Mission I’m-Possible: Creating the Life I Love

Mission I'm-Possible: Creating the Life I Love

I’ve never been one of those people who have had yearly goals, let alone 5 year plans, and so I’ve been going about my days without really knowing what I wanted in life. Sure, I listened to an endless amount of podcasts on growing my blog & Etsy store – helloooo Jenna Kutcher – but real, solid goals? Nah.

I didn’t think anything of it until I started feeling more unsatisfied with my current state. I had switched from my usual, happy-go-lucky self to a grumpy grandma who missed “the good old days”. I wasn’t shifting anything, nor progressing, and to put it simply, I felt like I wasn’t living the life I loved.

Did I really want to continue living like this? Being grumpy all of the time? Never being happy with where I am?

Hell no.

my day out at st ayames

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Make time for yourself

What I needed was a shift in focus. A plan! Johnny English wouldn’t have been able to retrieve the Crown Jewels without a plan, and I won’t be able to achieve my mission without one, either.

So I’m going to call this “Mission I’m-Possible”, and create the life I love.

But what did I want in life? What did I really, really want? Well, I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want and it is probably not to chant those Spice Girls lyrics again. Just kidding. It took a few days of lying around on the sofa, complaining to my hubby, before I envisioned my future.

So, here goes…!

Flower wall at St Aymes

Mission I’m-Possible: Creating the Life I Love

Hand-lettering would become second nature

I would finally reach a point where I could put my hand on my heart and say, “I’m a hand-letterer”. If iPads are still a thing in the future then I would have one, so that I could create on the go and never have to wait for my scanner to boot up. My sketchpad would never leave my side, and I would be known as that “gal that likes unicorns and does hand-lettering.”

I’d get promoted at work

Your “junior designer” will be “mid-weight/senior designer”!

My Etsy store would be thriving

I would come home after work, slide into my study, and happily pack Etsy orders with super cute washi tape and a hand-crafted “thank you” stamp. I wouldn’t have to spend days scheduling tweets and desperately trying to get my name out there, because people would know where I am. I’d have a cupboard specifically for all of my Etsy supplies and it would be filled with notebooks, badges, pin badges, calendars… Everything that I could ever dream of!

Have a happy-go-lucky attitude to life

Reflect on the past but think of the future

I’d have a booming blog

Spending Friday nights scheduling tweets, instagram stories and FB posts? Not anymore! My time will be spent more on creating content than on trying to get my name out there, and my blog will be growing at a healthy rate. No longer will I spend days lying around on the sofa feeling so down because my blog isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. I would be content with my blog being ‘good enough’.

The world would be my oyster

I would’ve ticked off all of the places that I wanted to go to, and spend more time visiting my friends and family. I’d be living in the moment, have a healthy relationship with social media, and would be trying to capture as many memories as possible.

unicorn latte at st aymes

st aymes london

Mission I’m-Possible doesn’t seem so scary and unrealistic anymore. Just getting my ideas down onto this corner of the internet has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m almost bursting with excitement at the prospect that these things could actually happen in my future!

What would your dream life look like? What are your plans for the future?


Lizzie xx

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P.P.S Massive thanks to my girl Chewiee for making me look bomb af in these photos


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