Amy’s birthday party ☆ experimenting with jirai kei make

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Hey cutie! How are you? (´ ε ` )♡ It was Amy’s birthday party yesterday and the theme for it was vampires and witches and I thought… What better time to practice jirai kei makeup!

But instead of going for pink shades, I went with red instead. I also filmed this grwm for my YouTube channel which I’ll post later on (when i have energy to edit) ♡

The best selfies were taken in the car haha (*ノ∀`*)

Feeling guilty + opening up about my insecurities…

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So, as you can tell, I’ve been really into ryousangata and jirai lately…

And that makes me feel incredibly guilty because I feel like I’ve betrayed gal haha…

But it’s so refreshing trying out something new and to be a newbie again; watching tutorials, building a wardrobe and talking to new people.

And it makes me realise just how fed up I am with labels.

I just want to wear cute things and do things that makes me happy.

If I want to wear ryousangata one day, I can.
And if I want to do hime gal the next, I can.
If I want to do gal makeup with some cute frilly clothes, I can.

Why do I always feel like I have to put myself in a category?

(Of course I understand that substyles are very important when you’re a beginner because it helps guide you in your gal journey).

I guess that’s why I’m allowing myself to explore other styles at the moment. I will always be gal but, if I have to be super honest with you, sometimes I feel… inadequate? Like I don’t really belong or something which sounds stupid I know esp because I’ve been gal for well over 10+ years now.

Sometimes I look at myself and just think: do I even look gal? I guess I am still very insecure about how I look haha. Will that ever go away?

But then the next day I realise how silly those thoughts were.

And I realise that it’s time to stop restricting myself.

It’s time to have fun!

Wish me luck…

My faves from Liz Lisa, MA*RS + more in 2023

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Hey cutie, how are you? Today I wanted to write about what brands like Ank Rouge, Liz Lisa, Dear My Love and MA*RS now look like in 2023! To give a bit of a background – these brands used to be gyaru brands, but over the years have shifted their focus to girly fashion and they’ve now landed upon ryousangata and jirai kei. My interest in ryousangata/jirai has made me fall in love with these brands again (because to be honest, I was really bitter about their shift in focus as a hardcore gyaru ) so I want to choose some of my favourite items from each store!

Okie, let’s go!