Sunday, 2 November 2014

Agejo Gyaru at MCM Expo!

Hey everyone! How are you? Hope you're having a good weekend so far!

Last week I went to MCM Expo! I did OTT agejo gyaru and I was quite nervous about this because I've never done this before, but then I thought about all of the amazing people I was going to see ଘ꒰◍ॢ•ᴗ•◍ॢ꒱༌✩ plus I really wanted to wear my new MA*RS socks and Ruby Rose headband that Charli got for me

I met my friend Melissa at expo and after going through the queue we headed straight to meet a few of my friends. It was a bit confusing because everything is split into two rooms now... But it means that there are more stalls to buy from tehehe. So for the rest of the day we scoured the stalls and bought lots of goodies! I did a lot of running around after amazing cosplayers and at one point I actually said to someone, "No please don't go! I want to take a photo of you!" Sad, I know ^^" Here are some photos!

agejo lolita gyaru
Me (agejo) and Melissa (lolita)! She's so cute ;_;

Special shout out to these girlies who were my first ever internet friends! We never get to see each other much because of distance, so MCM Expo is the only place really where we can meet I was so happy to see them again. 

Me & Chewiee

Me & the staff at Dreamy Bows! They're so adorable!

Me & staff at Roxie Sweetheart! Creepy cute!

Aaand the lovely people of Love Jojo who sell really adorable alpacas *_*

Surrounded by cuteness! Taken from LoveJojo's FB

With Charli & Ksara! Taken from Ksara~

Finlay looks so good in this outfit *_*

Bellatrix Lestrange

Hercules & Meg

Aurora "Sleeping Beauty"

Daenerys & Cersei
Legolas and Margaery

Nightmare before Christmas
Sailor Mercury
I loved this version of Sailor Moon!

This "Hocus Pocus" cosplay trio were so on point! They had everything nailed - from the teeth to the "brooms" to the facial expressions! Amazing!

I was so tired afterwards... Before I knew it, I had to go home! ;_; I had so much fun though. Also.. My hair stayed curly! I can't believe it! *3* You guys know that my hair never, ever, stays curly... Let's treasure this moment!

I spoiled myself absolutely rotten this time:

Lots of cute goodies! Dreamy Bows / Tofu Cute / PinkAppleJam / Love Jojo

Today's look~ 50 Shades of Pink

agejo MA*RS gyaru
MA*RS gyaru!

agejo MA*RS gyaru
Hoodie, bag, belt, necklace & socks: MA*RS / Set: MA*RS Replica / Headband: Ruby Rose / Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

That's all for now! I don't know when I'll do OTT agejo again... Perhaps when I'm more confident! ^^" Hope you have a good weekend Which was your favourite cosplay? Please leave a comment below! 

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  1. Your dress looks so kawaii! I cri!! <3 Love it babe!!

  2. Ooh! You look lovely :D I love seeing ott agejo it makes me so nostalgic :3 I love your nails too and it looks like you got a cute alpaca :3

    I think I like the girls at Roxie sweetheart most, or Finlay, the picture of you two is so adorable!

  3. Thank you so much! I loved wearing it but I was quite nervous at the comments I'll get... ;_; Aah yay thank you! I'm still a beginner with nails but I'm getting there! >3<

    Yesssss they looked so amazing!

  4. Your outfit looks soooo pretty!

  5. Awh thanks so much sugar! ^3^ I'm glad you like it >///<

  6. Allllllllllll the pink ♥ Looks like it was a super fun expo!

  7. I love pink so much *_* And it really was, thank you! :D

  8. Fantastic Lizzie, you look fantastic and the Expo pictures are great! You shouldn't be nervous about your agejo style, you looked perfect x

  9. Awh thanks bby! That means a lot >////< <3

  10. I know right? I love how everyone put in so much effort into their cosplays and outfits! It makes me smile :D

  11. looks amazing! and of course love the ma*rs coordinate, and your friends are super stylish too 8)

  12. Awh thanks so much bby! *3* I have an obsession I swear...

    Yes I love what my friends wore <3

  13. Hi, I just found this post but I'm the sailor moon! It was really nice to meet you and I've actually got a photo, so I thought I'd comment and show you!

  14. Oh hey there! Awh thanks very much for the photo :D


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