Sunday, 31 May 2015

Kawaii Gyaru Shop Review: Liz Lisa Sailor Collar Set

Hey cuties! How are you today?
I'm so happy because my Liz Lisa set from Kawaii Gyaru Shop arrived the other day! I've been eying it up for a while, so couldn't hold back from opening it as soon as it came through the door. I wasn't disappointed; it is as gorgeous as it looks in photos, perhaps even more beautiful!

So I got everything planned for the day where I can take photos wearing it, I even decided what kind of makeup and hair stye I wanted to do until I woke up that morning and found myself with a puffy left eye. Not cool. 

That wasn't going to stop me though! Et voila, here are my photos!

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kawaii gyaru shop liz lisa set

The top

Detail of the front and side

The skirt

The skirt has built in shorts! Amazing!

mysticthorn himekaji liz lisa coord

kawaii gyaru shop liz lisa

I was really happy with this set, and it is definitely one to wear in the summer. The material is slightly thinner than another set I have and the top hasn't got any lining which means that it'll be cooler to wear for those ridiculously hot days. The shirring across the back makes it easier to breathe - it looks tight on photos but it would definitely fit a UK size 8! There's a zip on the side as well to make it easier for you to put it on.

The skirt is amazing. What I love about Liz Lisa is the fact that they have built-in shorts which means I don't have to find some safety shorts to wear underneath. There are two layers of fabric for this so wearing any lightly coloured underwear is perfectly fine. It is incredibly stretchy as well! Shirring works wonders.

I would highly recommend this set for those who have hot summers because of its thinner material. The shorts are thicker than the top but it'll still be good for it! In terms of service, Kawaii Gyaru Shop was excellent as always and shipped out my item on the day of ordering as well as providing me with a tracking number. It took less than two weeks for it to arrive in the UK!

Buy your Liz Lisa Sailor Collar Set here! Remember to use the code LIZBEE for a special discount!

Kawaii Gyaru Shop has tons of amazing things in her store including accessories (I got some super cute rilakumma socks from there) so you should totally check it out!

Until next time my cuties

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