Sunday, 29 March 2015

In the Name of the Moon, Sailor Gyaru!

Hey cuties! How are you today?
It was the International Day of Happiness a few days ago (or weeks, I'm really behind on blogging haha). I didn't know about it until I read it on Facebook, and strangely enough it was a really good day for me. One of the main things was that my bby Chewiee came over to visit! 

We've both been really digging into the whole Swankiss look recently, so when she came round we tried it out! I really want to be able to put together some Swankiss-inspired outfits but I'm still really nervous about dressing over-the-top cute ;_; So my outfit wasn't really Swankiss inspired... I just wanted an excuse to wear my Sailor Moon fleece tehehehe~ Magical Girl Power! Hopefully next time I can put together a more Swankiss inspired coordinate, but today I am Sailor Gyaru!

mysticthorn sailor moon gyaru

sailor gyaru selfie

sailor moon gyaru outfit
Sailor Moon Fleece: Spreepicky / Shorts: Reveal / Tights: eBay / Pumps: Primark / Acc: Muse & MCM Expo
I really love the way the shop staff at Swankiss incorporate lots of bright colours, especially in their eye makeup. I was starting to get really bored of just wearing shades of brown and blacks all of the time, so for that day I decided to go for blues and pinks tones. I also tried out eye bags! I used to think it was really weird and a bit painful to look out, but now I think it's super cute!

eye makeup

Time for some selfies! The lighting in my room was so good that day!

lizzie bee and chewiee

chewiee lizzie bee gyaru

We did a little shopping and I treated myself to a new dress that I think looks great with onee gyaru as well as a cute satchel-sorta-bag to go with my outfit! The rest were just some makeup necessities. It's amazing how much makeup costs o_o Then we headed out to get some ice-cream! I got "Strawberry Blonde".

strawberry blonde sundae

My buys:


After that we just relaxed and then went out for some Chinese food in the evening before she had to go. It was so lovely to just chill out!

I've been thinking a lot about my style over the past week or so... Don't get me wrong, I'll never leave agejo completely, but I think it's nice to dabble with new styles and right now I feel a lot more comfortable doing gal make & hair but ditching the brand clothes. I'll see how this goes!

Alright I guess that's it for today! Until next Sunday!

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  1. I really like your outfit ;w; It looks quite different than your usual coods but I like it *^* makes me want to get my converse out of the closet again =w=

  2. Awh thank you very much! Yeah I thought I'd try something new tehe~ I'm glad you like it though! *3*
    Oh my gosh I love wearing these converse~ They were super cheap, and really comfy!

  3. Love the outfit! Cant wait to see what your Swankiss outfit is!

  4. Thank you so much! :3 Awh might be a while before I put one together, but I'll try and get everything ASAP!

  5. I love your outfit! I wish I could have hung out with you guys more - I'm glad you both had a good time! I really like your hair here as well.

  6. I need that sweater in my life omfg

  7. Ahhh, I really need a Sailor Moon sweater! I have a Sailor Moon necklace and have semi-perfected her hairstyle on my own hair (without the calf-grazing length of course hahaha) but I have no clothing pieces! i hope you don't mind if I save this coord of yours to put in my sailor moon outfit inspiration folder~ Please show a Swankiss coord soon! I'd love to see your take on the style~

  8. Aah you should totally get one then to complete your collection! ;D I wish I could do her hairstyle... Maybe I could do it when I next wear this sweater :3
    Ah not at all! And will do! Just need to get the clothes first ^^"

  9. Awh thanks bby! And yeah, but it's okay because you were really busy! There's always a next time :D

  10. My wallet is not ready for the abuse it's about to suffer.

  11. I LOVE YOUR LOOK. I want that sweater!
    You look really pretty! <3 <3

  12. Thank you so much! Aah you should get one! :3

  13. ♡ Owwwww you look so pretty !!!

    love it !

  14. Awh thank you so much sweetie! *3*

  15. Awesome eye look for you!! I am very craving of your necklace & jumper also~~~ *hearteyes* ^-^

  16. Thank you so much! :D Aah yeah I'm so lucky that I got them! I really wish I could track down the shop where I got the necklace though ;_;

  17. Oh very beautiful dress sweetie
    Gorgeous makeup

  18. I love the dress you bought and I need that Sailor Moon sweater! *0* Gimme please! <33

  19. Thank you very much! I thought it might be good to wear in the office or for onee gyaru ^^
    Hahaha yes I'm in love with it *3*


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