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Hi I'm Lizzie & I'm a UK gyaru lifestyle blogger!

I'm very crap at writing these "about me" things so to cut it short - I've been blogging for quite a while now that I can't think of what my life was like before I blogged (it was probably very boring). I'm really into the Japanese fashion called gyaru - it was in fact my love for gyaru that got me into blogging as I wanted to write down everything I've learnt about it!

Aaand here we are, with me not really knowing what to say even though I've got dozens of thoughts floating around my mind. Go me.

So what will I find on this blog? I've come a long way since I started writing, and although this place is still like my online diary I tend to be more fashion-focused (and, most recently, beauty-focused). Here I'll share my wishlists, reviews, lifestyle posts, outfits, endless selfies, and most importantly... My thoughts! 

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If you'd like to contact me with any questions about my blog, sponsors or features please message me at lizzieebeee@gmail.com

I do not reply to spam emails or those asking after personal information. If you want a normal chit-chat then please contact me through my FB page rather than my email please.

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