Sunday, 28 December 2014

Highlights of 2014 - Onto 2015!

Hey guys! How was your Christmas? Did you eat lots of yummy food?
Mine was okay - I don't know why but it didn't really feel like Christmas this year. I guess that because I've been working in retail so much that I started getting bored of listening to non-stop Christmas songs… But I didn't want my mood to affect anyone else, so I had as much fun as I possibly could!

My main focus is on the new year now that Christmas has past and I'm feeling really excited! I can't wait for the fresh start and for new beginnings! Over the past week I have been reflecting on what I've done this year, and overall it has been a very good year for me. I've started feeling more comfortable with where I am with gyaru and I really hope that I could continue improving (especially in my hair skills which are near non-existent OTL).

So what are the highlights of 2014?

I improved in Agejo

Well, in the outfit side of things anyway. Over the past year I started thinking not just about the clothes but about the accessories as a whole; the jewellery, the nails... I made sure I had a bag and coat that matched everything that I wore, and I also bought my first pair of MA*RS socks! (My phone case also got cuter tehehehe~) I really want to improve even more and maybe ween off MA*RS and try out local brands!

January - London Gal Meet

March - Rosey Rabbit
mysticthorn dark agejo
October - Night Out
agejo gyaru mysticthorn
October - MCM Expo
agejo gyaru coord
November - Hyper Japan
I attended more gyaru meets
This year gyaru meets became less focused on gyaru and more focused on just having fun with my friends! The UK gyaru community is just so lovely and I really like hanging out with everyone. The first thing I actually did this year was attend a gyaru meet and I made some really close friends! It's such a lovely feeling being surrounded by people with the same interests.

JEWEL's first gal meet!

I was part of the fashion show at Hyper Japan
Leading on from the 'gyaru meets' highlights, I took part in the fashion show at Hyper Japan's Christmas Event! I had so much fun, and I was able to meet people who were interested in other Japanese fashions which was cool. I, of course, represented Agejo!

Hyper Japan Fashion Show
I graduated from uni
Yes, I have finally finished all of those years in education and oh my gosh I have never felt so free yet so lost at the same time. I haven't been able to get back into design like I used to but I'm going to try much harder to do so in the next year!

I've started to give no f*cks
My stress levels seem to have escalated since I went to uni, but now it's gone from giving too many f*cks to giving non at all. Guess there's no in-between, is there?
It's really good for me though because I'm started to think more about my health, as stressing and worrying about everything was really damaging my body and self confidence. There are still some periods of time where I really, really stress out, but they're slowly reducing!

I fell in love with anime, again
Because of the above, I accepted my secret love for Anime and it all started with Sailor Moon! I can't believe that I didn't watch it when I was younger… But I enjoyed it as an adult tehe. It's just so cute and makes me feel really happy! I love Sailor Moon Crystal, but I can't decide whether I prefer it to the older series…

Goals for 2015
 My main goal for this year is to keep on being true to myself and have fun! Work hard, play harder tehehehe. Here are a few other goals that I have in mind:

Keep on improving in agejo and branch out to hime
Spend more time designing
Save more and become a budget gal
Do para para every night - it counts as exercise, right?

There are some more goals that I want to achieve like picking up my French and Chinese again but... I need to keep them at a minimum so that I could actually achieve them ^^"

That's all for today cuties! I really hope that you had a wonderful 2014, but now let's look forward to 2015! ♡

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  1. Me and Lea also did not watch Sailor Moon as kids, but they also didn't show it on the TV here>< If they had we would most likely have loved it!! ^^
    We weren't feeling very Christmasy either, but we where certainly looking forward to the food!
    hahaxD We were working at Christmas buffets at a local hotel and our coworkers where all talking about how they had gotten sick of Christmas food, but no way we felt that way as theirs and ours is so different! xD

  2. Yeah they didn't show it on TV over here either~ I didn't actually know about it until a year or so ago :P I was like... So what's the big deal with it? And that's when I learnt what a big deal it was and I'm in love *3*

    Oh okay then! Aah I do love Christmas food :3 Because there's just so much of it!

  3. I watched Sailor Moon when I was very young. So young I didn't understand English yet, haha. That's probably why I enjoyed it more now than I did back then.
    Hope you have an awesome New Year and a fantastic 2015. :3

  4. You had such a great year, I'm really glad you met so many lovely new friends and finished the university! I hope you'll have an amazing 2015 <3

  5. Ahh seeing this post is so inspiring! As someone who loves the gyaru fashion and wants to start wearing more this post is just awesome to see! I've been thinking about my goals for 2015 too.

  6. Aah you're so lucky! I only recently discovered and I've fallen in love with Usagi >///<
    Awh thanks sweetie! And the same to you! ^^

  7. Awh thanks so much beautiful! <3 And the same to you!

  8. Awh yay I'm really happy that you liked this post! :D Well, good luck with your goals! ^^

  9. Hahaa, I used to hide my love for anime too. I thought it made me look dorky or something, but now I'm like "Whatever, if people think I'm stupid just because I watch anime they're not worth my time"
    I like your goals for 2015, hopefully you'll achieve them all! ^ ^

  10. conratulations for your graduation.. I love this post and I love your outfits..

  11. So proud of you for graduating and I'm glad you had a good year~ I absolutely adore your rosey rabbit look <3

    Those are some nice goals and I'm sure you'll definitely achieve them ^__^ <3

  12. Awh thank you so much bby! >/////< Aah yes, that's one of my favourite looks too! ^^ <3
    I hope so! >3<

  13. I think a lot of our mutual friends started to give less fucks and get back in to anime and I LOVE IT, we can all be weabo trash beauties together :D :D

    Wishing you the best of luck in all your plans for 2015!


  14. Yes! It shows that, as we get older, we are being more comfortable with ourselves and in our interests! ^^

    Thanks cutie! And the same to you :D

  15. I really love your coords and wish to see more of them in 2015 ^^


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