Lifestyle Review: My New Husband

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I have received a new husband; perfectly packaged in a grey suit, waistcoat and with the cutest smile. He was someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and seeing as it’s been a few weeks since I’ve received him I thought it was time to write a little review on my experience so far. You can get your own husband from ‘Man’Soon (found next to Accessorize), a brilliant place that I would highly recommend. So, here are my thoughts!

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Lifestyle Review: My New Husband

Postage & Packaging

It took a few years for him to arrive but when he did, he arrived in a lovely grey suit, waistcoat, a forest green tie and with the cutest smile. The wedding ring that he brought with him was absolutely beautiful and it curved perfectly around my engagement ring (which he presented to me a couple of years prior). I wish it didn’t take so long for him to arrive, but I’m also glad he did because it meant we were able to get to know each other a bit more and gave me time to figure out that he was most definitely “the one”.


He gives very, very nice hugs. He’s like a cuddly teddy bear! This comes handy when I’m feeling upset or just fancy a little cuddle before I go to sleep, so I will give him 5/5 for that. He also manages to help calm me down when I’m stressed (and I haven’t had any panic attacks since my new husband arrived) so extra points for that!

I was very ill for the first few days after receiving him, and my new husband was great at looking after me during those days. His presence was very comforting and he made sure that I got plenty of sleep and regularly checked up on me to see if I was taking my medication.

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This kind of ties in with my previous points about ‘comfort’, but so far he’s been doing very well with communication. He gets me, and he even joined me in my vlog recently. Sometimes he doesn’t really clock what I’m trying to say (like that time when I’m trying to tell him something about the idiots that sat next to us in KFC) which was quite frustrating. He probably needs to brush up on his lip-reading skills, but other than that he’s been great at communicating.


He’s been looking after me since day one, so when I received an email about some hand-lettered goodies from Old English Company* I knew exactly what to do. I requested a big spoon/little spoon mug set as well as mr/mrs pillowcases, and after a week they arrived on our doorstep. He absolutely loved them (and so did I!) and it took all of my willpower not consistently check their website for more ‘newly wedded’ products.

old english company review, young couple

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I am very, very happy with my new husband. He might not be perfect but he’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for for all of these years. He’s kind, caring, and he gives the best hugs… How could I possibly ask for more?

Have you received a new partner from ManSoon lately? Or what about from TopWoman? What were your thoughts?

Lizzie Bee xx
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