General Discussion ~ Is being Gyaru a lil’ lonely?

A couple of weeks ago there was a post on g_s about gyarus and gyaru-os being lonely and, actually, it’s quite true.

Most of the stuff I do that are Gyaru related are based on the internet; I use tumblr to search for photos, blogspot to post blogs & also find other gyarus, and then there’s fb and msn where I can chat to Gyarus…
But outside the internet I don’t do much.

Which is why I’m really grateful that I know and meet up with some Gyarus even though it’s once a month. Every time I see one of my gal friends I feel really happy ’cause they actually made an effort to see me, and I do my best to put all of my effort in to look gal~ but apart from my gal friends my other friends don’t really notice. I love Gyaru, I really do, but is there any point dressing it when others don’t take notice of the amount of effort you put in to do your hair and make? They never say anything about it, and it kinda upsets me ;__; The only people that comments on these kinda things are the ones on my blog…

Which leads back to the post: Gyaru life is pretty lonely.

I just wish that Gyaru was more well-known so that others who don’t dress it can at least appreciate the effort that we put in and not just raise an eyebrow because we’re different. Gyaru is such a lovely fashion, and I really enjoy being one >3< Which is why I’ll still soldier on to make it un-lonely! Starting off with going to more meets tehehehehe ;D I think that if I dress as a Gyaru more and more it might increase awareness~ How do you increase awareness for Gyaru? 

Sooo what do you think of this? Do you, as a Gyaru/o, feel lonely? What would you do to make yourself un-lonely? ^^ 

Btw, this post is all my personal opinion, and I’ll be happy to hear yours! ^^ This is a discussion post after all ;D


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