Sunday, 19 April 2015

Meetup with Chewiee, Maz & Sui!

Hey everyone! How are you today? Did you have a good week & weekend so far? ♡
Sorry for not posting last Sunday... I was really ill with migraines and a fever so I didn't have the energy to post! I managed to have the strength to post a status about it on my Facebook page which was good! I didn't want to leave you all stranded.

Anyway, the other week I met up with my cuties Chewiee, Maz and Sui! ꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.*˚‧♡ Sui was over in London for a bit so I just had to see her. I'm trying to travel to see my friends more but it's proving to be quite difficult because I don't have a lot of free time too... Nor money. So upsetting. But I've been good and I've only bought some flatforms from eBay inspired by my last post (but they were too small) and I have some accessories now! My Swankiss-inspired wardrobe is slowly building up.

As it's still building up I haven't been able to put together a complete outfit, so I went back to my agejo roots. I guess it's okay for now but I'm bursting to try out a new style!

Hoodie & belt: MA*RS / top & skirt: MA*RS replica / acc: New Look / tights: Primark / boots: eBay

We weren't meeting Sui until the evening so me, Chewiee and Maz just stayed at Chewiee's house and watched Pokemon! Gosh it's been years since I watched it... But it's cute and I started to really get into it ^^" but then it was time to go!

And, of course, as we are in England it did the stereotypical; it rained, but we UK gals were prepared and brought our brollies!

We took some pictures as we waited for our train!

We met Sui and her husband at Kings Cross before heading off to do some shopping! I didn't buy anything, but there were so many things that I've no added to my wishlist tehe. We took lots of pics at the shopping centre!

These pics are from Sui!

Then it was time for me to go! It was so nice to see them though, I can't wait to see them again! I really wish I could go to meetups more often... Sigh.

I guess that's it for this post! Hope you enjoyed reading it. If there's anything you want me to blog about, please let me know!

I'll see you next week~

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  1. Sounds like you guys had fun ~
    And I'm glad you're feeling better again ^ ^

  2. Love your outfit! <3 It looks gorgeous , but also a bit comfy!

  3. haha great pics, you look so glamorous/derpy at the same time xD

  4. That MA*RS jacket is so cute. I need to get my hands on the one with bunny ears *A* I always enjoy your silly face pictures. You guys have the greatest expressions in those haha.

    I hope you feel better now! Drink lots of fluids and sleep earlier, it'll help you get better faster <3

  5. Yeah we did! If only it wasn't raining ;_;
    Thank you! I've still got a little bit of it, but I'm getting better ^^

  6. Thanks so much! <3 Yes, comfy was what I was after ;D

  7. Why thank you! This post wouldn't be complete without derpy photos ;D

  8. Thanks so much! Oooh I would love to have the rabbit one, but I guess there isn't really any point as I have the cat ones ^^"

    I shall try my best! I've been drinking lots of water and going to bed super early... Can't wait until this illness is gone!

  9. I love your derpy pictures xD Most people take 100 pictures to find the best one to post but you guys just post derpy pictures <3 I also loved your outfit when I saw it in Suis post ;w;
    I hope you're feeling better now ;; I heard the flu is going around again

  10. I love your pictures, you all look so happy together!
    And your autfits are stunning as always! ♡


  11. You all look so cute, despite the weather <3

  12. oh wow a great outfit =)

  13. Awh why thank you! I love taking them :P my life is incomplete without derpy photos!
    Thank you >\\\< I wanted to wear something comfy!

    I've been better today but it's still lingering ;_;

  14. Awh thank you! We were well prepared :P

  15. HAHA love the faces you make girl ;)

  16. You all look so adorable! ^o^
    And bleh it always rains when you plan to have fun ;_;


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