30 Places to Explore Before I’m 30

When I was growing up my parents made it our yearly goal to go on holiday. It didn’t matter how far or how close it was, but we would pack our bags and travel for a couple of weeks to a whole new place. As I grew up and moved out for university it all changed. I travelled a lot less – so much so that for a few years I didn’t go anywhere at all.

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But now I’ve been hit by the wanderlust bug, hard. I just want to go out and explore! I’ve been scrolling endlessly through travel blogs and came across Kirsty’s post on ‘30 countries before 30‘ and it really inspired me to write this post.

So here it is – my ultimate list. I’ll put a little heart next to the places I’ve been and things I’ve done (that I might revisit one day).

30 Places to Explore Before I’m 30


  1. Wear a kimono in Japan 
  2. Hop over to Iceland to see the Northern Lights
  3. Go through Venice on a gondola ♥
  4. Spot Copenhagen’s insta-worthy colourful houses
  5. Walk along the canal in Amsterdam ♥
  6. Go shopping in New York 
  7. Be inspired by the Great Wall of China
  8. Walk along the Amalfi Coast
  9. Sample all of the Belgian chocolates in Bruges
  10. Discover what ‘relaxation’ really means Bora Bora
  11. Explore the Torre de Belém in Lisbon
  12. Pretend I’m a gladiator in the Colosseum in Rome 
  13. Trawl through Edinburgh to spot all of the magical Harry Potter destinations
  14. Sip Guinness in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin (even though I hate Guinness)
  15. Admire Cologne cathedral’s gothic architecture
  16. Stand beneath the Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas in Zurich
  17. Scope out the high-fashion brands in Geneva (hellooooo Prada!)
  18. Be inspired by the beautiful windows of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona 
  19. Get lost among the winding alleyways of Nice’s old town
  20. Go to Slottskogen in Gothenburg to see the elks
  21. Gaze at the beautiful fairytale castle that is Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
  22. Sip mint tea and overlook the Jemaa el-Fna in Marrakech 
  23. Stand beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris 
  24. Wander through Brussels’ Grand Place ♥
  25. Refuel with Fika in Stockholm
  26. Get inspired by Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay
  27. Walk along the Cardiff bay ♥
  28. Explore the Lower Town of Grund in Luxembourg 
  29. Witness the beauty of Dubai atop of the Burj Khalifa
  30. Visit Gutenburg Castle in Liechtenstein

I’ve linked the ones I’ve written for blog posts for, as I’d love to do more travel blogging, but some I didn’t really have any photos for as I was very young when I went… I guess it gives me another reason to go again!

What are your top countries and places to visit?

Do you have a travel bucket list? Let me know in the comments below! Who knows, I might even add more onto this list, tehehehe…

Lizzie xx


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