Sunday, 11 October 2015

Halloween Inspirations!

EDIT: sorry this post is so late! Something went wrong with my blog and it didn't schedule when I wanted it to ><"

Hey cuties! How are you today? Had a good week?
October is pretty much Halloween for it - I was actually counting down the days to October because I couldn't wait to finally have an excuse for wearing my "creepy" accessories without listening to people comment that it isn't Halloween. I just felt that I couldn't really express my love for Halloween until now; I'm aiming to wear as many creepy cute outfits as possible!

Well, that's if I had any.

Y'see, I didn't actually buy any creepy clothes because I haven't celebrated Halloween before. Sure I went to that one party like five years ago, but that was five years ago! I have probably three outfits that I could wear for the whole of October. Boo.

I can hear myself going a little off-track so let's get onto the real subject of this post - Halloween inspirations! I love seeing gyaru doing Halloween, so I had to share my favourites with you all!

N.B I found all of these images on Tumblr, so if you know any of the image sources, please let me know!

Outfits & makeup




And that's it for my favourites! I've got tons more on my tumblr under the Halloween tag, so knock yourself out ;D

Until next Sunday!

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