Easy Gyaru Makeup & Hair Tutorials

easy gyaru hair tutorial, eye makeup

There are times where I wish I could do gyaru at work. The thing is that prioritise sleep over slapping my face on with makeup, which makes those weekends for dolling up even more precious. However I do want to be an everyday gyaru wherever possible so I spent the last few weeks collecting lots of easy hair and makeup tutorials on my tumblr under the tag “casual” where I included some outfits as well. But then I thought… Why not share this collection with my readers?

Below you’ll find a whole set of hair and makeup tutorials that are great for the everyday gyaru/gal! I hope you find them useful!

Easy Hair Tutorials & Ideas

easy gyaru hair tutorial

cute, kawaii, gyaru hairstyle

hairstyle for work

easy gyaru tutorial

okarie hair tutorial

straight hair tutorial


easy gyaru hairstyle, pigtails, plaits

Makeup Tutorials & Ideas

easy gyaru eye makeup tutorial

gyaru eye makeup

Please note that I haven’t been able to include the whole of my collection here for fear that it’s gonna’ be way too long, so you can find plenty more over on my tumblr under “casual” 😀

I hope that this was all of some use to you! Now let’s try out everyday gal together, ne?

Have a great weekend!

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