Purikura Special!

UPDATE: I have now included a video at the bottom on how to get there! Thanks, Abii!

Wow this is so late; it’s nearly 10pm and I’ve done JACK SH*T in terms of work OTL. Truth is that I’ve been having way too much fun hanging out with my close friend Charli (and uni work can wait a lil’ while for once, aha).
Before I start rambling I would like to say a big thank you to all of those who commented on my last post, it really means a lot to me! I think from now on I’m going to blog when I am inspired to, but I think it’s going to take a bit of time so please bare with me <3

Charli just recently got back from Japan (the lucky b*tch) and we decided to meet up when she got back as I missed her pretty face. We’ve agreed to see each other more often which is awesome! I’m so looking forward to the summer where we could do some decent shopping and general “hanging out” and things, gonna’ be so good.
So today I wanted to try out soft agejo! I had this MA*RS top for aaaages but only recently did I get the skirt so it was the perfect time to wear them as a set, and here are some pictures of my look for today! For some reason the lighting in my room was perfect so made me happy tehe.

We met up at the usual place, and she brought back this MA*RS dress that I wanted and some of lashes by Sakurina! Thank you so much darling <3 loves you!

To our dismay we found out that the purikura place is closing down! I don’t know how I’ll live without that place as it’s the main attraction for whenever I go to London ;_; The closing date hasn’t really been fixed yet but they said that if business is really good then maybe they’ll keep it. So we took some purikura first because there’s this amazing special offer and after lunch we decided to take one more set to get the three-sets-for-£29. It’s such a good price because I heard that the photo sheets are ridiculously expensive. We definitely took advantage of this moment!

All in all we spent most of the day at the purikura place because it was so warm and didn’t really fancy hanging outside in the cold >_> We did go and have some lovely dinner (as I said above) at a Japanese restaurant and had a browse at the bakery, but apart from that we lived at the purikura place for the day ahahaha.

Here are some more closeups of my look and coord!

Eye make~

This purikura place is absolutely amazing and if you’re in the UK, you should definitely visit it because I really, really, don’t want it to close down. Here’s what it looks like from the inside:

The main machine that I always use is the Japanese purikura machine right at the back!

If you want to go there then visit their website, London Photo Sticker Club. Unfortunately I can’t provide you with the map but it’s in Leicester Square (Chinatown). Once you get to the purikura building you have to go up the escalators as that’s where it is!

However, here’s a video I’ve found on how to get there!

Ciao, bella <3

Derping around after taking our purikura!

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