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Recent Gyaru Meetups!

Hey everyone! How are you today?
I was so happy to see a lot of positive reactions from my last post "What Gyaru Means to Me"~ it really means a lot that you guys are so supportive, and looking at my old posts reminded me of the early excitement of discovering a new style. When I saw gyaru I knew that I had finally found "me"! I'm so happy that that excitement hasn't died down! Gyaru is so amazing.

I've been dressing in gyaru more recently which is good because while I was at uni I missed out on dolling up quite a lot, especially when I started working... So it was really refreshing! I also went to some meetups this past week.

London Meetup!
The first was in London; it was organised by someone else this time which was really nice for a change as it meant that I would meet more people! I wanted to go for a casual agejo style, but still managed to make my hair and makeup pretty dramatic.

agejo gyaru

agejo gyaru coord outfit
Top, Skirt & Belt: MA*RS / Acc: Muse & New Look / Boots: eBay

I've been recently trying out eye lid tape but I'm not very good at putting it on ._. like it always looks a bit bumpy? At least they look okay in selfies and from a distance haha. If anyone has any advice that would be great!

agejo eye makeup

By the time I got to London I was starving, but that didn't stop me from taking some purikura! I made some new friends at the meet which was really nice. And I also finally met Shay and Sari! I know them both online and they are so sweet!

Me & Shay~
Me, Shay, Sari & Kacey

Me, Marie, Melissa, Galina, Miki & Charlotte

Me & my bby Marie!

Photo from Melissa!

After that it was time to eat, and as we were a pretty big group we split into two parts. Half of us went to a Japanese restaurant for some ramen! Then we took a few pictures before going to get some bubble tea! We were avoiding going outside because it was incredibly cold. So much for the whole spring-is-coming feeling >_>

Chicken Ramen!

Sari! She was so sweet & lovely to talk to! Photo taken from Sari~
funny face
Me & this weird growth on my shoulder idk
london gyaru meetup
Photo taken from Kacey!

People started leaving to catch trains home after that so me & Marie went to see our other friends for some dinner before I had to head home. The meet was overall really good! I managed to not only meet some new people, but some that I haven't seen for years like my friend Bunny who created the gyaru meme with me! It was so amazing, I really can't wait to see everyone again.

Casual Gyaru Day
The next meet was when I met up with a new(ish) gyaru, Danielle! I met her briefly last year at MCM Expo and it was really nice to get to know her a bit more. This time I went for a "casual" gyaru style; I actually really like doing this! It's nice to be able to do gyaru with normal clothes tehe. I think I might do this more often... I was really inspired by Chie & Chika's style. I just love how they look undeniably gyaru with clothes you can grab from just about anywhere.

casual gyaru

casual gyaru coord
Crop sweater: Forever21 / plaid shirt: Primark / jeans: Reveal / pumps: Primark / Acc: Blue Banana

I also tried out adding a bit of blue to my eyeshadow - I really want to start adding more colour to my makeup! I'm getting bored of just browns and blacks all of the time. I'm still not really good at applying eyelid tape... I'll get there one day! And eurgh my blue eyeshadow didn't really show up in these photos, typical.

gyaru eye make

The meet was pretty casual and we just talked about all things gyaru like how it was back in the day and just stuff like that in general. It was really nice! But ofc we had to take some selfies tehe.

I realise that the right photo isn't a very flattering angle for me but Danielle looks so cute!

I was very good and only bought myself a drink, some foundation (it was a neccessity) and these really cute daisy earrings that were on sale for £1! How could I say no?

Aaaaand that's it for this week! I want to wear gyaru more often in my daily life! It's been fun :D

Until next week my cuties!

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  1. Awww the meet up looks like they were amazing :D you all look so good! <3 Those daisy earings are so cute ^^

    Clairey xx

  2. I was so nice meeting you! <3 I was so nervous though cause you're such an inspiration to me T_T <3 I hope to meet you again sometime!!

  3. Awh it was lovely meeting you too! <3 Aah you're so cute! >//////////< I hope to see you again :D

  4. Yeah they were! It was nice to get back into the gyaru phase ^^

    Awh thanks very much cutie! Yeah I can't wait to wear the daisy earrings :D xx

  5. You guys are all so fabulour <3
    I love reading about other people's meets, kind of feels that gap when you haven't been to one recently hehe ~

  6. Awh thank you! <3
    Same here! People should go to gal meets more often tehe :3

  7. Looks like you had lots of fun!
    I really like your hair for the London Meet, you look so cute!
    I wish I will meet you again soon, Lizzie! You're so much fun to be around and such a sweet person!

  8. thanks for the makeup up and omg ive been wanted to try eyelid tape too...maybe ill start with some band aids haha

  9. Even your casual outfits are gorgeous and inspiring!*_*
    I wish I could be at the meetingT_T you gals look so fun and beautiful!!<3

  10. I really like these casual outfits and yours looks good ^w^

  11. Aww~You all look so pretty! I really love the outfits! <3 Chie and Chika's outfits always inspire me for school even though I can't wear makeup there ;;.

  12. Thank you so much! And yeah everyone looked fab, didn't they?
    Chie & Chika are the perfect examples for dressing gal on a day-to-day basis~ We need more gals like them!

    Same ;_; I only wear foundation and do my brows for work because I don't have time ><"

  13. Aaah Georgie you are so sweet! Thank you so much *3*
    It would be lovely to meet you one day <3

  14. No worries my sweet! I'll try and take makeup shots more often :3
    Haha well these ones I got for like £3 which was pretty good! I'm sure you can find them on eBay ^^

  15. I really did! >3<
    Awh thanks very much ! It took me like an hour or so to do... My hair was so heavy that it died though ;_;

    I really want to see you too <3 You are so sweet! Thanks so much <3

  16. Oh wowwww, the meet up looked fun! and you look beautiful! ^.^

    would you like to follow each other? :')

  17. oh yes more makeup shots it helps me A LOT! (so lacking practice lol)
    and wow £3 is cheap...need to try it out too since my eyelids aren't that "open" XD

  18. That ramen looks amazing. I'd love to be able to meet you one day ;u;

  19. It was really tasty! I wish I had the katsu curry though D:
    I would love to meet you one day too! <3

  20. A so cute! I really like the casual one, it's interesting to see that different side of you ^^

  21. You're amazing & gorgeous ! I miss to meet another gals [In london the dreaaaammm city]. I like when you wear ageho style that's suit you so well ! [My fav your ageho casual coord *huhu*]
    Seriously, i'm in looooove of your necklace of your second coord. *need*

    Bisous ma belle <3

  22. I'm actually pretty curious about applying eyelid tape. I bought eyelid glue once and tried it several times but it ended kinda horrible. :( It was itchy and didn't work at all. So I wanted to try tape as well but never bought any. XD Tell me how it is going for you.

  23. It's actually really easy to do, and you don't feel it at all! It might take a while to get used to the visual-difference, but now I can't go without it when I do gyru makeup haha. You should definitely try it out!

  24. Awh thank you so much sweetie! *3* I really want to meet you! Let me know when you're in the UK :D
    I actually prefer some of my casual agejo coords tehe ~

  25. Thank you so much! Yeah it's really refreshing :D And I tend to spend more time and effort on my hair and makeup ^^

  26. Your first outfit is sooo cute! Who is that gal with the hot pink hair? I
    love her hair! lol I also loved that girls hair with the upper half
    pink. (sorry i don't keep track of the names). And yes lol foundation
    technically is a necessity... or I like to think. I like your casual
    style, too. Yeah, some people can just pull of gyaru with anything and
    everything! Lol they've mastered the make.

  27. Awh thank you so much' ;3
    The girl with pink hair is Shay, and the one with part pink hair is Melissa ^^ haha that's okay! I'm not too good with names either ^^"

    I agree! The makeup means everything ^^


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