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Sponsored Review: HimeNailShop

Hey cuties! How are you this weekend? Having fun?

I've had a huge obsession with false nails lately... Because of my job I can't really wear the super long ones but I have slowly started getting used to wearing them! I think my longest pair were my Halloween ones that I did... But everyone starts from somewhere, don't they? 

To me, nails are a huge part of gyaru! I haven't really thought it before but the tiny details do really make the coord complete! That's why I was really happy when I saw that my friend Heather started selling some of her nails on Etsy >////< Now I can have easy access to short but pretty false nails! 

The nails I received were these gorgeous pink to purple glitter ombre ones that actually have some cute crystals on them! I asked for the short option because she does both long and short nails!

Please note that also this is a sponsored review, these thoughts are 100% my own!

himenailshop gyaru nails
As this is my first review for her, here's a little bit about the store and her nails before I go on:

Based in the U.S.
There are three sizes for the nails: Queen, Princess and Dutchess
Custom sizing is available if you don't fit into the above categories
Nails tips are made with ABS Virgin Plastic, then sealed & decorated with UV top coat
There's a 10% discount is you use my code LIZZIEBEE

Here are some more pictures!

pretty packaging~

gyaru nails

Now I actually swapped one of the fingers so the design here might look different to her website. I thought it looked cute this way

I was really in the oraora/tsuyome/ane gal mood when I tried these on so I just HAD to dress to reflect them >///<

oraora gyaru nails

oraora gyaru

Anyway, onto the ratings!

Postage and Packaging
I received them in a lovely little box - which I now use for storage tehe - along with a  thank you card! So cute! It was really nice because she actually put some thought into her packaging! It took about just over a week to nearly two to arrive as she ships from America, so you American readers are lucky ;D
Despite our time differences, she replied to me really shortly after my messages! She handled the whole situation with one of the nails being slightly small perfectly, and my replacement nails were sent out really quickly.
I loved how they looked and thought they went really well with oraora and the "harder" gyaru styles! They probably won't go with my agejo wardrobe as much, but they are still really pretty.
Usability ♡ 
Knocked off a heart because I won't be able to wear these much with my wardrobe... Maybe I need to buy some oraora stuff. But they come shorter which is good for working gals like me :D Unfortunately one of the little gems came off while I was food shopping and I don't have anything to replace it ;_; Hopefully I can find something in my nail supplies!

Overall I was really happy with my item! Obviously I knocked off the remaining percentage because of the nail sizing and the crystal coming off, but everything else was perfect! I'd definitely recommend her shop!

Shop at HimeNailShop
Enter the code LIZZIEBEE for a 10% discount!

Talk later cuties~  Have a good weekend!

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Oh wait! Before I go...

As you may have noticed, I made a few tweaks to my blog! The biggest one is that I've now got a custom domain! I'm so, so happy! I thought it was time to get one as it's been so many years since I've first blogged... I really hope to get better! I've also got a new Twitter so please follow! @3lizziebee

Okay now it's really time to go! Ciao!


  1. I love it when companies make the effort to package things nicely and include a thank you card, makes such a difference! I love this nails on you, they are super pretty :D

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  2. The design is very unique, and so eye catching!! I love it!!

    I think it looks perfect on you ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. they're perfect! and you're beautiful :)

  4. Awh thanks bby! You're making me blush >///< <3333

  5. You're so cute *_* and the nails are really pretty ♡

  6. Wow, these are so interesting and fun. I love all of the colors!

  7. B'awww thank you so much *3*
    Yes I love them! I'm still wearing them tehehehe~ They sparkle so much!

  8. I know right? Plus they're not too OTT so I can wear them for work! :3

  9. So cute♡

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