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Hey cutie, I'm Lizzie Bee, a UK gyaru fashion blogger!

I'm a Japanese fashion enthusiast who is often found snacking or sleeping. I dream that one day I will own a cat (major cat-less cat lover over here) but in the meantime I'm happy with all of my plushies. It was my love for gyaru that actually brought me to the magical world of blogging as I wanted a way to document everything that I learnt about it. And here we are!

So what will I find on this blog?

I've come a long way since I started writing, and although this place is still like my online diary I tend to dip my toes into lifestyle blogging too. Here I'll share my wish lists, reviews, lifestyle posts, outfits, endless selfies, and most importantly... My thoughts!

What next?

Well if you want to learn more about gyaru then hop over to my gaijin gyaru guide where I guide you through the magical world of Japanese fashion, but you can also have a scroll through my latest posts! I've also got an FAQ for your burning questions.

If you'd like to contact me with any questions about my blog, sponsors or features please message me at lizzieebeee@gmail.com. I do not reply to spam emails or those asking after personal information. If you want a normal chit-chat then please contact me through my FB page rather than my email please.

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