Sunday, 29 November 2015

My Top 5 Gyaru Lashes!

Hey cuties! How are you today?
You know that moment when you're supposed to be tidying up but instead get distracted by everything you find? Well, I stumbled upon a whole pack of gyaru lashes that I had long forgotten about which led me to gathering every pack that I had left and putting them all on one pile until I ended up with something like this:

gyaru false lashes collection gaijin gyaru
My lash collection (not including duplicates!)

gyaru lashes

gyaru lashes

Yeah, so I might have a bit of an addiction... But despite all of the lashes I have, I probably only use two-five of them on a regular basis ^^" And so I decided to do a post about them!

Now introducing - my top 5 gyaru lashes! 
favourite gyaru lashes

twinkle lash sexy eye gyaru lashes
Twinkle Lash Sexy Eye
Ever since I started wearing these I can't seem to swap them for any other upper lash, and when I do it isn't for very long! These babies are my all-times favourites because they are really dramatic which is great for gals like me who can't wear circle lens.

diamond lash cat eye
Diamond Lash Cat Eye
These ones are my favourite for the softer and more grown-up styles, and I always wear them when I want to go for an onee gyaru look. They also look good without bottom lashes so you could get away with wearing them at work/uni/school etc. the band is a lot more flexible but it does mean that they loose their shape after a few times.

diamond lash princess eye

Diamond Lash Princess Eye
I have a love/hate relationship with diamond lash princess eye; I love them when they're on, but they break so easily! I always clean my lashes to get rid of bacteria and 99% of the time a lash falls off when I do. It's so annoying! I'm trying to find an alternative that isn't so delicate.

decorative lash play cool

Decorative Lash Play Cool
I am so happy I found these lower lashes because I can't get enough of them! In fact, my favourite combination is these babies with Twinkle Lash Sexy Eye. They're also good if I want to go for a natural look, and I wore these recently with my soft fluffy upper lashes.

decorative lash play sexy

Diamond Lash Play Sexy
These are a recent favourite mine, and are fast replacing Diamond Lash Princess Eye. They are great for darker looks such as rokku gyaru and the darker side of agejo, so I only use these for OTT looks. I recently wore these when I cosplayed Gyaru Wednesday Adddams, and they were awesome!

I managed to find some photos I took of some eye closeups in the past to give you an idea of what each one looks like when worn! Sorry if the photos aren't great... I'm not good at eye closeups ^^"

Twinkle Lash Sexy Eye x Decorative Lash Play Cool

Diamond Lash Cat Eye x Decorative Lash Play Cool

Twinkle Lash Sexy Eye x Decorative Lash Play Sexy

Twinkle Lash Sexy Eye x Diamond Lash Princess Eye

Which ones are your favourite lashes? Do you, like me, have a few that you always use even though you have so many others? ^^"

Until next Sunday! 

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P.S You might be thinking "why does she have so many lashes?" "Do you even NEED that many?" and my answer is that, to me, gyaru isn't gyaru without the false lashes. You can be head to toe in brand but you won't be gyaru if you're not at least wearing false lashes. I experimented a lot in my first years of gyaru so I tried out many lash styles I can get my hands on, and it led to this. I love it


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