Sunday, 28 June 2015

2015 So Far

Hey cuties! How are you today?
I can't believe that it's already halfway through the year... When I thought about this the other day I started to panic because I felt like I haven't achieved anything at all. But then I realised that I made some big steps, and I wanted to write a blog post to remind myself that I'm doing okay and that I have achieved quite a lot of things so far.

So what have I done so far this year?

I went to my first international gyaru meet. This has to be one of the biggest events of my life and a huge step forward in terms of my confidence. I met loads of new people and some people that I knew over the internet but never really talked to, and it was amazing! This also meant that it was my first time travelling with a friend.


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Recent Gyaru Coords

Hey everyone! How are you today?
Does anyone else here suffer from hayfever? I'm asking because I'm praying that I'm not the only one currently with tissue stuck up in their nostrils to stop it from overflowing (disgusting, I know). It's gotten so bad this year, and it's the main culprit of my messed up eye. But you'll be happy to hear that my eye has finally healed! Yay!

I've taken a few pictures of my gyaru coords and makeup over the past few weeks but I didn't take enough to make a blog post about each one, so I'm putting them all together in this post! I really hope you like them >////<

Party time! Agejo gyaru
This was my outfit for one of my best friend's leaving do! I'm going to miss her so much but we promised each other that we'll keep in touch and hopefully I can visit her in Australia! I haven't really worn this ma*rs dress before (shocking) so I took this chance to try out a more elegant agejo look~ I really like it! I think it's one of my favourites.

agejo onee gyaru

agejo gyaru outfit
Dress: MA*RS / Heels: Dorothy Perkins / Accessories: Primark, Claire's Accessories & Muse


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sponsored Review: Petite Cherry

petite cherry review, push-up bra, longline lace bustier

I'm doing something a little bit different today by reviewing some cute lingerie from Petite Cherry (formerly known as Kaurls Laurel). I've got a really soft spot for cute lingerie so when I had a loook at the site I was nearly having a heart attack by how pretty everything was! The models were drop-dead gorgeous too tehe. It was so hard to choose which pair I wanted, but in the end I chose this gorgeous pink set that I just couldn't take my eyes off. 


Sunday, 7 June 2015

A New Direction? Mermaid Princess!

mermaid, princess, mahoukei, jfashion, kawaii

Life has been quite... Hectic for me lately. I'm going through an emotional roller-coaster at the moment which was triggered by my stupid eye. To cut the story short; my eye went poop and my self-esteem went down. Thank goodness I have really supportive friends! I don't know what I would do without you peeps.

This has really affected the "gyaru me" because gyaru is very make-up orientated, but I took this chance to look at other Japanese fashion styles. I haven't pinpointed the one I like yet but I'm loving pastels and mermaids and general magical stuff lately! I went shopping with my friend Amy last weekend and bought this super cute mermaid blouse & pastel pink jeans, and I wore it to her birthday party.

So here goes... A new me! (Maybe?) I'm calling this my mermaid princess look tehe.
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