Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mini Gyaru Meet in Birmingham!

Hey everyone! How are you today? ♡
Yesterday I organised a mini-meet in Birmingham to see if there were any gals in the area... London can be quite far for some people (as well as expensive) and Birmingham is the next biggest city that I know of. It went quite well! I met some new people which was cool and the best thing was that Chewiee came to visit me at the same time ꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.*˚‧♡

We both wore agejo for the meet! Gosh I love wearing this style so much. It's so fun getting ready with a friend!

lizzie bee mysticthorn chewieepon


agejo gyaru

Girls just want to have fun!

We got to Birmingham just in time for lunch with Danielle who I met a few weeks ago (she's so cute *3*). We decided to try out Mt. Fuji and it was such a cute little place! I had the ebi curry (prawn curry) and it was delicious! Although the curry tasted quite... Strong? As if it had lots of pickles in it! It was kind of weird but nice at the same time.

Then we took some selfies outside as the weather was gorgeous! Such perfect lighting!

birmingham uk gyaru
From left to right, back to front: Clairey, Amy, Charlotte, Chewiee, Fin, Me & Danni

Me, Chewiee & Fin!
Danni & I
Clairey & Amy (& me!)
I've been talking to these girlies quite a  lot online, so it was nice to meet in person!
Charlotte & I
Fin is so pretty I could cry *3*
Me & my cutie Chewiee

After that we headed out to do some casual shopping and then for some bubble tea as we were getting pretty tired walking around. Oh my gosh the bubble tea cafe was so cute! The staff were pretty adorable... I didn't get a picture because I didn't want to be rude and take a photo without asking ^^" but I had these macaroons which were much cheaper than the mini ones in London!

By that time all of the shops were closing so we decided to take a shortcut through the market.... Big mistake. The men were literally howling at us and banging on the tables to get our attention. Why do men do that? It was really intimidating but we soldiered through.

Then it was home time! Me and my girl just chilled for the rest of the evening in our kigurimis and watched the latest episode of Sailor Moon and Pitch Perfect. ଘ꒰◍ॢ•ᴗ•◍ॢ꒱༌✩

And that was it!

♡ Outfit & Makeup

lizzie bee mysticthorn agejo gyaru

I wish I was able to organise more things for the meet as it seems like there isn't really much to do in Birmingham ⁽⁽꒰ ๑॔˃̶̣̣̥ ꒫ ˂̶̣̣̥๑॓꒱ ྀྀ the shops close earlier there than in London which I totally forgot about... Hopefully next time I can find something else to do!

That's all for now cuties, until next Sunday!

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