One Item Five Ways: MA*RS Skirt

sweet agejo outfit, ma*rs coord

I thought it was time to do another one of these posts as I’ve been very naughty recently and bought some new clothes! I know I probably shouldn’t have but I just couldn’t resist. I don’t regret it though, which is probably even worse…

This time I’ll be creating 5 outfits with one of my favourite MA*RS skirts! Agejo is my favourite style, and I want to make it wearable for all seasons, but this time I’m just focusing on summer outfits. So here goes!

Agejo Cutie

I’ve mixed agejo & himekaji as those are two of my favourite styles. I wish I could combine these two more often as agejo
could turn out to be really cute! But this outfit is okay for now.

sweet agejo outfit, ma*rs coord

Top: New Look / Skirt: MA*RS (replica) / Necklace & bag: Dreamy Bows / Earrings: Primark / Shoes: eBay

Casual Agejo

wore this outfit for when I went to meet up my cuties Chewiee & Maz, I just love it! It is a bit plain buuuuut isn’t that a good thing?
Just shows that MA*RS is good for everday wear 😀

casual agejo outfit

Sweater & necklace: MA*RS / Skirt: MA*RS (replica) / Vest, shoes & fluffy keyring: New Look / Bag: Primark

50 Shades of Pink

wasn’t too sure about mixing up different shades of pink but what the
heck, it looks awesome. I’m hoping to wear this outfit out soon… It’s
perfect for a summer gyaru meet!

summer gyaru outfit, ma*rs coord, ma*rs gyaru

Set: MA*RS (replica) / Accessories: Primark & Gorgeous Barbie / Sunglasses: eBay / Shoes: New Look / Bag: Spreepicky

Queen of Hearts

love creating outfits for “everyday” wear so I just had to create
another one! This is probably better for days just hanging around town
or doing some quality shopping. Pink, white & black is my favourite
colour combo, as you can see from my blog tehehe.

everyday gyaru outfit, agejo gyaru

Top: / Accessories: Muse / Belt: MA*RS / Skirt: MA*RS (replica) / Fluffy keyring: New Look / Shoes & bag: Primark

Agejo Kitten

is perhaps one of my favourite outfits of all time! It’s obviously not a
summer outfit but it is perfect for autumn. I actually wore this outfit
when I went to MCM Expo last year (or was it the year before?) although
I forgot to add my heart chain belt & my Ruby Rose headband! D’oh!

ma*rs gyaru, ma*rs outfit, agejo outfit

Hoodie, socks, bag & necklace: MA*RS / Set: MA*RS (replica) / Heels: Dorothy Perkins / Earrings: Primark

I hope you liked this post! I’ve noticed that there’s a definite trend of me mixing in brand with unbranded items… I just love being able to go to a local store and buy clothes that I can wear with my MA*RS stuff. It saves me so much money!

That’s all for now cuties, until next Sunday~

Lizzie Bee xx


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