10 Ways You’re the Worst Gyaru Ever

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Not at one point in my whole gyaru life did I ever think that I was perfect; I have dark hair, for one, I don’t wear circle lens and my hair skills is definitely in the basic area. These things used to bug the hell out of me when I started out in gyaru, and back then I thought that I was possibly the worst gyaru to have ever existed. It was a long time before I accepted myself as who I was, and my self-loathing was replaced with the excitement of pursuing gyaru on a daily and discovering new things about it.

Looking back, I was quite silly to get so stressed about meeting the standards set by the community. Sure I am still not an amazing gyaru but I just toss those toxic thoughts over my shoulder and laugh them off. The truth is that there’s always going to be something wrong with you, no matter what you do, and to me that’s totally okay.

So then I thought… What are the other stereotypical things that people think you’re not so gyaru? I put together a list of common aspects where you will be branded as the worst gyaru ever…

01. You don’t do it 24/7

You should look gyaru from the moment that you wake up to the moment you go to bed (or, even better, don’t take your makeup off so that you don’t have to bother putting it on the next day!) Work, school, uni… Nothing should stop you from looking gyaru.

02. You don’t wear/can’t wear circle lenses

Your eyes look so beedy without circle lens against all of that makeup!

03. You don’t tan every week

If there’s a spot of pale skin then you’re out! Every inch of you should be tanned, so take weekly trips to the tanning salon.

04. Your wardrobe doesn’t consist of 100% gyaru brand

From your nails to your shoe to your bags and your clothes.. Everything should be gyaru brand. How are you going to do it 24/7 if you haven’t got the clothes?

05. Your nails aren’t glittery and fabulous talons

Your nails are your most valuable weapon. Deco the crap out of them and wear them as long as you possibly can. They are your main accessory!

06. You have natural hair 

Natural hair doesn’t exist – dye it all the way! Go crazy!

07. You don’t know how to parapara

Para para is life! How else are you supposed to win in a spontaneous dance-off? You must be able to know at least 10 para para routines by heart.

08. You’re not a party animal

Gyaru is about being wild and sexy, and partying definitely fits the bill. There’s no such thing as a gyaru who doesn’t like to drink and dance.

09. You’ve never been to Japan

Japan (especially Shibuya) is the birthplace of gyaru, and you haven’t been there?! You’re crazy!

10. You can’t sujimori to save your life

Or style hair, for that matter. If you hair isn’t a voluminous mass of curled hair then you’re not gyaru. Straightened hair isn’t good enough! Think big curls, girl!

And that’s it! So what have you been told that made you feel like the worst gyaru ever? I’d love to hear them. The best way to deal with these things is to talk it out and have a giggle – well, that’s what I did anyway!

Please note: this post was not to be taken seriously and is to instead make fun of the stereotypical things that the “worst gyaru” apparently is. After all this I can say that I’m 10/10 the worst gyaru ever according to this list, and boy it feels good. I’m finally at the stage where I don’t really care that I have to do all of these things to believe that I am good enough, and let me tell you, it’s been a long journey to acceptance. As long as you try your best to be as gyaru as you can be, that’s okay, you don’t have to be the perfect gyaru to be gyaru. Just have fun with it!

Until next Sunday ♡

Lizzie Bee

P.S. This whole post is not to say that you could do whatever you want and get away with it, gyaru does still require the basics. You got to have the makeup and styled hair (even straightened is okay), and all of the other parts are just decoration.

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