Sunday, 18 January 2015

What's In My Makeup Bag?

Hey everyone! How're you?
I think this month must be the busiest month I ever had; I've been to around 5 dinners in the past two weeks plus all of the other things I had to do... I'm feeling a bit worn out! 

So today I'm being super lazy and I'm showing you what's in my makeup bag! This is my "main" bag that I always carry around with me where I just keep my essentials, and I have another bigger one which contains the rest of my makeup.

The Base
To start off I apply some foundation & concealer before patting it down with some compact powder. I usually use MAC foundation but I ran out so I chose Bourjois as an alternative. It smells so good and it's pretty thin, making it easier to spread around.
Then it's time to do the contouring; I love the Sleek Contour Palette, and for my nose I use a really light concealer stick and white eyeshadow. 


I was going to put the blushers in the "base" section but couldn't fit everything into one photo, so this is going to be my base part 2. I love BeautyUK blushers (you can tell which is my favourite shade) but I really liked the pigment in the MUA one. Unfortunately I chucked it away right after this photo as it exploded in my makeup bag. Not cool.

Eye Makeup
Time for the eyes! I start off by doing my brows before moving onto putting some mascara on. I tend to get quite messy with mascara because of my short lashes, so I cover it up with eyeshadow tehehe. I normally have two eyeshadow palettes in my bag, but when I'm travelling I just take the MUA one because the colour shows up so much better against my skin. I do have a Naked eyeshadow palette for Christmas that I haven't opened yet... I should probably start using that.
I then put on some gel liner~ I swear by Maybelline, it is the best liner I've ever tried. I used to wear liquid liner but it looked really messy and I find it so much easier using a brush (which I forgot to take a photo of here, d'oh!). I use pencil liner for the waterline. 

I keep all of my most-used lashes in this cute container that I got from Kawaii Gyaru Shop. It's so handy! It's really small too so I always carry it in my hand bag when I wear my lashes, just in case. I also have two separate lash glues for upper and lower.

Last, but not least, the lips! If I'm wearing pink lippy I tend to put on a nude colour just beforehand because I've got really dark lips. For reds I go by Kate by Rimmel - it's amazing! Would definitely suggest it!

And I guess that's it! It's been a while since I've done one of these posts but it looks like I still stuck by the same brands as I did ages ago... Oh wells! I know that I haven't really included lashes (as all of my most-used ones are in the little case) so maybe I could do a post on all of the lashes I own? Hmm.

Anyways! Until next Sunday~

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  1. Your makeup bag is so cute, I really need to get one as well. I always end up throwing random makeup items in my bag whenever I leave the house haha

  2. Aw I love how your make up is high street :) I've been meaning to try another Bourjois base after I loved the CC cream so I will be checking that foundation out :)

    Dannie x

  3. Awh thank you so much! It was really cheap from Primark tehehehe~ Oh you totally should! I think mine was only £3 or something

  4. Haha yes! I am quite the cheapskate when it comes to things like makeup... Although I do want to spend a little bit more on it on good brands like Urban Decay. I have their Naked Eyeshadow Palette (no.2) that I need to start using!

    Yes I love the foundation! What I love most about it is that it doesn't feel like you have anything on but it still has good coverage :3

  5. Ooh I love these kinds of posts! I'm thinking of doing one too XD

    That Kate lipstick is amazing! Btw your bag is super cute!

  6. Aaah you totally should! Would love to see what makeup you use :D
    Aah thank you! It was really cheap too ;D

  7. That's a really pretty bag, but not as beautiful as you! ;)

  8. your makeup bag is very cute ~ I love your eyelash curler is so pink !!

  9. so much items for a carry-on makeup bag lol
    which eyelashes glue do you use?
    love your makeup pouch it's very cute^o^


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