Sunday, 8 May 2016

I'm a Barbie Girl, in a (Sealife) World...

hydrozoa jellyfish sealife

I love nature, but I have to admit that the sea really does freak me out. I just hate that feeling of not knowing what's beneath my feet in the depths below and to be honest my fear of sharks doesn't really help...
You can imagine how excited I was when my friends and I decided to go to the Sealife Centre - I can see pretty fish without having to swim thousands of leagues away (an exaggeration) and not crap myself if there's a shark (not an exaggeration). I could merrily skip past the shark tanks if needed!

I really wanted to wear something mermaid-themed but I only really have one blouse that was way too cold to wear at the time (it's super hot now in England which is lovely!). Instead I settled for my Barbie outfit I put together in a previous post, having been inspired by Nikki Lipstick. I missed wearing dark makeup and pink clothes!

barbie gyaru

barbie outfit gyaru
Crop sweater: Forever21 / Skirt: Missguided / Boots: Boohoo / Bag: Anna Smith / Choker: MA*RS

As soon as we stepped in I knew it was going to be awesome because the first part was the penguin area! They looked so so cute! Unfortunately we missed the penguin show... Hopefully we'll see one the next time we go.

The next part was where they were some rays and fishes, and while I was peering through the glass at the rays I came face to face with a shark. It was only a tiny one but it freaked me out so much. After sitting there for a couple of moments I soon got used to it because I really wanted to see the other fish and I wasn't going to let one baby shark get in the way... Now that I think about it, it probably wasn't a shark. Still looked creepy though. Unfortunately I couldn't get many pics of this area as all of the fish moved too quicky, but I did manage to take a video!

This was where I was able to touch a star fish! I was a bit skeptical at first because if I was a star fish I sure as hell wouldn't like that, but the assistant assured me that it was okay so I did it. It felt kind of rough and bumpy and not as weird as I though!


From then onwards it was just tank after tank of the weird and wonderful sea life. I think it's best to explain what I saw through pictures instead of me rambling.

Clownfish (Nemo!)
Oh hey guys :B

regal blue tang
Regal Blue Tang (Dory!)


With my cutie Lulu!

sunflower starfish
Sunflower starfish

The jellyfish were my favourites. I was in such awe of them that Amy & I stayed behind to gaze at them for a while. I just loved how the light shone through them and made them changed into all sorts of wonderful colours. When they turned pink I just had to get a photo.

 Pretty Jellyfish!
It was so crowded in the last part that I didn't feel as overwhelmed as I thought by the amazing arch and how the fish actually swam above your heads, and half of it was bordered off because of maintenance work. It was such a bummer but I did manage to see a massive turtle!

And that was it! All in all I was quite happy with the Sea Life centre, I just wished it didn't have so much maintenance work going on! What's your favourite sea creature? Have you been to Sealife before? 

Until next time cuties!

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