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Hey guys! How’re yoou today? ^^

So I was just scrolling down on this page in Gyaru_secrets (which I don’t usually go on but I was just bored) and I came across that post. 

I really want to be called a Gyaru, although with this condition in my eyes called astigmatism it’s very hard for me to be one. It’s quite moderate meaning that I would have to wear Toric lenses OR I could just wear prescription ones but very rarely in case it damages my sight even further. Toric lenses cost around $70 excluding shipping and what not, which is really expensive for me as I only work once a week >_<“

I phoned my optician up two days ago asking about Circle lenses, and he didn’t like the idea at all. When I made it clear that I wanted to buy them he wouldn’t give me my details because, “You’re on your own now. If you want to get them on your own head be it”. It kind of surprised me, but I understand that he didn’t want me to get them because he had patients before that had tried these kinda things and messed up their eyes.

Can a girl be gal without circle lenses if she managed to focus a lot on her makeup and hair? Because I really want to be gal, but I’m just wary of getting circle lenses. Even though the picture states that with natural makeup you’d have to wear lenses, what about dramatic makeup? 

What do you think? 


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