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Agejo Gyaru on the Catwalk ~ Hyper Japan!

agejo gyaru on the catwalk, hyper japan 2014
credit: Hyper Japan

I went to Hyper Japan for the first time last weekend! My friends have always told me that I should go, so one day I caved and decided to check it out. I saw that they had a fashion show so I applied to represent agejo, and they accepted me! I was so happy.

I had such an amazing time, and I’m surprised that I haven’t been before because Hyper Japan had everything that I loved and needed - Japanese fashion, Japanese culture and kawaii goodies!

I stayed at Chewiee's house the night before so that we could get ready and go together. She really wanted to play with my hair and I wasn’t allowed to look until it was done and oh my gosh she is amazing! As gyaru say - “the bigger the hair, the closer you are to God” and man I was in heaven. I also tried this eyeshadow from Born Pretty Store as I really liked the pink colour! So the theme was pink and black. I really like it! It's quite soft which is good for natural looks. To get yours, check out their website and don't forget to enter the code HORNH10 for a discount!

Anyway, after we got ready (me decked head-to-toe in MA*RS and Chewiee in her Black Diamond tracksuit) we headed off to Hyper Japan and met Anita there, who was also going to represent Agejo in the fashion show. It was my first time meeting her and she was so sweet! We had a bit of time to chill out before we were thrown onto the stage, so I tried to calm my nerves by getting to know everyone there. I had no idea how many people were interested in Japanese fashion! It was so inspiring.

gyaru eye makeup
Please ignore my ugly ass eyebrows but I'm loving these soft colours!

dreamy bows, hyper japan
Doing what we gyaru do best - shopping!

dreamy bows
Wai-Yi & Zanni from Dreamy Bows

dreamy bows yukata
Zanni and Bobby (couple goals!)

japanese fashion show, UK gyaru, jfashion
Backstage photo! Photo credit to Emily

Victoria, Sarah and Sapphire! I was so happy to see them, and really grateful that they saw me on the show

jfashio show, hyper japan fashion show
Image credit: Hyper Japan

Me and my gals! Anita, Chewiee & Miu

From Anarchy Photography/Roxie Sweetheart's FB
ma*rs gyaru, agejo gyaru, gaijin gyaru, lizzie bee

We spent the whole day flitting around the different stores and doing our little catwalk, as the fashion show was split into two parts (one in the morning, one in the afternoon). It was a lot easier than I thought but I did pose very awkwardly at one point because I didn’t know what to do. Cringe! But a few of my friends were cheering me on in the audience which really made my day and boosted my confidence. I want to go back and do it all over as I had such an amazing time! I will definitely go to Hyper Japan again, but I think next time I want to walk around and check out the stalls more (as I only went to a couple of them).

Have you ever heard of Hyper Japan before? What do you think?

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  1. You look so lovely! Love the pictures they took of you during the fashion show <3

  2. Wow your outfit looks so cute! I love the dress from the first Catwalk too it´s soo beautiful ;-; Seems if you had a lot of fun!


  3. Awh thank you so much! >3< It was the first time I've worn it, and I love it so much!

    Yes I had lots and lots of fun! Would love to do it again! ^^

  4. Awh thanks bby <3 I wish someone took photos of the second show though! ;_; <3

  5. Wowww, I had seen your Hyper Japan look on FB and I ADORED the huge hair and fluffy accessories on you so much!! I was waiting for this to be on your blog :3
    It really takes me back to the days agejo was still a big thing and all gals were rocking their fluffy locks all over the place~
    I love seeing so many fashionable girls together and seeing you smile on the catwalk :3 All in all this post just makes me really happy!!!

  6. omg hair and makeup is ON POINT gf!!! love it!

  7. Aaah thank you so so much! My friend did my hair tehe >3<

  8. You look amazing! I ♡ your hair & makeup!
    I adore the second coord you wore ♡

  9. Awh thanks sweetie! <3
    Thank you so much! I'm hoping to track down some photos of me on the show wearing the second one... But I'm not having any luck so far ;_;

  10. Whaaaa~!! You look so pretty on stage~!

  11. Your hair was so pretty!!!! Glad to see you had such a nice time, I wish we had something like that in Iceland ;3;

  12. Awh thank you so much! I hope I can do it myself one day :3
    Aaah well you should come and visit England one day when there's an event! ;D

  13. You have to tell Chewiee to teach you how to do it! you look adorable in curled hair! and that event looked like so much fun


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