Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I Wish I Was Better At... Gyaru Hair!

cute gyaru hairstyle

I've been into gyaru for quite a while now but there was always something lacking in my appearance; the gyaru hair. Work and uni took quite a lot of my spare time so I haven't been able to experiment that much, but with uni over I can hopefully try some new styles out. This idea was enforced when my girl Chewiee did my hair for Hyper Japan (see pics here) and I really want to focus more on my hair and get the basics down!

To help myself - and hopefully you - out I've compiled a collection of both video tutorials and picture tutorials. Let's work on this together! 

Video Tutorials

Picture Tutorials

agejo hair tutorial

chie and chika, gyaru, kyabajo

ageha mag scan

hime gyaru hair tutorial

ageha hair tutorial

As you can see... I'm mainly aiming to do more dramatic hairstyles! The bigger, the better. Plus it just completes the agejo look.

In order to reach my goal I need to:

  1. Buy some hair rollers
  2. Learn how to curl my hair with straighteners
  3. If can't do (2), buy some decent hair curlers
  4. Practice, practice, practice!

Anyway I guess that's all for today! Talk later cuties... Have a good week! See you on Sunday!

Lizzie Bee xx

P.S This post was inspired by one of the tasks on mine & Bunny's Gyaru Meme. I might even go back and update older posts but we'll see!


  1. Good luck! Hair is my weakest point, too. u.u Even if I spend ages styling, the curls -and even backcombing!- droop really quickly. Which of the styles you posted do you want to tackle first? :)

  2. My problem is that my hair isn't thick enough, so I can never do proper gal hairstyles TTnTT

  3. My hair...>.< I need to maintain it a bit more!

    I love Gyaru hair styles, they always look so cute and pretty!

    恵美より ♥


  4. Ahh, I want to become better at gyaru hair too! I lack layers in my hair though, and it's too heavy without layers for anything like mori hairstyles to stay nice. Good luck ♥

  5. omg me too! i'm so bad at doing gal hair! thanks for this post ;____; <3

  6. I'm glad that I'm not the only one! ;_; You're welcome sweet! <3

  7. Yeah I don't really have layers in my hair either, but I think it's still possible to do some of the mori hairstyles! You should give it a try :D

  8. I know right? When I go to Japan (if I ever do) I want to get a hair set! *_*

  9. Ah maybe you could wear extensions? I know lots of gals do! :D

  10. Oh my gosh I'm so glad that it's not just me ;_; My hair is really heavy, so styles don't stay for long ><"
    Hmm well I want to try the updo first I think! But I need to buy hair rollers... D:


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