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I'll Take You To The Candy Shop... Japan Candy Box Review!

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One of the best things about Japan are the sweets, so when Blippo's Japan Candy Box* for September arrived at my doorstep I was bursting with excitement. I was good, though, and didn't immediately open it but waited for the weekend to arrive before I gently lifted up the lid to take a peek inside and boy there was a lot of candy. There was no way I could eat all of it! So I asked my other half to help me out and we spent the afternoon chomping on all of these sweet goodies.

It was quite the experience - I didn't know any of the products I was eating but overall they were very tasty and I was left nursing a very sweet tooth (so worth it). There was even enough to keep snacking on for the next couple of days! However there were a few that were clearly my favourites...

A little bit about Japan Candy Box...
It's a monthly subscription box so every month you get around 10 different sweets to try out and enjoy. It's free shipping WORLDWIDE (a rarity in a lot of cases) and the staff are the sweetest people I've ever talked to. What's also good is that you can cancel at any point, and join at any point.

Now onto the review! I've decided to write a little bit about each so that you get an idea of what everything's like. It'll also help me remember the ones I loved in future, too.

japan candy box, japanese sweets

Glico Collon Cream Lemon Biscuit Rolls

Fujiya Country Ma'am Mini Vanilla Cookies

Coris Fujiki Soda Candy

This one was definitely my other half's favourite. He couldn't stop eating it throughout the review and snatched it up as soon as I was done taking photos (super cute). I'm not a huge fan of lemon but the taste of it wasn't overpowering, and was quite enjoyable!

Firstly, what a mouthful of a name, and secondly, not enough mouthfuls in the packet. I was sad that there were only four cookies but they were delicious all the same.

Definitely one of my favourites. They were really chewy and there's plenty in the packet to last for more than one sitting. Will have to keep these babies in mind for when I do my next Japanese candy shop!

Kasugai Mixed Flavour Beans

Meigum Gabricchu Ramune Gum

Nissin Coconut Mini Sable Biscuits

Tohato Crayon Shin Chan Chocolate Biscuits

I wasn't too sure about these at first, but man they are very moreish! As soon as I ate one I wanted another, and it was a good thing that there were other snacks to try or I would've very quickly have finished the whole pack.

I LOVED THIS ONE! It reminded me of the candy I usually get when I go to Hyper Japan and I was sad when I realised I ate it all. It was quite hard to get out of the packet as it was so sticky, but it tasted so good.

I was a bit worried about this one at first because I'm not a huge fan of coconut, but this fast become one of my favourites. It tasted like any regular biscuit, but different. It's hard to explain but I would definitely eat this if I'm travelling (getting a larger pack, obvs).

I wasn't too keen on this one, as it reminded me of CocoPops cereal that you get over here in the UK. It did come with a sticker but I think it's more for people who are huge fans of Shin Chan.

Bandai Doraemon Grape Gummy

Meigum Cool Pineapple Soft Candy

Meiji Choco Bananas

There was a bit of confusion about this one - why was it packaged like this? Can we just eat it? Luckily my other half is a bit adventurous and went for it, and we realised that a) we can eat it an b) we were idiots to think otherwise. It was quite tasty but there wasn't a lot of it to enjoy (unlike the Soda Candy that we couldn't get enough of).

I should've looked at this title before eating the candy because I was worried that it'll be one of those hard ones but it's actually extremely soft. At first it was quite sour/lemony, but it tastes so much better after you start chewing and I started to really like it. 

Meiji Choco Bananas
I LOVED THIS ONE! These reminded me of smarties but were banana flavoured, and were so lovely to eat! It didn't take long for us to finish the whole pack off.

All in all, I would highly recommend Blippo's Japan Candy Box. There were plenty of snacks to chomp on that even if I wasn't too keen on some, there were others that I definitely loved. I don't really get the chance to get my hands on some Japanese sweets, so I loved doing this review for them (thanks, Blippo!).

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*Please note that although this is a review, all thoughts are nothing but the truth.

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