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My New Obsession: Swankiss

Hey cuties! How are you today?
Last week was a little hint that I am slowly experimenting with my style... I am getting a bit bored of doing agejo so I think it's time to try something new! I always get really excited when I try out a different part of Japanese fashion tehe~ And the shop staff at Swankiss have been a massive inspiration lately. I just wish I had the clothes for it but I've told myself not to buy anymore brand because I can't really justify it.

I was a bit disappointed with Swankiss' collection (as said here) but I just love the way the shop staff put everything together! Here are a few of my favourites:

mysticthorn Swankiss larme kei coords
Not actually too sure if the top right one is from Swankiss...

mysticthorn favourite swankiss coords


Aren't they so adorable? I also really like how they do their makeup, especially the blush! I actually tried out their techniques in my last blog post, and I've been doing it a lot more ever since. Here are some of my biggest Swankiss staff inspirations!

Larme Kei
I've noticed that when people have mentioned Swankiss in the past they associate it with Larme Kei, so I did a little bit of research on it. Universal Doll actually did a really good post which introduces the style, so I'll just redirect you to that rather than just writing what she said :D 

From what I've read Larme Kei is a pretty natural-looking style focusing on the "sweet factor", so I guess Swankiss is tied in to that but then the shop staff adds a hint of gyaru to it with the makeup. I think I actually prefer how Swankiss do it because although Larme Kei is great for everyday wear, it's lacking everything that I love in gyaru.

What Next?
Sooooo taking everything into account; I would love to try out the makeup they do at Swankiss and combine it with gyaru, and try out wearing more pastels. This is actually really difficult for me because I don't have many pastels - especially shoes - but I rummaged around my wardrobe and took a picture of what I've got.

mysticthorn swankiss-inspired gyaru clothes

Things I need to do/get:
Pompon hair ties
Cute tights - preferably in white
White/Pink Platforms
Lots of cute accessories!
Dark pink lippy
White satchel/backpack

I really, really want to try out this style so badly but it's really difficult without the accessories! I have so many ideas for outfits, but there's always something that I don't have to complete it. I've had a look on eBay for the past couple of weeks for things like cute patterned tights but the shipping would take too long ><" It's so annoying!

Oh well, wish my luck! I hope you all have a lovely rest of the weekend & I'll see you next week!

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  1. I've been seeing a lot of Swankiss stuff on Tumblr lately and I adore it, it's just so cute! <3
    I could totally see you rocking that style, hopefully you'll be able to get some coords together soon ^ ^

  2. I love this style too...but I have to be more subtle for every day. Basically Larme-kei best describes me, especially hair and clothing. I tend to be a little more gyaru with my make ^_^

  3. The shop staff looks indeed really adorable. ;_; Can't wait to see you pulling off this style. <3

  4. I'm in love with the clothes !! and especially larme kei style ~ also I have an obsession with that ... I think that is beautiful makeup tabien my love. will wait to see your next post, surely you trying really beautiful style.♡

  5. I'm in love with Mimi! I wish I felt confident enough to go all out pastel waaa! I cannot wait to see your coord soon!

  6. I think shops like H&M and Primark always have a lot of things tht would suit this style going onto summer! Hurry with getting the things, because I want to see your outfits ;)

  7. I have also fallen in love with Swankiss! *u* My favorite staff member is Hikapu, I love her round golden glasses and pink hair. ;u; But others are also adorable! I look forward seeing you in this style. :3

  8. Hilary is super cute! My favourite is Saaya ^^
    Awh thanks so much! I'm currently trying to put outfits together~

  9. Yes they do! Especially primark ^^ hahaha I'll try my best ;D

  10. Mimi is adorable! Awh you should try it out though :3

  11. Me too! It's a shame that it's so expensive though ;_;
    Awh thanks very much cutie! :3 I probably won't be able to do it in the next post, but I'll definitely try to do something this month!

  12. Yeah I agree that larme kei is perfect for work and the everyday look! I do the same!

  13. I know right? At first I thought it was too OTT but now I love it!
    Awh thank you! I'll try my best ^^

  14. awwww ♡ are these liz lisa sukapans?
    I also love swankiss SO MUCH OMG <3
    and I have a v v cute giveaway on my blog, please check it out heheee ღ*CLICK HEREEEEE*

  15. You're making me fall in love with the brand as well <3 Can't wait to see you try out the style ^^

  16. Haha well it's hard not to love it! ;D Awh thanks so much <3

  17. Do you know where I can get the scans of the magazine? It just looks fab and I want to learn more ;A; <3

  18. lol you say you don't have a lot but girl you have a ton! Looks like you
    only need those accessories you listed to make like 4 outfits, rlly.
    Buuut at the same time I know how you feel. I have like a whole closet
    full of things that aren't brand but if I alter will be prety
    gyaru/stylish. I reblog swankiss on tumblr a lot but now I have a new
    appreciation for them! It's like sweet gyaru, but slightly different I

  19. Hahaha well it's starting to get warmer over here so I won't be able to wear most of the clothes... But yeah, shoes and tights would really complete everything! ^^
    I agree! It's very different to the other substyles ~

  20. I like some pieces in LizLisa collections - great for casual wear I do agree XD but SwanKiss they are too much in the lolita side for me..but the makeup and hair are so artsy *o* will look great on you^^ can't wait to see your pics ;DD

  21. wow so beautiful, and such a great page you have. =)
    maybe you have a loss on f4f?


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