Sunday, 27 November 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

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It's never too early to think of the C word (Christmas, that is) unless you're me who doesn't really get the whole Christmas hype. This year, however, was different; ever since Halloween was over I started thinking of Christmas and then that John Lewis advert came out and now I can't stop thinking about it! I'm planning on being super efficient this year with my Christmas presents, and I'm actually going to go shopping soon tehe.

This also means that I've started thinking of what I could treat myself to put on my Christmas wish list this year. Little did I know how pink everything was going to be until I took a step back and looked at my mood board overall. Oops.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Caw, Caw, Ravenclaw

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I don't care what anyone else says, they can make as many Harry Potter related films as they want and I'll be happy. Who cares if it's a money-making-machine? J.K Rowling is as magical as her books, I adore the world of witches and wizards, so any excuse to be absorbed into it is good for me. Reading Harry Potter is just perfect for winter - I can snuggle up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and I'm satisfied. It's a bonus if I can do that in front of a toasty fire, but seeing as I don't have one... hot chocolate will do. 

I'm actually so happy that it's finally time to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - I remember reading the book and hogging it from the school library for as long as I could before I had to return it (against my will). I was soon counting down the days that it's out in cinema, and it's finally here! I even planned an outfit specifically for this occasion, and it also gave me the chance to try on my new lashes from Pinky Paradise*. Unfortunately it was raining on that day, but luckily I managed to snap a few pictures before it got too heavy.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

10 Ways You're the Worst Gyaru Ever

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Not at one point in my whole gyaru life did I ever think that I was perfect; I have dark hair, for one, I don't wear circle lens and my hair skills is definitely in the basic area. These things used to bug the hell out of me when I started out in gyaru, and back then I thought that I was possibly the worst gyaru to have ever existed. It was a long time before I accepted myself as who I was, and my self-loathing was replaced with the excitement of pursuing gyaru on a daily and discovering new things about it. 

Looking back, I was quite silly to get so stressed about meeting the standards set by the community. Sure I am still not an amazing gyaru but I just toss those toxic thoughts over my shoulder and laugh them off. The truth is that there's always going to be something wrong with you, no matter what you do, and to me that's totally okay.

So then I thought... What are the other stereotypical things that people think you're not so gyaru? I put together a list of common aspects where you will be branded as the worst gyaru ever...


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Kawaii Box Review and Giveaway!

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"Life is like a box of kawaii goodies... You never know what you gonna' get" is what sprung to mind when Kawaii Box landed on my doorstep. A couple of weeks prior to this event, they had reached out to me to do a sponsored review for them, and how could I resist? Get cute stuff in the post? Why not! Fast forward to the time when it came to unravelling the goodies, I can happily say that I am completely satisfied. The service was amazing, the box was cute, the stuff in the box was also cute... Need I say more?

But then that would be a terrible review post and I do want to delve further into what I received. I know more about Japanese sweets/candy than a lamppost so I was totally clueless when I opened up the box. All I knew was that everything looked adorable and I couldn't wait to satisfy my sweet tooth. I didn't just receive sweets, but also stationery! You can also receive these things by entering my giveaway (more details at the bottom of this post).

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