Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Secret's Out... The Canal House

The Canal House, Birmingham, James Brindley, flaming cocktails

I've "levelled up" in my blogging career in the sense that I attended my first launch event with my DSLR in hand, like the true blogger that I am. I was so nervous; what if people didn't like it that I took pictures with them in it? What if they thought I was a weirdo? These thoughts were swiftly brushed aside as I approached The Canal House.

And boy, it was huge.

I've been to a few cocktail bars and restaurants in Birmingham but this was by far the biggest. My other half and I went in through the back entrance where we were greeted with a glass of wine and I did a quick nip through the whole building, to try and squeeze in as many photos as I could before more people turned up. Soon enough people did, and soon the place was packed.

A good packed, though. The people were happy, the drinks were great, and the overall atmosphere was exciting. There was a guy singing and playing on his guitar throughout the night as well as a paper-cut-artist (is that the correct term?) approaching people at random and offering to cut out a portrait. It was awesome! He did it so swiftly that I was amazed how accurate it was.

Downstairs seating

Downstairs bar before it got busy

Even the staircase looks rustic

Taking recycling to the next level

The chandeliers were beautiful, and soon the upstairs bar was packed

Randomly selected for a paper cut portrait...

Look at the result!

People outside by the canals

The Canal House James Brindley, Birmingham

Luckily not everyone had to stay in the same room - there was an upstairs, balcony, downstairs, and outside area, and each spot was occupied. After grabbing my drink from the bar - which was free, as was everyone's drinks there - myself and a few friends managed to find a spot to hang around outside as we enjoyed the gentle breeze before heading home.

I had fun, though! I usually find crowds quite overwhelming so I would love to The Canal House at a much quieter time to try out more of their drinks and food. It didn't take long for me to get used to snapping pictures on my DSLR, and now I can't wait for my next event!

If you're interested in going here you can find it along one of the Birmingham canal's at 12 Bridge St, Birmingham B1 2JR.

What did you think of this post? I know it's my first of doing an event review, but I'd love to know what you think. 

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