Sunday, 22 February 2015

Oh Sweet Agejo~

Hey cutie patooties! How are you?
I've been obsessed with wearing pink lately, I just can't get enough of it! It's kind of annoying though because my wardrobe is mostly black and dark pink, not the light pink that I'm looking for, but I'm making do! 
Ages ago I mentioned mixing up with agejo and hime, and I've been trying it out quite a lot recently! I'm focusing more on pink and a cute appearance instead of really sexy. I actually really like it >\\\< So this post will be a series of outfits

Ice Cream Date~
I did this style when me and my boyfriend went on a date to a nice cafe! It was so cold... I think Germany has trained me on how to wear lots of thin layers of tights to keep me warm tehe. I got quite frustrated because I really wanted to try out a new hairstyle but it went horribly wrong. I panicked, and covered it up with pigtails so it was all sorted by the time my boyfriend arrived to go on our date ;D mission accomplished!

mysticthorn agejo hime gyaru

Here was my outfit~
sweet agejo hime coord
Top: DreamV / shorts: eBay / tights & heels: Dorothy Perkins / bag: Spreepicky / Acc: MA*RS & Claire's Accessories

And pics of the cafe! It was so cute! I loved the decorations.

Birthday Get-Together
I was trying so hard to look casual for this but still ended up spending about an hour on my hair @_@ doing my hair is an absolute nightmare! Especially when it comes to curling it. I'm going to try out a way to curl my hair overnight by using those spongey-curlers or something. Can't remember what they were called!

I wore my favourite MA*RS sweater! I love it so much. I think you can wear it so that it slips a little down the shoulders, but I quite like it like this.

casual agejo coord
Sweater & belt: MA*RS / acc: Muse / socks: eBay / heels: Dorothy Perkins

casual agejo

Valentine's Day - Agejo Princess
I also wore this style on Valentine's Day! Me and my boyfriend couldn't celebrate it on the actual day as he was working, so we spend the whole of Sunday together
I wanted to dress as a princess for him and wore this pink crop sweater that I bought a while back but never got a chance to wear! It took me ages to pick an outfit... And here it is!
hime gyaru coord
Crop sweater: / vest: New Look / belt: MA*RS / socks: Primark / heels: Dorothy Perkins / Acc: MA*RS & Claire's Accessories 

I guess I could call this outfit "Agejo princess?" Tehehehe ~ This is my favourite hairstyle >\\\\< and my hair stayed curly! Could you believe it?

agejo hime gyaru mysticthorn

I made some nails for Valentine's Day Unfortunately I couldn't get them off so I had to use nail remover which kind of disintegrated them ;_; But oh wells! At least I can now focus on producing better designs ^^

We went to see Big Hero 6! Gosh I love that film so much... The animation was beautiful although now I'm torn between that and How to Train Your Dragon 2! I love Toothless so much... I'm so conflicted ;_; I think I'll be happy with either one if they won an Oscar! Have you seen big hero 6 yet? If not I'd definitely recommend it!

After that we headed to a Chinese restaurant! The waitress there recognised me from before which was super cute >\\\\\\< and like before, the food was yummy! Really cheap too! I got the beef egg noodle soup~

Then we went back to mine, took some selfies and chilled out. This is my favourite selfie <3 I wish my lighting and camera quality was better but oh well!
That's all for today! I really want to do this style more often but first I need to find more clothes for it... Hmm, does this mean I can buy new- NO! No I can't! I need to save up so badly ;_; I'm such a big spender!

Sigh. I hope I'm not the only one with this problem! But oh well! 

Until next Sunday my cuties have a brilliant weekend & week!

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  1. I love your outfits, think pink makes you look very sweet, but agejo is so sexy ... that cute couple do !! ♡

  2. Awh thank you so much!
    Yes I just love wearing pink *3* I really want to wear it more often!

  3. The MA*RS sweater and My Melody bag are both really adorable > ^ < Hime & Agejo both suit you really well too!

  4. I love all the outfits, especially the second one! I think the Ma*rs belt and sweater look so cute together~♡ (*´∀`*)

  5. Awh thank you so much! I love being able to do such a "casual" look with it without it looking sloppy :P
    Thank you <3 It's my favourite sweater >//<

  6. Awh thank you very much! That means a lot :D

  7. lighter pink is perfect for upcoming Spring^o^
    you're designing your own nails? cool!!

  8. Really cute outfits! You did a really good job on the nails aswell! Too bad you had to use nail remover on them><

  9. Awh thanks cuties! <3
    Yeah... I had to take them off on the same day and almost ripped one of my nails off... So I had to use nail removed because they didn't budge ;_; But oh well! I can make more :3

  10. I know right? I love pastels in general... Anything with white is perfect for spring <3
    Yep! Well, only for a hobby :D

  11. That actually sounds so painful D:

  12. I really love that ma*rs sweater!

    It's a shame about your nails. What kind of glue do you use to put them on to give them that much staying power?

  13. OMG! You two are just too adorable! I loved Big Hero 6! I have one of those talking Bay-Maxes. He's so cute. And yeah, totally love How To Train Your Dragon. We've discovered Toothless looks like our cat! I'm addicted to the Rise of Berk game app.

  14. I loooooove all your outfits. They're all really cute and suits you well. After seeing how much pink you have, I definitely want to buy more pink for my own closet. It's just so much cuter and looks great for dates.

  15. Awh thank you so much!
    Hahaha yes come over to the pink side! We have marshmellows ;D Yes it's absolutely perfect for Valentines & spring in general!

  16. Awh thanks mumma goose <3
    Yes Big Hero 6 was adorable! I was so happy that they won an Oscar. Oh wow you do? I really want one of those lamps!
    I totally agree - Tootless is just a massive cat with wings :P

  17. Aah me too! *3* It's my favourite~
    Just this one from a local superdrug~ All I remember is that it has purple writing with white packaging. It sticks on so so well!

  18. Maybe for your deco nails you can find the glue sheets instead. I have found those are pretty good for when you only want to wear nails for an event or a date. The only downside is it leaves this yuck behind on the nail.

  19. You always look so adorable! Have you thought about the rag method for curling your hair overnight? I find it so much comfier than foam curlers, and they last a lot longer too!

  20. I really love your outfits! I like the ma*rs darker pink but not too often and prefer a lighter color like this so I'm really in love with all of your outfits here *^* I hope to see more like this <3

  21. These outfits are soooo cute! <3 I like this combi of hime and agejo on you :D

  22. I'm in love with your Valentine's outfit! <3 You are always just so precious ;u;

  23. You looked so cute and adorable on Valentine's Day! I love your style. That hair fits you very well!

  24. Awh yay thank you! I think it's my favourite from this post ^^ <3
    B'aww no you are <3

  25. Thank you so much sweetie! :D I love it too! Wearing pink makes me feel so happy >///<

  26. Thanks cutie!
    Yeah I find that most of their summer stuff is leaning to lighter shades of pink which is great but... It's nowhere near warm enough to wear their summer collections OTL so I'm just making do :3
    Awh that means so much to me! I'll be sure to do more outfit posts in future!

  27. Aaah thanks sweet! >3<
    Ooh no I haven't heard of it... To Google I go! Thanks so much for the tip :D

  28. Oooh never heard of those before but they sound perfect for me as I can't really wear nails for more than a day hahahaha

  29. It really was D: My nail from my little finger is still recovering!

  30. I'm sure you could probably find them in drug stores, but this is what I'm talking about:

    Those things are a gift from the nail gods.

  31. Oh my gosh you are such a princess ;w; I like the hair and My Melody bag! Glad you guys have a good time!!

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  32. I have some DIY nail projects too...lack time tho^^;;

  33. Aah you're too kind >/////< Thank you so much! It's one of my favourite bags, and most definitely the cutest :D
    Thank you! <3

  34. I have a feeling the summer in Europe won't be really warm this year ><
    So I'm glad you can still put some outfits together with this shade of pink ;w; I can't wait to see more of them ^w^

  35. yikes><
    I feel bad just thinking about it, hope it recovers quickly!!!!

  36. You look so cute. ;_; I love the last two outfits on you. <3
    Haven't watched neither Big Hero 6 nor How To Train Your Dragon 2 but I really want to!
    And that café you went to looks super nice. Would love to be there. *_*


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