Sunday, 29 October 2017

What I Love About Halloween

halloween, pumpkin carving

I can't believe Halloween is only a few days away! Where has the time gone? As I write this post I haven't yet watched a single Halloween film *gasps of horror* but I really hope that by the time this goes live that I would've seen at least one.

There are so many things that I love about Halloween and I'm surprised that I haven't dedicated a whole post to it. Better late then never, aye? So here's what I love about Halloween!


Sunday, 22 October 2017

Of Vampires and Mary Sues

rokku gyaru, alternative fashion, vampire, killstar

Did you ever used to watch Mona the Vampire? I used to love that program when I was a child, dressing up as her and defeating imaginary monsters. I had an obsession with vampires back then; my favourite film was Van Helsing (looking back now I realise that it wasn't actually that great a film) and I could quote it word for word with one of my closest friends. I even re-enacted a few scenes - how embarrassing is that? I just loved how no matter how smoking hot and deadly vampires were, they literally did go up in smoke in a little bit of sunlight. They had a weak spot.


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Trick or Treat! Halloween Goodies and Makeup Haul

halloween haul, makeup, halloween shopping

Trick or Treat! Or, in my case, just the treat side of things. I couldn't help myself searching for some Halloween goodies but I feel like the more I love Halloween, the less that shops stock of it. How typical is that? It's mid-October but shops have reduced their Halloween accessories to but a single aisle and has been taken over by *whispers* glittery baubles and sparkly tinsel. That's right, Christmas stuff. It's probably a good thing because I'm desperately trying to save money right now, but I couldn't help myself to a few bits and bobs as well as some makeup goodies.


Sunday, 8 October 2017

Crop It Like It's Hot

lace crop top, shop tobi, outfit post

I rarely wear crop tops, and when I do my midriff is usually covered up, so when I saw this gorgeous crop top from Tobi* I took the leap and paired it with some "high waisted" jeans as an effort to cover up that part of skin but ultimately failed. But instead of feeling horribly exposed, I felt amazing.


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Mother of Cats and Inspirational Slumps

uk gaijin gyaru

My idea of heaven would be to drink hot chocolate in a comfy sofa, surrounded by cats. Luckily heaven is a place on earth - the cat café in Nottingham was just under a couple of hours away, and it was the perfect spot for our next QueenE gyaru meet hosted by our member Rachel. We've been trying to do more 'themed' meet ups with our gyaru circle and the cat café - aka Kitty Cafe - was at the top of our list.

A couple of days prior to the meet, I was in the mother of all slumps. I just couldn’t bring myself to be inspired no matter how many times I revisited my old blog posts nor look at old gyaru tutorials, I just couldn’t bring myself to be gyaru. This feeling has come and gone since I wrote my post on the fact that I’m turning into a boring old fart in terms of my style, but it hit me so hard that I felt like just staying in bed all day. Somehow I managed to drag myself out, slap on some gyaru makeup, and drive through the chaotic roads of Nottingham to meet up with my fellow circle members.

And after that, I was fine.

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