Sunday, 30 April 2017

My Japan Haul - DaTuRa, MA*RS, Sanrio and Many More

Shibuya 109 MA*RS shop staff, japan haul, gyaru

I've been to Japan and haven't bought a thing... Said no one ever! And trust me, I am still on the road to financial recovery despite it being over a month since I've been in the magical land of Hello Kitty and matcha KitKat. It was so worth it, though, and I had been saving for this moment for a long time...

When I look back at the things I bought I kind of wish I had bought more, but it was physically impossible to fit any more into my suitcase. My suitcase weighed 17kg before and then 23kg after. Oops. I've made the decision, however, to buy more things over from Japan. It might not be good economically but their clothes are just so much nicer and I want to keep supporting my gyaru brands from afar!

In the meantime, though, let's delve into my Japan haul a.k.a the part where I sold my soul.


Sunday, 23 April 2017

What I Miss About Gyaru

what I miss about gyaru, gyaru circle, jewel gal unit
Throwback to JEWEL's first gyaru meet!
To say that gyaru has changed in the last few years is an understatement; nowadays it's totally unrecognisable, but hints of the old scene still lurks within the makeup. I've been watching this all happen and I used to get so riled up about how it isn't what it once was but now I've learnt that it'll never be like that again, and what we've got to do is just adapt with the times and see how it goes.

There are still a few things that I miss, though, and at the last gyaru meet Amber and I were chatting about everything that we missed about it. Thus I've compiled a little list of the top five things that I miss!


Sunday, 16 April 2017

Chilling with Hello Kitty - My Trip to Sanrio Puroland!

puroland, sanrio, puro village

I first fell in love with Hello Kitty when I was around 8 years old, sporting a little red and white t-shirt with her face emblazoned against it. But like all things do, I grew out of love with it, until it reappeared in my late teens and has stuck around ever since.

But to go to her world? That was a dream that soon became reality when I found myself walking down the pathway to Puroland, the home of all of the Sanrio characters that you could ever think of. We followed all of the incredibly obvious signs on where to go (e.g. the Hello Kitty banners, Sanrio town map, Pompompurin signs at the train station... You couldn't really miss it) and after taking the typical snap of me looking like an excitable puppy in front of Puroland, we went in. Cinnamoroll was the star of the show as it was his 15th anniversary and everything was so on point - from the staff to the benches to the decor in general. 


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Searching for the Perfect Photo

quest for the perfect photo

This was the first time that I took outfit photos outside the comfort of my home, and I learnt three very important things: one, that I was so awkward when it came to posing; two, that I get terribly nervous when taking outfit shots outdoors; and three, that white shoes will never look clean after some walking. I couldn't help but feel that everyone was staring at me and thinking that I was being that ditsy chick just trying to get a picture in front of some cherry blossoms like a typical tourist (I was in Japan, after all) so this time I just asked my other half to take ten photos in total before settling down on the grass to enjoy the sight of cherry blossoms before I got too flustered.

The thing was these were actually pretty good

Somehow taking less than ten photos and having a time limit actually meant that I had a good selection of photos. In my previous outfit posts I probably took around 20 - 50 and most were awful, but here I didn't have time to mess around so I just rushed it. And hey, I actually smiled! I never do that, but wow I should really do that again.

Could this be it? Have I found the solution in my search for taking the perfect photo?

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