Sunday, 3 May 2015

Easy Parapara Routines!

Hey everyone! How are you? ♡
I've got some good news - I'm no longer ill! My cough has finally disappeared for good (hopefully) and you don't know just how relieved I am. I thought that it was never going to end! During those dark days I asked my friends for advice on boosting my immune system and they gave me lots of helpful tips! I'm forever grateful~ ꒰*⑅´•͈⌔•͈`⑅*꒱ I'm going to start by having fruit salad every day and drinking lots of water. And then some dreaded exercise... Really not looking forward to that, but it has to be done! 

However there is a way to exercise and make it enjoyable, and that's through parapara! I've been thinking about doing it ever since the International Meet. I really admired how they made it look so effortless, and I want to try harder at it!
What I've done is tracked down the really easy paraparas; I started doing this last year but so far I've only managed to do about 4 or 5. Procrastination for the win! I really suck at dancing, so I was really happy that I could do some easy routines!

Now I want to share these routines with you because if I (the person who would win an award at crap dancing) could do it, then you can! It would be really nice if more people in the gyaru community could do parapara as it was really big back in the day! I originally thought that it looked a bit weird, but it's actually really fun to do and I could class it as exercise. *cough*

This one is a bit harder than the others, but with practice it's actually pretty easy! I'm currently learning this one.

Hope you enjoyed this (rather short) post! If you know of any other easy parapara routines, then please leave a comment below! I'm always on a hunt for easy routines~

Until next Sunday!

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