Sunday, 25 October 2015

Massive Gyaru Haul!

Hey cuties! How are you today?
I'm so happy that you liked my post about the Harry Potter studios... I want to go on more adventures like that in future because it was so awesome! But today I'm writing about my massive gyaru haul from the past few months. I bought so much! I really regret it now though ^^" But then again I am really happy with what I bought, so do I really regret it? Perhaps not.

These were mostly from my friend Charli at HoneyLY! She was going through a massive sale as she's moving to Japan, so I took this chance to get my hands on as many EGG magazines as possible. I really miss EGG... Especially from before 2011 era, as my favourite is 2008-2010. I also got a Kokokim choker because it was adorable, and some casual gyaru clothes ^^ I'm starting to love casual gyaru more nowadays. I bought the Decorative Lash Playgirl on eBay.

gyaru haul

gyaru false lashes
Gal lashes & sailor moon eyeliner! Decorative Lash Playgirl is my favourite bottom lashes so I had to buy another pack!
gyaru winter coords inspiration
Gyaru winter inspiration!

I just love how the models look like they're having so much fun! This was one of my favourite pages :D

gyaru EGG magazine

The next part of my haul took a darker turn because I'm starting to get interested in rokku gyaru again. The dress was on sale for £15 from Blue Banana so I couldn't resist! I guess Halloween is really getting to me - I'm just so excited! Have you guys got your Halloween costumes ready yet?

rokku gyaru

I am so happy to finally get my hands on some high boots that actually fit me around my legs! I saw them whilst shopping with Charli and I just had to get them there and then. I also got a Glavil by TuTuHa choker that I've been wanting for ages, and some creepy skeleton hair grips from the beautiful world of eBay. The skeleton hand accessories was from Accessorize.
That's all for this post! I'll see you guys in November (because this time next week will actually be November, how scary is that?) Hope you have a great Halloween to those who celebrate, and for those who don't, hope you have a great week in general!

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