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What Gyaru Means to Me

what gyaru means to me, agejo gyaru

I was just flicking through my blog the other day to search for some inspiration when I found myself looking at my old livejournal blog. Yes, before blogger there was livejournal and wow I feel so old just thinking about it. Whilst scrolling my eyes I discovered my very first post where I mentioned gyaru and couldn't help but noticed the date...

November 2010.
That's 5 years ago.

I just sat there like holy mother of pandas, that long ago? I still remember my first days of gyaru very clearly and boy was I such a n00b. I didn't even know how to wear makeup let alone do gyaru makeup. I spent some time after that just browsing YouTube and searching through "Kogal Panel" on livejournal before I bit the bullet and posted online. As expected, I wasn't the greatest of newbies (n00b over here, remember?) so there were some comments that was a bit of a slap in the face but I just grit my teeth, took the criticism, and improved. Little did I know how much of an impact gyaru would have on my life and how much it would mean to me.

new gyaru, newbie, gaijin gyaru, lizzie bee
One of my first tries... Well, this is embarrassing

I think that learning the basics all of those years ago is just so important and it's something that some people might not realise could affect the overall look. As soon as I watched some tutorials on how to do the basic smokey eye and other eyeshadow techniques did I find myself improving. For the hair, well... Let's just say that I'm still in the learning process of that, haha. At least I know how to straighten it now? I didn't even know how it worked before I came across gyaru!

I can't actually remember who wrote this back then but it was a major tuning-point for me! Thank you!

Without those little comments I wouldn't have pushed myself to try harder, and I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today. Five years on and I'm still learning so much about the style... It's never-ending! I've learnt how to apply makeup, do my hair and just look and feel good in general, and here I am!

ma*rs, agejo, gaijin gyaru, lizzie bee
Looking & feeling great!

Gyaru also gave me strength through difficult times. My confidence isn't the best and I'm the world's biggest worrier, so whenever I was feeling down I just looked online at gyaru blogs and instantly felt better. Is that weird? Idk. Well, it helped me pull through and I've neveer been happier!

I know that gyaru might just be a fashion but it has just changed my life in so many ways, and I think the biggest and most important one is that I met some of the most amazing people in the world. I finally found people who shared the same interests, and having felt like a loner for so long it was such a blessing. Finally I could actually talk to someone who knew what I was on about! It was amazing! And Germany? Gosh I never imagined that I would actually travel abroad to meet some people who were interested in the fashion.

Photo credit: David Kaiser

Wow I'm rambling so I'm going to stop and end this post by saying that I am forever grateful for all of the people I know and have met through gyaru, and for the people who actually came up with the concept of gyaru all of those years ago. I don't know what my life would be without it!

One last thing; here are some things I have learnt over the years:

Never be afraid to post online, but always be wary that you may get some criticism. But the more advice you get, the more you can improve!
There will always be people who will support you 
Learn the basics and then the gyaru ways
Don't stop experimenting
Wearing brand is not important, you just got to learn how to put things together in the "gyaru-style"
Keep on going! Never give up!

That's all for today my cuties! Sorry for the rambling... Until next Sunday

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P.S just realised that I actually did a vlog about this last year OTL but oh well here it is link


  1. Oh wow, you improved so much! :D
    Gyaru also made me meet so many nice people whom I can talk to, it's so funny how when I try to talk to colleagues I have to explain a lot but when I talk to other gals I can just keep on talking because you all understand me ~

  2. Awh thank you! ^3^
    Exactly! I feel like I can't really talk much to my friends outside of the jfashion community because they wouldn't know what I'm saying...

  3. That means it's been like 5 years since I first messaged in your livejournal too xD!!! So long :O I still look back at some some of the photos from our first meetups in Birmingham!

  4. Yep! Definitely looks like it ^^ Awh~ I was such a newbie back then!

  5. This post makes me so happy c: I love how you've progressed and your positivity around it~!
    Clairey x

  6. Yeah we've both come along way since then xD

  7. Awh yay that's amazing >/////////< Haha well I think it's always good to think about the positive things in life, and change our flaws into things that we could always improve on :D

  8. Aah yeah because you're not into gal anymore are you? ^^

  9. I'm still into gal xD! I'll always love it, it's what feels like me. Just recently I've not had as much time for it! Will be getting more time soon at least

  10. Yeah ahaha switching to a job where I can actually be more gal soon so! Also I hope you don't mind what you put and this post inspired me to write a post

  11. It's really nice to see how you started and how you got better ;w; Especially being a newbie to everything myself.
    I think I would have just given up if there would have been rude comments but you see everything so positive ;o;

  12. aw you were so cute in the beginning! It's so inspiring to see how much you improved, as I am still learning myself.. One day I hope to get my make and hair as flawless as yours <3

  13. omg i cant believe its been so long already waaaa im so teary eyed while reading this cuz i was also having my own trip to memory lane XD XD im so proud that you managed to stay consistent w/ gyaru <3 it is a wonderful style and i never regret being a part of it :D

  14. I know right? It's crazy! I can't believe it~

    Awh thank you so much >3< I'm so happy that I stayed! I love your style now :D

  15. Hahaha thank you, but I was really annoying back then ^^" Awh thank you! Well I'm sure you will <3 I still need to work on my hair~

  16. Yay thank you >\\\< it's scary starting out, but it's so worth it!
    Haha that's just who I am I guess :D always try to look at the brighter side of life!

  17. What an incredible transformation!! I love gal style & I love your blog, you're so sweet and pretty and I love how you write ^-^; <3
    I feel like I want to try out that makeup transformation now too!! :O

  18. Thank you so much! I can hardly believe it myself... I really hope I can keep on improving!
    Awh thank you so much ^3^ that has really made my day! I just love this blog so much >///////<

    Yes you should! I actually have a gal improvement meme that you can try out:

  19. You improved so much :3. I still have a long way ahead and this is really inspiring for me! Working on my hair is the hardest for me , but maybe one day I'll achieve those awesome hairstyling skills! And also the flawless makeup!

  20. Thanks so much! Yeah hair is so difficult, I'm such a n00b at it ><" But hopefully I have more time to practice now :D

    Yes! You can do it! :D

  21. Ahh you've come such a long way! I always enjoy seeing other gal's journey and progress ^__^ <3

  22. Thank you so much! And me too! I really want to keep on improving <3

  23. haha we can work on that one together -.^

  24. Good to read that you were on livejournal before being on blogger, too. Haha. XD
    I think your improvement over the years is amazing! You still looked cute when you started with gyaru make-up and I think everyone starts small, right? ;) I'm happy that you found so many friends and strength and inspiration through this.

  25. Oh gosh I was in love with livejournal until I discovered blogger! I'm so glad I switched over. It's so old-fashioned now!
    Thank you so much :D But yes, everyone has to start from somewhere! I met some amazing people :D


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