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Hyper Japan Summer 2015!

Hey cuties! How are you today?
Last week I went to Hyper Japan! I wasn't too sure that I would be able to make it so everything was really last minute, but I still had an amazing time! And... Well... I spent more money than I wanted to ^^" oh well! 
Luckily I was able to attend the fashion show like last time, but this meant I had to get up at 6am to get ready o_e. Yeah, ouch, but it was so worth it. I was just too excited to be tired and before I knew it I was making my way to the O2 arena!

I've only been to the O2 once when I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars, and I forgot just how big it was! I was power-walking my way towards Hyper Japan because it was conveniently (not) right at the back of the building, but I managed to make it in time for the fashion show. Phew! 

funny gyaru
"Yay Hyper Japan an- who dis?" Fin is so funny <3

Me and two of my friends (Sarah & Laurenn) were the only gyaru on the fashion show which was quite sad... Wish there were more of us </3 it really does seem like the gyaru community is dying the UK *sob* I ended up being the last model on the show and I found it so nerve-wracking because I just wanted to get it over and done with! So I passed the time by taking lots of selfies backstage tehehe.

Melissa <3 My babe

Charlotte is so adorable!
Lisa's style is amazing! She looked so different this year, I almost didn't recognise her!
Emily's style is so cool!
uk gyaru
Us UK gals!

Chloe & Sadie~ I loved their set!

And then it was my turn to go on stage! My friend Laura was the MC and I was so relieved to see a familiar face. She makes me laugh so much :D Hence why I'm pulling such a stupid grin in these photos ;_;

agejo gyaru hyper japan
Photo by Ga Chun Yau Photography

agejo gyaru ma*rs
Photo by Rachel Hunt

Photo by Chi Cho Photography
ma*rs gyaru mysticthorn lizzie bee
Photo by Hyper Japan

(Psst, if you took a photo of me, please let me know! Would love to include them on my FB page/instagram etc!)

And then the show was over and it was time to get some food! I was absolutely starving at this point, and the queue to get food took longer than it did to do the whole show o_o I was a bit disappointed with the food stalls because the food didn't taste great and it was ridiculously expensive. I should've gone to one of the restaurants outside...
But I cheered up after a while as I went to see my friends! I saw so many people there, my friend Sarah commented that it was like I knew everyone ^^" 

Onto the selfie spam! Yes, I am the selfie queen

Wai-Yi & Rosanna looking cute at their stall Dreamy Bows!

Oh my gosh this was one of the highlights of my day; finally meeting River for the first time! <3

dreamy bows mysticthorn
Rosanna! She's so pretty it hurts ;_;

Me & the gorgeous Danielle~

Sapphire! I was so happy to finally meet her properly!

My baaaaaaby Sarah!
Oh my gosh I loved Roxanne's outfit (which you can't really see here)

Ophelia! So cute!

I actually tripped when I ran to ask for a photo with her ^^"

Laura! I was so happy she was the MC! She's so cool!

Pretty girlies at Roxie Sweetheart!

love jojo alpaca
It felt like heaven *3*
Me & Sarah then decided to take a trip to see Chewiee at the maid cafe and boy it was a long way to walk... The security guards were so awkward and basically told us to go back out of the building and then around it only to go to the back again?! It's so stupid! I wish everything was in the same place! And then when we got there we were refused to go in because the cafe was out of food even after the security guards told us to queue up?! They were very disorganised, and I didn't get to see Chewiee in the end ;_; 

So we went back to the main part and bought some more things :3 I have no regrets! I can't remember the names of the shops that I went to so I could only tag the ones I know.

kawaii buys sailor moon
Alpaca: Love Jojo / Sweets: Tofu Cute / Sailor moon dust plug: Dreamy Bows / Sailor moon flannel: The Kawaii Kollective / Unicorn necklace: Roxie Sweetheart

And that was it! Despite how rude some of the security guards were to us and how disorganised everything seemed, I had a really really good time. It was so nice to see all of my friends and it made me realise how much I miss them ;_; Definitely going to try and go again next year!

My look & outfit

agejo gyaru mysticthorn

agejo gyaru outfit MA*RS
Set: MA*RS replica / Belt & necklace: MA*RS / Shoes: Sweet Soul Shop / Hair accessories: Claire's Accessories

That's all for now~ Until next Sunday!

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