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Kawaii Gyaru Shop Review: Liz Lisa Floral Organza Salopette & Cute Socks!

Hey guys! How are you all?
Today I'm going to be posting a review of this gorgeous Liz Lisa salopette/suspender skirt , some super cute rilakkuma socks, and red Sorridere OTK socks from Kawaii Gyaru Shop! I want to incorporate more colours into my wardrobe (as it's mainly black and pink), so I took the plunge and I'm trying out colours that I haven't really worn before!

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liz lisa kawaii gyaru shop

Customs was a turd blossom though so it took a day or two longer to arrive. I don't get why the UK adds a custom charge to small packages? They're so strict nowadays! Oh well, who cares, it is so worth it because yay pretty clothes!
I'm actually hoping to expand my Liz Lisa wardrobe because it's really easy to wear for work as it's not too OTT. I wore my last Liz Lisa top to work and it was all okay so I'm eager to try and wear this skirt there. Anyway, onto the photos!

liz lisa salopette

himekaji clothes

Liz Lisa Salopette/Suspender Skirt
The skirt fit so perfectly! I didn't even need to adjust the straps which was a first, although they are adjustable if you need to do so. It has shirring at the back which is a godsend but it's not that stretchy... I would say that it would fit a size 8 max. It fits fine on the hips as it's only fitted at the waist - I love this kind of silhouette because it gives me more freedom to sit like a slob on the sofa when I'm lazy hahahaha. The skirt is actually quite thick as it's made up of a couple of layers, so good for those cooler spring days!

I didn't get a chance to take a worn photo but I've put together an outfit I really want to wear soon (if it gets warmer)!

himekaji coord mysticthorn
Top: New Look / Accessories & socks: Primark / Shoes: eBay / Skirt: Kawaii Gyaru Shop

And now let's look at the socks!

sorridere over the knee socks

rilakkuma socks kawaii gyaru shop

Cute rilakkuma & sorridere socks
When I first saw the sorridere socks I wasn't too sure how to wear them (well, I know how to wear them, just not how to wear them). I haven't worn red socks before, so they were the ones I wanted to try on first! After trying them on I think that they would go really well with autumn looks - because despite how thin the material looks, it's actually pretty thick! They would suit more of the browns/blacks like you see in the winter Liz Lisa collections. I might try them out when it gets colder!

The rilakkuma socks were so adorable and quite thick, perfect for autumn! Ever since I received my first rilakkuma socks from Kawaii Gyaru Shop I've been wanting to buy more cute socks so I was really happy to see these babies with my salopette package! Unfortunately I can't find the link to these socks, but I'll definitely let you guys know as soon as I do!

All in all, I'm very happy with this skirt and the service I got! I was a bit worried at first because I haven't really got any clothes that are green/blue, but as soon as it arrived I fell in love. I love how much detail is the smallest things like the lace on the front and the frills around the top of the suspenders. I would definitely recommend Kawaii Gyaru Shop for all of your Liz Lisa needs and much more! They do some ma*rs stuff too, and adorable sanrio goodies! 

Buy your Liz Lisa Floral Organza Salopette & Sorridere OTK Socks here! Remember to use the code LIZBEE for a special discount!

Until next time cuties!

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