clothes, loads of them are branded items. Now I have to say that you can do gyaru with non-branded clothes, but I am just a sucker for brand tehe. Agejo is harder to do without MA*RS & GOLDS Infinity because it has a certain aesthetic, and rokku has to be the best style (imo) for buying offbrand stuff! 

I actually have a GOLDS Infinity top that I forgot to include ><" I'm going to write a review of it on Wednesday as I have a bunch of posts lined up~

I hope you liked this post~ My bank certainly didn't haha. I would love to see your gyaru wardrobe! What's your favourite brand/style?

Until next time!

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  1. Oh my,,,,, x///////x

    I think I have an eyegasm hahaha.

  2. You really got a bunch of gyaru brand clothes. ^-^ I would somehow like to say that you can be proud of yourself for following your style. But I also might know how painfully expensive it can be on the other hand. XD However, I think there's nothing wrong with an expensive "hobby" or way of dressing as long as you stick to it and do it because you love it. :3

  3. Aaah well I'm silently crying over how much I spent on it ;_;
    But then secretly wanting more

  4. Awh thanks so much cutie! <3
    Yep yep it's terribly expensive.. But then again, wouldn't it be less expensive to just invest in one style rather than many? Idk the answer to that myself really ^^"

    Exactly! Love gyaru <3 especially agejo <3

  5. Oh ♡ is a beautiful Wardrobe and full of super cute clothes, I undecided with style, i started to use Agego, is beautiful, but I always get what I call the roman gyaru! > W <it's good to try different styles. I'm even buying clothes several brand liz lisa and bobon 21 ~ I think they have beautiful things, I will put this as a post to my closet fututo to upload to my blog.

    Pd. ~ I love your blog and your style is beautiful!

  6. Omg! * ---------- * It's a beautiful collection of clothes, I would have such a broad closet ...♡

  7. Awh thanks so much >////< I'm always hoping to expand it tehe <3

  8. Awh thanks so much cutie! ^3^
    Oooh yes can't wait to see it on your blog! I love bonbon21 but I haven't really got any items from there...

  9. Well, maybe it would be less expensive but would it make you as equally happy, too? XD That's indeed a difficult question.

    Ahh Lizzie, on which days of the upcoming weekend will you be at ComicCon again? I so hope I will find you somehow. XD *stalker mode on*

  10. ... That's very true! ;D

    Oh my gosh I knew I had forgotten to do something! Messaged you on instagram :3

  11. You have such nice clothes! I'm no longer into these kind of clothing but I want to have them all. You should do more posts like this. :)

  12. Thank you so much! Awh that's such a shame~ But at least you've found your own style now ^^
    Oh okay! I'll keep that in mind :D Thank you!

  13. super cute collection! i really like your mars coordinates best :3

  14. OK this is like the best post ever.
    you have GORGEOUS clothes and you're such an inspiration!!♥

  15. Aaah thank you so so much sweetie! >//////< That means a lot to me <3

  16. Thanks sweetie! <3

    Hahaa yes I am addicted to MA*RS! :3


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