Sunday, 18 December 2016

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas...

pink christmas decorations, rocking horse

I'd like to say that I was organised this Christmas but that would be a huge fat lie and I'm a terrible liar. While everyone else was putting up their Christmas trees, I was waiting for my decorations to arrive and was being a lazy slob. That's when I realised that I had a Christmas part to attend to the following weekend and thought, "you know what would look great with my outfit? A Christmas tree". Soon I was dragging myself to town and going down countless aisles to pick up whatever pink decorations I could find. Annoying thing was that the decorations I was waiting for arrived the day after the party (typical) so I snapped some photos with my Christmas outfit and took some more later when it was complete and you know what? It looks magical!


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Embracing Your Imperfections

ane agejo, ma*rs, gyaru

I remember it as clear as day; me and my friend were sitting at a bar with our new housemate, and we were having a right giggle when our new roomie suddenly leant forwards and said "Haven't you noticed that Lizzie has bunny rabbit teeth?" I was slightly intoxicated at the time but I remember my stomach dropping and my happiness faltering. Why would they say that, right in front of me? Luckily my friend just laughed it off and started pointing out our roomie's imperfections while I just sat there trying to think of the best way to recover.

I hate my teeth. I know that they're not the prettiest things in the world and that yes, I do look stupid when I grin, and I cringe at every photo where I'm truly laughing, but whenever someone else points them out I feel like I've been swallowed up by a hole in the ground. I try my best to laugh it off but find it difficult to take photos from then onwards with my teeth showing. I'm just too embarrassed.

I know that there are plenty of those out there who suffer from their imperfections as much as I do. Why do we have to be like that? Why can't we be happy with who we are? I read this interesting theory - goodness knows where from - but the reason why we hate our own bodies and faces is because we see it every moment of our waking lives. It's like reading the same paper over and over; no matter how beautifully written it is, we always get sick of it. 


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Me and My Gals - Christmas Gal Meet!

uk gyaru, gaijin gyaru, gyaru meet
Rachel, Amber & I

The thing I love about gyaru is that it's adaptable; no matter what fashion throws at us, we can always incorporate it into our own unique style. I've seen so many Japanese gyaru that I idolised back in the day (and still do) who have grown into elegant young women, but still carrying a hint of that gyaru vibe. I want to be like that - to be growing old but never growing out of gyaru.

Despite everything, the UK gyaru community is trying its best to fight the declining interest in the fashion. Long gone are the days where we host massive meets with at least ten others, and yet it's still pretty exciting to go to a meet up even though there are only a handful of us. Amber hosted one recently in Birmingham so that we could all go see the Christmas market, and it was lots of fun! I was so happy to see all of my gyaru friends again, and can't wait until we host another one next year. Gosh, I can't believe I'm thinking a year ahead already...


Sunday, 27 November 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

kawaii, Christmas wishlist, gyaru, blogger

It's never too early to think of the C word (Christmas, that is) unless you're me who doesn't really get the whole Christmas hype. This year, however, was different; ever since Halloween was over I started thinking of Christmas and then that John Lewis advert came out and now I can't stop thinking about it! I'm planning on being super efficient this year with my Christmas presents, and I'm actually going to go shopping soon tehe.

This also means that I've started thinking of what I could treat myself to put on my Christmas wish list this year. Little did I know how pink everything was going to be until I took a step back and looked at my mood board overall. Oops.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Caw, Caw, Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw, harry potter, gyaru, gaijin gyaru

I don't care what anyone else says, they can make as many Harry Potter related films as they want and I'll be happy. Who cares if it's a money-making-machine? J.K Rowling is as magical as her books, I adore the world of witches and wizards, so any excuse to be absorbed into it is good for me. Reading Harry Potter is just perfect for winter - I can snuggle up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and I'm satisfied. It's a bonus if I can do that in front of a toasty fire, but seeing as I don't have one... hot chocolate will do. 

I'm actually so happy that it's finally time to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - I remember reading the book and hogging it from the school library for as long as I could before I had to return it (against my will). I was soon counting down the days that it's out in cinema, and it's finally here! I even planned an outfit specifically for this occasion, and it also gave me the chance to try on my new lashes from Pinky Paradise*. Unfortunately it was raining on that day, but luckily I managed to snap a few pictures before it got too heavy.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

10 Ways You're the Worst Gyaru Ever

gyaru, gaijin gyaru, lizzie bee, worst gyaru

Not at one point in my whole gyaru life did I ever think that I was perfect; I have dark hair, for one, I don't wear circle lens and my hair skills is definitely in the basic area. These things used to bug the hell out of me when I started out in gyaru, and back then I thought that I was possibly the worst gyaru to have ever existed. It was a long time before I accepted myself as who I was, and my self-loathing was replaced with the excitement of pursuing gyaru on a daily and discovering new things about it. 

Looking back, I was quite silly to get so stressed about meeting the standards set by the community. Sure I am still not an amazing gyaru but I just toss those toxic thoughts over my shoulder and laugh them off. The truth is that there's always going to be something wrong with you, no matter what you do, and to me that's totally okay.

So then I thought... What are the other stereotypical things that people think you're not so gyaru? I put together a list of common aspects where you will be branded as the worst gyaru ever...


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Kawaii Box Review and Giveaway!

kawaii box, unboxing, gyaru, gaijin gyaru

"Life is like a box of kawaii goodies... You never know what you gonna' get" is what sprung to mind when Kawaii Box landed on my doorstep. A couple of weeks prior to this event, they had reached out to me to do a sponsored review for them, and how could I resist? Get cute stuff in the post? Why not! Fast forward to the time when it came to unravelling the goodies, I can happily say that I am completely satisfied. The service was amazing, the box was cute, the stuff in the box was also cute... Need I say more?

But then that would be a terrible review post and I do want to delve further into what I received. I know more about Japanese sweets/candy than a lamppost so I was totally clueless when I opened up the box. All I knew was that everything looked adorable and I couldn't wait to satisfy my sweet tooth. I didn't just receive sweets, but also stationery! You can also receive these things by entering my giveaway (more details at the bottom of this post).


Sunday, 30 October 2016

This is Halloween!

witchy halloween, halloween decorations

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm so happy that it's finally here, but also sad because now we only have a day or two left of it before it's deemed unacceptable to be spooky. It's crazy how that happens, but that's life - apart from those who (like me) believe that Halloween is everyday and you should be allowed to express yourself no matter what! I feel like one of those creatures in The Nightmare Before Christmas; now it's only 364 days until next Halloween!

Next year I want to be more organised and less stressed. I thought I was organised but I found myself rushing around for last-minute decorations on the same day that I was hosting a Halloween party. I still can't bake to save my life so I grabbed some goodies from Tesco instead. There were some creepy cupcakes, zombie doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and Ghostbuster-themed Twinkies! I would've loved to have bought more but I think we would've died from sugar overload. It was fun, though, but I wished that the U.K. was as enthusiastic about Halloween that they are in America because it would've helped out so much when it came to buying decorations. I also hosted the Halloween party at work and just bought everything from Asda haha, but for mine I made some, bought some from eBay, and the rest were from local supermarkets and bargain stores.


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Let's Get Spooky at Warwick Castle!

halloween, warwick castle, rokku gyaru
I put a spell on you...

Can you believe that Halloween is just right round the corner? I'm SO excited for it, and when I heard that there was this 2-for-1 offer for a Halloween special at Warwick Castle I immediately jumped on it. I'm terrible when it comes to spooky things so me and my partner went during the day time, and it was a good thing we did because there were lots of events to see there! There were also a lot of children, but most dressed up as witches and the like which really cheered me up. The Halloween spirit is finally settling in in the UK! I was decked in my rokku gyaru attire - gosh I love this style so much - and it was the first time in a million years that I dug out this leopard print coat. It was so comfy and warm, and a good thing too as pretty much all of the shows were outdoors.

Despite being there for around 7 hours, we weren't able to see everything but we did manage to see: two "Flight of the Eagles" shows; the Trebuchet Fireball which is this massive catapault thing; an archery session; the Time Tower - a brief history of the castle; "Tormented" (a Halloween special); and the Haunted Hallows. I was so spooked by the "Tormented" show and spent most of it hiding under my scarf and cuddled up to my partner. I'm so lame haha.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Crazy Bat Lady

halloween, bat outfit, vampire, nugoth

Halloween is here. As soon as the clock struck 12am on October 1st I was bringing out all of my Halloween decorations and the rest of my rokku gyaru wardrobe. Not that I had much of a chance to channel dark witchy vibes - it's been so cold lately that I've been wearing chunky sweaters that had hidden any hint of witchy goodness.

The past couple of weeks have been heaven for me; all of the UK brands were bringing out their Halloween collections as well as the local supermarkets. A friend had asked if I was shopping for Halloween when they peeked at my screen but I secretly admitted that it was more for everyday wear. Another friend gave me these awesome pair of bat tights, and that together with my bat headband and vampire top I became the crazy bat lady.


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Beauty Reviews: NYX, Urban Decay & Too Faced

NYX, Urban Decay, Too Faced, beauty, beauty review

I first learnt about contouring when I found out about gyaru nearly 5 (or perhaps 6) years ago. Little did I know that it would become a huge part of my makeup routine - now I wouldn't dream about wearing makeup without it.

But I was getting bored. Truth is, I've been using the same type of contouring palette over the past few years because I got comfortable with Sleek. Now every brand has one, so there's a lot to choose from! On my shopping trip with Fii & Han I found this NYX contouring palette, and what attracted me the most was that it was refillable, had so many shades and was cruelty-free! I've been tracking down cruelty-free brands (as mentioned in a previous blog post) and a few weeks prior I picked up some lipsticks from Urban Decay and received another from Too Faced for my birthday.


Sunday, 2 October 2016

One Item Five Ways: Acid-Washed Jeans

acid washed jeans outfits

Acid-washed jeans are the best things to jazz up a simple outfit; every time I feel like I'm in a slump I just slip on a pair of these babies and it instantly improves my mood. I haven't been wearing it lately because it's been unusually hot in the U.K. (the horror) but I just can't wait for it to get a little cooler so that I can whack them on!

So while I patiently wait for that day to come I have decided that it was time to do another one of my "One Item Five Ways" posts. I really look forward to doing these, and I guess I could class them as a series now! If there's anything you would like to see me experiment with then please let me know in the comments below.


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Lizzie Loves: Gyaru Autumn/Winter Collections 2016!

I think that this is the first time I've actually been looking forward to Autumn; I guess that our summer over here was pretty bad and a mixture of super hot days and miserable, rainy days, that I'd rather have it just miserable because at least then it's kind of predictable. Another reason could be that I'm really, really looking forward to Halloween! I've already began purchasing some Halloween decor to jazz my room up.

The coming of Autumn also means that shops are bringing out their Autumn/Winter collections - this already started at the end of August but I decided to wait a little bit until their full collection is out. And now the time has come and I've put together a few of my favourites! 


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Koakuma Ageha October 2016 Mag Scans

ane ageha gyaru magazine

It seems like the world of gyaru is making a comeback - Ageha has returned with a new October issue. The front cover has all of that glitz and sparkles that it used to back in the day, with Sakurina looking like an absolute goddess on the front.

As soon as I saw it online I knew I had to snap it up, and a couple of weeks later it had arrived on my doorstep. I was so happy! I used to buy gyaru magazines all of the time but then they got discontinued and all but Ane Ageha remained. Koakuma Ageha (a.k.a Ageha) seems to be making a slow comeback though, which is amazing and I hope other magazines will follow suit! I instantly sat down and flicked through it, and even though I can't read a word of Japanese (oops) I still found it extremely interesting, so I decided to share some of my favourite pages with you!


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Shop 'Til You Drop

blogger, gyaru, south korean fashion
(Left to right) Me, Fii & Han! Pic by Han

"Shop 'til you drop" was a bit of an understatement for me yesterday when I met up with the two lovely bloggers Fii and Han. I've never done so much shopping in my life and did I feel guilty? Not one bit!  The cheapest kind of therapy is retail therapy, and I revelled in it (although I should probably stop using that excuse now...)

It was the perfect day for shopping - it was pouring it down with rain. Normally I hate the rain but there's nothing better than staying indoors for the whole day drooling over beautiful clothes when it's raining outside. When I last went shopping for that gal meet I was sweating all of my makeup off (not pretty) and I felt all horrible and sticky (even worse) so yep, rain was good! Luckily it didn't ruin our outfits - I was decked in my Liz Lisa top & jeans from Kawaii Gyaru Shop*, Han in her Liz Lisa dress, and Fii in her kfashion attire.


Sunday, 4 September 2016

How to Do Gyaru Makeup with Sensitive Skin

gyaru makeup, sensitive skin

My skin is terribly sensitive; when I'm not suffering from eczema I'm suffering from hayfever, and both are a nightmare for my face. I used to get reactions even when I don't wear makeup and one day I got so fed up with it that I threw all of my makeup away and started afresh.
I realise that I'm probably not alone when I say that gyaru makeup can sometimes be a nightmare for sensitive skin, so I did some research and experimenting over the past year or two and finally found some solutions to overcome it!


Sunday, 28 August 2016

Let's Hangout and Chillout

rokku gyaru, ane gal, gaijin gyaru
Me & Kei (and the kitty cat who photobombed!)

If there's one resolution I've made this year that I've stuck to is that I have seen my friends more often than ever. Every time I arrange something with my gal pals I would anticipate it days before - planning my outfit and making sure that everything is perfect for the big day. Because it is a big day for me; I love seeing them so much! And it isn't just because we're into the same fashion but because we get along really well and have interests outside of that. Nothing is better than just taking selfies, chilling out and singing along to some really cheesy karaoke.

I feel like it's still not enough, however, so I make the most out of the times that I do see them and my love for gyaru grows. I wouldn't be meeting this amazing bunch of loonies if it wasn't for that fashion, and I am forever grateful for it. Me and my friends have talked about our life after gyaru but I don't think I could ever cut it off completely. It's a lifestyle, and I want to keep it that way for as long as I can.


Sunday, 21 August 2016

How to Start a Jfashion Blog

gyaru, jfashion blog, blogger

So you want to start a jfashion blog? Yay! Blogging is great for writing down your thoughts and meeting new people. But, where to start? I faced the very same question when I first found out about blogging and now I’m passing on my knowledge to help you out a little. This article will cover the most frequently asked questions and take you through the blogging process as well as providing you a list of 30 things to blog about (yes, 30). 


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Birthday Gal: Barbecues & Cat Heaven!

pink birthday decorations, snack table

Nothing can compare to spending your birthday with your loved ones. I used to go on holiday over the duration of my birthday but you just don't get that warm feeling you have when you're surrounded by the people you care about.
My birthday started off quite hectic as I was stressing out trying to get everything sorted and decorated. Luckily my other half as well as a couple of my friends helped me out (if you're reading this - thank you so much!). I couldn't have spent it with better people and I'm so happy that it went really smoothly. Wearing my new favourite dress that I bought especially for the occasion definitely boosted my happy meter! I mean, the birthday gal just has to look good, don't you think? 

My birthday was split over two days; the first where I held a barbecue and the other where my partner and I went to the kitty cafe. We coincidentally went on the same day as International Cat Day and I loved it so much! I went there last year and I've been meaning to go again, and I'm so glad that I brought my DSLR with me. I don't think I can ever go back to using my phone camera now unless it's for selfies and outfit shots, although I'm still a bit of a n00b so if you have any tips then please let me know!


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Dear Younger Me

dear younger self, himekaji, gyaru blog

Dear Younger Me,
Life is fleeting. You'll lose people you thought were invincible and it's going to hurt. Bad. It'll hurt so much that you can't breathe but you can survive this. Smother those who mean the most to you with love and do all that you can to make them happy. That person you dismissed as annoying or irritating because they're always there is perhaps one of the most important people in the world.

You're going to hate how you look and hate how you feel but that's okay, there are some wonderful people out there that are going to get you through your dark days. One day you will fall in love with yourself again but it's going to take time. Don't listen to those magazines telling you what you have to look like to be classed as beautiful and that being quirky is a bad thing. Quirky is good! The quirkier you are, the better, don't ever be afraid of holding yourself back from who you really are.


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Lhouraii's Nails: Sailor Moon Gyaru Nails Review!

lhouraii false nails, sailor moon, gyaru nails

I've finally been able to purchase some false nails and what better than a set of Sailor Moon ones? My outfit itself for Hyper Japan wasn't particularly exciting so I wanted to jazz it up with accessories, and as soon as I saw it on Lhouraii's instagram I knew I had to get it. I always feel more gyaru when wearing nails, especially if they're long and pretty!

Unfortunately I am terrible with false nails so I only wear them for special occasions, and I haven't had the time to design my own nails lately. I've heard a lot of good things about Lhouraii's nails and a couple of my friend's have purchased from her before so I thought I'd give it a try. Luckily she offers both long and short versions - all I had to do was send her a little message and she sorted it all out for me.


Sunday, 24 July 2016

All Hyped Up: Hyper Japan Festival 2016!

hyper japan, jfashion, agejo, lizzie bee

If I had to choose between all of the conventions in the world, it would have to be Hyper Japan. It's the perfect place for all those Japan-lovers out there whether you're into fashion, "kawaii" culture, food, manga, or just Japan in general... They have everything you could possibly imagine. I can't explain how excited I was for it - I've spent the previous month figuring out what to wear and organising everything. I also bought those Sailor Moon nails I've been eyeing up from my last blog post, and couldn't wait to pair it with my new MA*RS dress! Pssst, I'll be doing a review on the nails very shortly.

The event was held at Olympia this time round (much better than last winter's) so all of the stalls were back to back and I didn't have to walk for miles to go from one place to the other. It was super hot at the venue and it felt like I didn't have enough time to visit each and every stall, however I did have plenty of time to catch up with friends! I saw so many people there and it made me miss being able to travel to London on a whim. What made me really happy was that a few people approached me saying that they read my blog and followed me on instagram/fb. It was the happiest feeling ever and I'm so glad you read my blog!

I brought my DSLR with me so that I could get used to snapping photos, but my love was taking most of them as 90% of the pictures were of me and my friends. Whoops! Maybe I could have more practice the next time round.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Cuteness Overload: Agejo & Himekaji Summer Wishlist!

Lately I've been trying to sprinkle a bit of cuteness into my everyday life - I rotate phone cases every so often and my colleagues at work always comment on them saying how cute they are which makes me really happy! My next step is to start wearing false nails or make my natural ones look pretty, so I've been looking around on the internet and found these Sailor Moon nails by LhouraiisShop which led me to make a cute wishlist for the summer.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Agejo Gyaru on a Budget

agejo gyaru, budget gyaru, ma*rs
image source: ma*rs

I've been staring at this screen for goodness knows how long trying to think of the best way to explain how to do agejo gyaru on the budget, but the lines between doing that and just gyaru on a budget in general is quite blurred as many of the same things apply. I wrote about how to do gyaru on a budget a few years ago and I still follow those pointers, so I have decided instead to create outfits for less than £100 to give you an idea on how to put everything together with a few tips at the end!

To give you a breakdown of agejo - it is one of the sexier styles of gyaru and well known for its lacy stockings & "lingerie" aspects, but over the past couple of years it has toned down to what we now know as ane agejo. I'm going to be creating coords that could work with both styles - after all, you could simply tone these outfits down and your hair and makeup to make it go from agejo to ane agejo. To make it easier I've also labelled which ones are better for work/uni/college/etc, days out and nights out.


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Is That... The Sun?! June Gyaru Meet!

uk gyaru, lizzie bee, amber

Hayfever sucks when you're gyaru - everytime I tried to line my waterline & touch up my eye makeup it just washes away with tears and boy I got frustrated. It was for a once in a blue moon kind of event; I was going to a gyaru meet! This made me think back to all of those years ago where I'll be going out nearly every month to see my gyaru friends but work life has gotten in the way so I really needed to look my very best this time. The old excitement of looking for inspiration on tumblr returned, and I also tried out a new hairstyle for the first time in a very long time.

The plan was to go for a picnic but as soon as we saw that it was going to be stormy we opted out and instead headed to Mr. Taro for some food. I absolutely love this place, but this time I only got some gyoza as I had a cheeky McDonalds on the train beforehand (bad, I know, but I was so hungry!). There were only three of us at the time so we waited at Mr. Taro before giving up and heading over to Art Box in Covent Garden. I was really happy when I saw that Tofu Cute were opening a section within the store in London and it didn't take long to persuade Amber & Emma to go there. 


Sunday, 26 June 2016

One Item Five Ways: Floral Denim Shirt

one item five ways, denim shirt outfit ideas

Summer is finally here in the U.K. Shocking, right? I can't actually remember the last time we had a proper summer so I'm making the most of the warm(er) weather. But everytime summer comes around I find myself itching to buy new clothes and I'm trying my very hardest not to splurge too much and to find ways to make do with what I already have. I'm also trying to find ways to do gyaru without buying brand because I can't bear the thought of shipping and custom fees... Luckily this year I'm achieving my goal of doing more gyaru-kei style (which is a surprise as I'm such a brand whore) and it's quite refreshing!

Today I'm featuring this floral detailed denim shirt from Primark. I've been wanting to buy a cute denim shirt for ages but couldn't seem to find one until I clapped eyes on this beauty. Sure it's cheap and probably won't last long, but it's good enough for now. Anyway, onto the one item five ways!


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Round & Round like a Horse on a Carousel...

liz lisa carousel dress

It's amazing how your clothes can affect your mental and physical state; as soon as I put on a cute dress I suddenly feel very positive and princess-y, and that's exactly how I felt when I put on my new Liz Lisa dress from Kawaii Gyaru Shop*. Gosh I can't tell you how in awe I am of it - I mean, look at that print! Let's all just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful it is.
All of my Liz Lisa is beautiful but this one has by far topped it. Sorry, my other Liz Lisa clothes, but it looks like I'm going to try and wear this as many times as I can. Luckily it's been getting so hot in the UK so hopefully that will happen! 

One of my best friend's, Amy, was having a birthday tea party and I just couldn't resist wearing this dress. I mean come on, a tea party, you can't get anymore princess-y than that. I kept my fingers crossed that it wouldn't rain and luckily it didn't, and I had such a great day. We drank tea, ate scones with jam and cream, and took lots of photos! I actually prefer these kind of gatherings to the partying type - I just get so exhausted with all that drinking that I'll only last an hour at a nightclub. Oops.


Sunday, 12 June 2016

What's in my bag?

my melody sanrio bag

I have never actually done one of these posts before because a) my bags tend to be pretty messy and b) I'm such a chameleon so I rarely use the same bag for more than a week. I change bags depending on my outfit, and most of the time they're stashed in a corner somewhere with a pile of forgotten receipts (update: I have now tidied that corner and there are no more receipts, yay!).

I really wanted to do one this time especially because now I can finally bring out my prettier bags as the weather is warmer. I just love my My Melody bag* - I'm a huge fan of Sanrio and My Melody is one of my favourite characters alongside Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Koakuma Ageha: Agejo Buys & Outfits

agejo gyaru, shopping, MA*RS

Oops, I did it again... I bought more MA*RS.
I didn't mean for it to happen - I found myself yearning for their newer collections after finding peace with the fact that they're toning down, and before I knew it I bought a few pieces. I managed to sell a few of my old collections to justify buying new things, and I didn't feel bad for it. Their older collections just don't have the same effect on me like they used to, and I haven't been able to wear them because they're unsuitable for work.

I was good and didn't buy too much, but as soon as my items arrived I had to wear them right away. The weather has improved so much over here and it was finally time to wear pretty dresses! Aside from MA*RS I bought a DaTuRa top and several things from the Sanrio store, and I also bought a dress that's perfect for the kyabajo style but I had forgotten to take a picture of it! However I do have pics of me wearing it which you'll see after some pics of my buys.


Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bourjois Colour Boost "Peach on the Beach" Lip Crayon Review

bourjois colour boost peach on the beach review

I recently added Bourjois' Colour Boost "Peach on the Beach" Lip Crayon to my beauty collection to celebrate the coming of spring. I haven't really experimented with lip crayons before, but I do have a couple already and I must say that I hands-down prefer them to lip gloss and lipstick. They're just so much easier to apply and comes in so many colours!

I knew I had to get this one because of the colour. It was love at first sight when I saw it being displayed on the shelf so I instantly picked it up and bought it there and then. I've always wanted to try out peach tones after seeing some onee gyaru like Sayoko Ozaki pulling it off so well, and I was kind of getting bored of pink shades. I wear this as much as I wore my "nude" lip crayon! It also works really well with pink blusher which is a huge surprise as those two don't normally work well together. I have really dark lips so the fact that a little bit of colour shops up on my lips is a miracle!


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Himekaji in Oxford

himekaji, gyaru, kawaii shoes
Cute shoes squad

The other weekend I took a trip to the beautiful town of Oxford to meet up with my friend Lee, and we couldn't have picked a better day for it. It was the hottest day we've had all year and it was so sunny! I loved it. I felt like I could just close my eyes and enjoy the delicate sunshine on my shoulders and ended up having a really blissful day. We were two himekaji (casual princesses) strolling through the little lanes, spotting lots of pretty buildings, and relaxing in Christ Church meadow... But the sunshine didn't last (typical of British weather) and it started pouring it down with rain, so we sought shelter in a hotel restaurant to have some cream tea before heading to Lee's house for film-and-face-mask time. Ever After which is now my favourite Cinderella adaptation!


Sunday, 15 May 2016

How to Build Your Gyaru Wardrobe

how to build your gyaru wardrobe

Buy some clothes and wear it.
Just kidding - there's a bit more to it than that, and it all depends on what kind of style you're going for. Whenever someone new to the style asks me for advice on how to build up a gyaru wardrobe I always say to start working with what they already have, take inspiration from gyaru magazines like EGG where they wear "normal" clothes but use their makeup & hair to look gyaru. It's the easiest and cheapest route route to starting gyaru.

However here's a more detailed approach on how to achieve your dream gyaru wardrobe in a few simple steps:


Sunday, 8 May 2016

I'm a Barbie Girl, in a (Sealife) World...

hydrozoa jellyfish sealife

I love nature, but I have to admit that the sea really does freak me out. I just hate that feeling of not knowing what's beneath my feet in the depths below and to be honest my fear of sharks doesn't really help...
You can imagine how excited I was when my friends and I decided to go to the Sealife Centre - I can see pretty fish without having to swim thousands of leagues away (an exaggeration) and not crap myself if there's a shark (not an exaggeration). I could merrily skip past the shark tanks if needed!

I really wanted to wear something mermaid-themed but I only really have one blouse that was way too cold to wear at the time (it's super hot now in England which is lovely!). Instead I settled for my Barbie outfit I put together in a previous post, having been inspired by Nikki Lipstick. I missed wearing dark makeup and pink clothes!


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Hard Truths about Gyaru

Image source: tokyofashion

When I first found out about gyaru I thought I was entering a magical realm; everything was just so different to what I usually saw and I couldn't wait to dive right in and become a part of this wonderful world. There were so many things that I didn't expect further down the line: that I would finally feel like I belong and make some of the most amazing friends in the world; that my confidence would boost; and that I would stick around for more than a couple of months.

There were some things that sucked throughout my years of being gyaru (*cough* hate sites *cough*) but if you put everything together, the positives do outweigh the negatives. This blog post highlights all of the "hard truths" about gyaru from my personal experiences that I wished someone else told me when I started out.


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Inspirational Gyaru

shizuka muto, agejo, onee gyaru

I've realised that it's been years since I've made a post about my inspirational gyaru. It's just so hard to find one specific gyaru nowadays as I'm easily inspired by a number of styles, but there have been a few who have been inspirational to me through thick and thin and I thought it was time to make a post dedicated to them!


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Day Out with Amy & Lulu!

gaijin gyaru, roxie sweetheart, unicorn

I'm so happy that spring is finally here - I haven't felt so energetic in ages! It's weird how much a little bit of sunlight could affect my everyday life. Only downside is that my hayfever is slowly creeping forwards, and my eyes have been super itchy for the past week.

I've got so many plans for this spring and I can't wait to get them done and dusted! I celebrated the coming of spring by doing a little retail therapy with my friends Amy & Lulu. It's been ages since I went and I couldn't wait to see all of the spring collections. It was the first time I dug out some of my spring wear - yay for warmer weather!

I went for a general cutesy look this time (and now that I think about it, I've done this quite a lot recently!) Gyaru kei is just so much easier and cheaper to do, and I'm quite surprised it's not getting as much attention as it should. Casual clothes + gyaru hair & makeup combo reminds me of what they did in EGG. How I miss that magazine!


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Pastel Dreams & Inspirations

fairy kei gaijin gyaru

One thing I loved about this winter was that I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore pastel shades. I used to only wear dark shades for winter, but as the days are already dull it's nice to add a spot of colour.
I went to Finland recently with my love and boy it was cold! There's winter, and then there's Finnish winter. Luckily I packed lots of fluffy sweaters and thermals - I don't know how I would've survived otherwise! I'm hoping to do some more posts of my holiday in future but I might spread them out over the next couple of months.

This was one of my favourite outfits from my holiday, I felt like such an Easter bunny, so fluffy and cuddly! I was inspired by one of my outfits I put together in my One Outfit Five Ways post, but layered it up for the cold weather.


Sunday, 3 April 2016

How to Survive the Gyaru Apocalypse

gyaru zombie apocalypse
Art by AsuROCKS
You're in Shibuya 109; most of your gyaru friends have disappeared, and the shops are crumbling all around you. It seems like you're the only gyaru left - how are you going to make it out alive?

Truth is, you can't blame everyone for losing interest in the style. It all started when the magazines were toning down before disappearing and now many of the gyaru brands have closed down due to the lack of interest in the style. There are still some shops around, but quite a fair few of them have changed in order to appeal to their new audience. It seems like they have forgotten about gyaru, their original customers.

It's kind of depressing, but you can survive this gyaru apocalypse! And here's how...


Sunday, 20 March 2016

My Travel Wishlist

image source: Joe de Sousa
My biggest dream is to travel the world. I might not be able to get to every country out there but I want to travel as much as I can, when I can! I actually put this down as one of my resolutions for this year but I think I might just extend that to my whole lifetime.

I used to go travelling a lot as a child but when I started uni (and then working), my holidays have declined. I'd rather work more and earn more money then spend it going abroad. Stupid, right? Nothing can replace memories! I've noticed that the less holidays I went on the more money I actually spent on clothes, makeup... Well, things that could be easily replaced.

I've decided to put together a wishlist of my top five destinations. Fingers crossed I can tick them all off one day!


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Kawaii Gyaru Shop Review: Lace & Ribbons

liz lisa, himekaji, winter

I can finally say that I'm now a himekaji gyaru. It sounds weird saying it like that - himekaji gyaru, it doesn't really flow well but then again just saying "himekaji" sounds weird too. Like himekaji what, exactly? Oh well what I want to say is that I've finally accepted that himekaji might just be the style I'm looking for. It's perfect for going out with friends and even for work which is all I seem to do these days!

But himekaji is still quite difficult for me in winter, so Stephanie suggested I try out this gorgeous red knit! I was going to go ahead with that when my eyes clapped on this equally gorgeous blouse. A couple of weeks later they arrived on my doorstep (you probably recognise these babies in my haul post). I swear it feels like Christmas every time I open a package - especially when I know there's Liz Lisa inside. I couldn't wait to wear everything!


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Recent Gyaru Outfits: Jan - Feb

himekaji gyaru, lizzie bee

I've been aiming to do gyaru at least once a week ever since I entered the "real world". So far so good - it makes me really look forward to my "dolling-up" days and I feel more motivated to do things when I make an effort to look good. How weird is that?
But my gyaru looks have really toned down as I haven't attended any meets and all I have been doing lately is shopping, eating or just hanging out with my friends so I've never really had a reason to go all-out. I had promised myself never to tone down, but now I've come to terms with it and accepted it for what it is. That's life I suppose.

Here are a few outfits I've done during January and February. My gyaru self is evolving as I started not giving a crap about fitting into a substyle and just doing what I want to do. My main focus is to wear whatever I want but then do gyaru makeup & hair. I think it's better for me that way.


Sunday, 28 February 2016

One Item Five Ways: Missguided's Fluffy Pink Skirt

I was looking through my blog when I realised that it's been ages since I had done one of these posts, and I'm trying very hard not to splurge so I think it's time for another one! I'm going to make it my goal to do one of these every month. Not only will this save me from spending but it'll help me figure out how to make do with what I have.

This time I'm going to do five outfits with this gorgeous fluffy baby pink skirt from Missguided. Honestly I feel so barbie-like when I wear this, it's amazing. The only downside to this skirt was that it got fluff everywhere - quite a lot of my clothes that this has been in contact with is covered with the stuff! Nevertheless it's super cute, and I'm really glad that I bought it in the end as Missguided haven't brought out any cute items since. Maybe one day...


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Wear What You Love

gyaru styles, gaijin gyaru, lizzie bee

Ever get that feeling where you don't really fit into a particular style? I've been feeling this for so long that it's become normal for me. I have tried sticking to one style, but the more I told myself to do that, the more I rebelled against it until it got to a point where I was a chaotic mess. I just couldn't make my mind up! I kept creating posts saying, "from now on I'm going to do X style!" But then I changed drastically almost as soon as I posted it. It was so annoying!

So now I've come to terms with what I truly am - a style chameleon. I've always known I was one but I didn't really want to face it... Accepting this made me feel so much better! Don't get me wrong, I do envy gyaru who strongly stick to one style and rock it, but that didn't work out for me. Agejo was the only style that lasted more than a few days (it actually turned into a few years) and I'm still going strong with it but I tend to dabble with other styles every now and then.

This made me think back to when I first found gyaru and tried out lots of different styles, so I went through my whole blog and put together a collage of each of my favourite outfits & selfies from my favourite styles.


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Recent Himekaji Purchases!

himekaji purchases

I can't get enough of himekaji now. It's just the perfect style for me - it's super cute, and totally wearable for the everyday life. If I had to choose a version of himekaji though it would be old school; I just love the big hair and dramatic makeup...

I've been desperately trying to expand my himekaji wardrobe and seeing as it's still freezing in England I decided to have a look around for any winter items. I really needed some sweaters and things that I could layer underneath that would also look cute but lately all of the stores have been releasing their Spring collections so it's really difficult to get any winter items. I always seem to be late in buying seasonal items! Luckily I managed to grab a few items before they sold out, and it felt like Christmas when everything arrived.


Sunday, 7 February 2016

How to Incorporate Gyaru into Your Everyday Life

image credit:
The life of being an everyday gyaru is a dream.
Imagine just walking out the door everyday looking flawless from head to toe and being the perfect gyaru. False lashes? Check. Amazing hair? Check. The concept of it is just amazing, picture perfect. But then reality kicks in - the everyday gyaru probably gets up a few hours earlier just to look that good, and that doesn't really work out for everyone.

Truth is, the majority of gyaru don't do it everyday. There is no reason to put yourself down if you're not wearing the makeup and doing the hair 24/7. What matters is that you're still gyaru, and that you do it at every chance you get. Working a 9-5 job where you can't wear makeup? That's cool, do it on the weekends!

It's all about making it work to your lifestyle. Here are a few tips I picked up along the way on how to incorporate gyaru into your everyday life...


Sunday, 31 January 2016

5th International Gyaru Lovers Meet!

gaijin gyaru meet
Pic credit: Philipp @ Gyaru Lovers Events
It was the 5th international gyaru weekend last weekend and boy it was fun. There was lots of drinking, eating pizza, and karaoke and gosh it was awesome. I'm not much of a party person but it was so much fun!

Our weekend started when me, Chewiee and Sarah left the UK on Friday morning. We left really early because there were some delays on the underground, so it was like seeing some well-dressed zombies with suitcases trailing behind them. I, unfortunately, was ill so I was fully dosed up on pain killers (what timing eh?) Luckily the tube was okay and I had a bit of a nap on the flight there, and soon we were on our way to our hotel in Frankfurt. I've never been so relieved to see a hotel room before! We had a few hours to kill so we lazed around before putting makeup on. It was like watching a transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Review: Lush Snow Fairy's Castle Gift Box

Snow fairy, lush review, christmas gift

Hello and welcome to my first beauty blog post of the year! One of my resolutions was to start beauty blogging {read here}, and I've been doing a bit of research on Twitter for inspirational bloggers and with each blog I found I started to get more and more excited about it! I've always loved beauty blogging, so I'm amazed why I hadn't started doing it sooner...

Today's beauty blog post is about this gorgeous Lush gift box that I got from my sister for Christmas! Yes, I know Christmas is a lifetime ago but life has been pretty hectic so I wanted to save unboxing this, and now's the time to do it! The one she got for me was Snow Fairy's Castle and oh my gosh it was amazing. I can't get enough of it's sugary sweet scent!

Inside was Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Fairy Dust Dusting Powder, Magic Wand Bubble Bar and Sowhite Bath Bomb!


Sunday, 17 January 2016

New Year's UK Gal Meet 2016!

uk gal, gyaru meet
Pic from Kei

I can't believe how cold it's been over here lately! My wardrobe is not prepared for this kind of weather, so I guess that means I just have to buy more clothes (tehehe). Apparently it's only going to get colder so fingers crossed that we might actually see a bit of snow over here.

Luckily it wasn't so cold on the day of the New Year's UK gal meet! It's been ages since I've been to a meet, and I was so surprised to see how many people there were. I don't feel so alone after all Could this mean that the UK gal scene is back? I really hope so! There were lots of new faces as well but it was so nice that people actually made the effort to meet up. I only wish that I was able to stay for more than one day because it would've been nice to spend more time getting to know each other. Maybe next time!

The meet took place in the pretty little city of Oxford - the weather was so terrible that I didn't get the chance to have a mooch around but I am planning on going on a day trip there when the weather improves. We all met up in this lovely milkshake placed called "Temptations" and took up nearly the whole place, whoops. 


Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Gyaru Nail Journey

gyaru nail art revolution

False nails are one of the coolest things when it comes to gyaru; every time I looked at pictures of gyaru back in the day I marvelled at how amazingly over-the-top they were. I am still in awe of their nails even today, and even though I can't wear long nails because of work I still do my best to wear some pretty ones for special occasions.

I'm in the middle of gathering inspo for my next set of nails when I thought: why not show my gyaru nail journey? And here we are. It took me ages to find some pics but I managed! 

All journey's start with a pretty crap beginning, and mine was the crappiest of the crap pile. I was so embarrassed to discover this picture from all of those years ago but... I don't know how I thought this was acceptable back them! They look horrid!


Sunday, 3 January 2016

My Resolutions for 2016

2016 goals

Gosh I can't believe it's 2016... This time last year I was rushing around like a headless chicken and didn't have a clue what I was doing. This year I'm still a bit of a headless chicken, but a pretty chilled one. I'm basically in denial that my mind is a bit all over the place, haha.

So what are my resolutions this year? This question has been sitting in my mind since Christmas and even now I'm not too sure. The truth is that I'm incredibly indecisive and would rather just go with the flow without having any goals in mind.

Setting resolutions and sticking to them is, thus, out of my comfort zone, but I'm willing to break that uncomfortable feeling and go ahead and achieve them. I do have a whole year to do them, after all... Here goes!

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