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Kawaii Deluxe Review: Ageha Princess Eyes False Lashes

Hey everyone! How're you?
I can't believe it's the second week of February! I'm still thinking that it's January... It's crazy! However this means that it's getting closer and closer to spring which means I will finally be able to wear pretty clothes *_*

I've been doing a lot of "sweet" looks recently so when Kawaii Deluxe told me to take my pick from their store, I chose these babies - Ageha Princess Eye! I've got tons of dramatic lashes so I wanted to try out something more natural!

Please note that although this is a sponsored review, these thoughts are 100% my own!

The lashes arrived in no more than a week~ this was such a surprise as I was thinking that it would take a lot longer than that. Kawaii Deluxe were definitely ticking boxes so far!
Everything was nicely wrapped and they had even left a note and some sample BB cream. They're so cute!

kawaii deluxe packaging

Now time for the lashes. After taking a closer look at them I realised that they were a lot less dramatic than I thought. I haven't actually tried out this style before where the lashes were more clumped together at the ends, so I was bursting to try them on!

ageha princess eyes false lashes

I went for a casual look, and in the end I had to ditch my lower lashes because... Well, you'll see in the photos.

They were natural, yes, but a bit too natural. Like I said I didn't need to wear any bottom lashes with these as it wouldn't balance, so I just added more mascara.
Now them being a bit too natural would be a downfall in normal circumstances but for me, who wanted natural ones, they were perfect. I could get away with wearing these in an office as it was a very subtle effect... But for gyaru? No, these are too natural (unless you were heading down the Popteen route where they're toning down a lot).

Thinking about offices gave me the idea to try these on with my glasses and viola! They were perfect! I had used a lash curler to make them stand upright a bit more and they barely brushed against my glasses. So for those who want to do the natural look and wear glasses, these lashes are perfect for you!

false lashes for glasses

Now it's time for the ratings!

Postage & Packaging
Absolutely perfect. Everything was carefully wrapped, and the little note was super cute! Got to give them extra points for shipping everything out really quickly as well.

Customer service
Amazing! Responded to my emails within 24 hours - nice!

Appearance of Lashes
I quite like this style of having the lashes more compact at the ends as it's perfect for the cat eye effect.

I'm still not too sure about these lashes because they are a bit too natural for me, so it's a low rating from me. You can barely see them on but I guess this means it'll be good for school/work.

Usability ♡ 
Very easy to use! Great for everyday wear, too, so bonus points for that!

Overall (For Lashes)
Overall I probably wouldn't recommend these lashes for those interested in gyaru, but for general "kawaii" style these are great for those who are still at school! The teachers wouldn't even notice them tehe. It was partly my fault that the lashes have an overall low rating - next time I'll stick to my dramatic lashes!

Overall (Service)
However I would definitely recommend buying from Kawaii Deluxe; they were incredibly friendly and responded to my emails within the day, and the package didn't take long to arrive at all! This bumped up the rating a little bit, because like I said I was the one who chose the lashes, and they have an amazing range at their store!

Shop at Kawaii Deluxe!

Until next time my cuties~

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  1. Ooh, those are super natural. Not something I expected from the brand. They look really good, and accent your eyes so well.

  2. Woah...really cute lashes, but yeah, very natural looking!
    Think they are more easy to combine with many kind of outfits and styles too..maybe not so much gyaru in my opinion, but more casual cute and for lolita maybe. ^__^

    Thanks for sharing ♡

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  3. Yeah! I definitely agree with you... You need more dramatic lashes for gyaru, but they are perfect for casual styles or when you have to go to work/school/etc.

  4. Same here! I was very surprised. Thank you so much :D

  5. This looks like something I'd love to wear since I'm not after lashes for gyaru. They're nice!

    Life With Antlers

  6. These are really natural and you're right about them being not very suitable for Gyaru but they do look nice for a day at work or when you just want lighter makeup. I expected them to still be a little bit more dramatic but they are still cute ^w^

  7. Same here! I have another set of lashes by Ageha and they are by far more dramatic than these~ But I think these are perfect for everyday wear and like you said, they are really cute!

  8. Oooh that's great to hear! :D Glad I could help!

  9. Even though they're not too dramatic I think they suit you really well, these would be a great everyday lash for you :D


  10. Oh these lashes are so wearable! Now you can do gal everyday <3

  11. I usually stay away from black banded lashes because they aren't very comfortable...
    But you seem to be happy with them, maybe they're more flexible?

    I think these lashes are good for OL or daily. You can get the "I'm in a mascara commercial!" look this way. (Am I the only one who gets mad when they write the disclaimer "Lashes styled with mascara and lash inserts for commercial"? How are we going to tell if the mascara works if there's false lashes all over it anyways?!)

  12. haha don't like it either when lashes aren't that dramatical since it's like i'm not wearing falsies at all but it can be great sometimes to have some for a bit toned down look ;D
    probably look better on pics than only-mascara eyes too ;D

  13. Yes I totally agree! ^^ Would be great for school because then the teachers won't be able to notice them as much... And for work ;D

  14. I think so too! ^^ I know what you mean~ Although these were surprisingly flexible as the lash band is quite thin.

    Awh thank you >////< I used to hate wearing glasses, but now I've found a way to look cute wearing them ;D

  15. Yep they are super flexible as the lash band is actually quite thin! ^^

    Oh my gosh yes I totally agree! Hmm maybe I should do a "mascara" commercial with these on tehehe.

  16. Awh thank you so much Sami bby <3


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