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2015 So Far

I can’t believe that it’s already halfway through the year… When I thought about this the other day I started to panic because I felt like I haven’t achieved anything at all. But then I realised that I made some big steps, and I wanted to write a blog post to remind myself that I’m doing okay and that I have achieved quite a lot of things so far.

So what have I done so far this year?

I went to my first international gyaru meet. This has to be one of the biggest events of my life and a huge step forward in terms of my confidence. I met loads of new people and some people that I knew over the internet but never really talked to, and it was amazing! This also meant that it was my first time travelling with a friend.

I moved house. I quit both of my jobs and moved house because even though I was comfortable with my jobs, I just didn’t feel happy anymore and really started to miss my family and my boyfriend. Being away from them for three years made me realise how much I needed them.

I boosted my self-confidence. You know that eye problem I kept talking about? Well even though it made my confidence go down, it also boosted it right back up because I began to appreciate what I looked like without makeup. I can now go outside wearing the minimal amount without cowering away from everyone.

I reached 1500 followers on instagram. I still can’t quite believe this one but yeah it’s definitely going down as an achievement for me! I’ve been uploading pics on instagram a lot more than facebook recently~ It’s just so nice and easy to use, and plus I can decorate my images with cute things (as shown in the pic above tehehe~).

I tried out other Japanese fashion styles. I would love to do more styles but I keep coming back to gyaru. I just can’t help it, I will always be a gyaru!

I’ve become a lot more productive. This is mainly because I’ve cut down the amount of time spent on social media – I only go on if I need to post something, or if I want to ramble on my twitter. The time I would usually spend on social media is spent on design stuff or reading, and it feels great!

My latest (and favourite) piece <3 I also have a shop!

I’ve been getting into my art & design stuff a lot more. I’ve joined this 100 Day Project thing on instagram where I would illustrate something everyday! It does get really tiring sometimes, but I’m having so much fun! It would be great if you guys could support me~ I have an instagram & tumblr for my art stuff!

Here’s my gyaru improvement meme for the year so far:

I haven’t really improved that much if I’m honest… I think I need to improve more in my hair, but I’ve finally found a makeup style that I like (yay!)

Even though some of these are small things, they’re still achievements and that’s the main thing! I’m going to keep on trying to work towards my goal and make this year my best one yet!

What are your achievements so far this year? Let me know in the comments!

Until next Sunday~

P.S Would anyone like to see me try out other styles on here? I have uploaded pics to my instagram, but I’ve been thinking about including them on my blog in future… What do you think?

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