Sunday, 11 October 2015

Halloween Inspirations!

halloween gyaru inspirations

October is pretty much Halloween for me - I was actually counting down the days to October because I couldn't wait to finally have an excuse for wearing my "creepy" accessories without listening to people comment that it isn't Halloween. I just felt that I couldn't really express my love for Halloween until now; I'm aiming to wear as many creepy cute outfits as possible!

Well, that's if I had any.

Y'see, I didn't actually buy any creepy clothes because I haven't celebrated Halloween before. Sure I went to that one party like five years ago, but that was five years ago! I have probably three outfits that I could wear for the whole of October. Boo.

I can hear myself going a little off-track so let's get onto the real subject of this post - Halloween inspirations! I love seeing gyaru doing Halloween, so I had to share my favourites with you all!

N.B I found all of these images on Tumblr, so if you know any of the image sources, please let me know!

Outfits & makeup

zombie kogyaru

halloween gyaru

zombie nurse

gyaru alice in wonderland

halloween cat

gyaru witch

creepy doll gyaru

devil gyaru halloween costume

gyaru halloween

halloween zombie bride

alice in wonderland halloween costume

swankiss angel and devil


halloween gyaru nails

gyaru nails

halloween nails
kawaii halloween nail art

And that's it for my favourites! I am so excited for Halloween now, and can't wait to dress up for it!

Until next Sunday!

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